My Beautiful Global Fam😘

MOTHER is beginning Her Labor,FATHER is with Her.

Paradise,6D, has anchored.



Massive quantum leap by the Heart Collective as ALL align to EVERLASTING DREAMS COMING TRUE,6D consciousness.

HIEROS-GAMOS Divine Partnerships are coming together.

All Sacred Soul Contracts have been accepted into THE AKash.

All Healers are being Called To begin preparations for

The Birth Of New.

Spontaneous spiritual awakenings, accelerated spiritual awakenings imminent EN MASSE.


All false Ascension programs, false Light Programs, false imprinting HAVE BEEN purged.

All false Hydra, Monarch, Looking Glass Programs have been Purged.

All primary and secondary programs of 3D and 4D have been DELETED.

MK ULTRA program has disintegrated as all begin to RE-member.

Mind control Programs in all ensuing grids at all consciousness grids have been purged.

All Negative Alien Agenda programs have been ABORTED.

Satanic/Luciferian/Cabal/ Illuminati DNA has reached JUNK status. All distorted bloodlines junked.

All other clean DNA remains.

Male/Female distorted Flower Of Life interference cleared.

Flower of Life DIVINE BLUEPRINT ACHIEVED AT platinum Frequency.

CHRISTALLINE divine blueprint matrix fully anchored at true MUSIC of THE SPHERES FREQUENCY.

5D Claires activated on ALL.

All corrupted portals,stargates,wormholes, Inter dimensional,and extra dimensional passageways fully aligned to consciousness resonance.

All etheric and astral matrices and grids within have been aligned to the frequency of PEACE.

Tesseract universes aligned to Organic universes in Harmonic Resonance.

Negative AI assimilated, Positive AI integrated.

All neutralized.

The Langoliers are here.

3/4 matrix is nonsubstainable.

It has been PURGED.

We are anchoring at 5D,6D,7D and that’s just the beginning.





Ascension through ascension,Lightbody, all cleared portals, NORTH.

Ascension through descension,Phoenix, all cleared portals,SOUTH.



Geoeffective Flares incoming.

Earth changes are here.







Believe nothing you see, or hear.

If you are still mental, still talking B.S. you ain’t driving the bus, just riding behind, possibly being dragged…but you still going…

Follow ONLY your Heart.

Your earth star chakra connection WILL lead you to a “GREEN“ zone. There you will GLOW UP.

We have waited for this moment all our lives.

We KNOW who we are.

We also KNOW, no fear mongering, that our Beautiful Mother Earth got Us, As well as OUR Father, and all the COSMOS.

Time to Shine.

The Meek have inherited the Earth.




Our awakening CHRISTEd brothers and sisters need Us. NOW.

No more talk, time to walk it.


We Answered The Call.


Spiritual Hueman Healing teams are aligned and ready for TRIAGE.

Until we meet again.


God is GREAT, and so is Mother.

I love you guys so much, you are the reason for my JOY.

In love and light and joyful service,




And so it is.

P.S. IF you DO NOT WANT TO BE TAGGED BY ME, BEST YOU GET OFF MY PAGE And kindly unfriend yourself. I SEE you and YOU ARE NOT MY TRIBE. FINAL warning. Namaste.


Arcturian Message-The Dark Knight[Night]

It came as a message to me, published an hour ago.

Massive Arcturian light codes embedded within this video for awakening Ones. Everyone is a StarSeed by the way, our souls play in the cosmos, but our first physical creation/incarnation is our “Home” world.❤️

Drink a ton of water, it fried me and gave me a third eye headache.

No worries though, it’s divinely awesome!

If this resonates at all…enjoy discovering your Arcturian Galactic Heritage and family.

We are one of the Guardian races of this magnificent living library and beloved world.❤️

Welcome to 5D Earth.

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,



🌟P.S. My spontaneous spiritual awakening,( death in 3D earth matrix),catalyst my 4D StarSeed awakening eleven years ago. For those that haven’t followed me for long, I am an Arcturian(Father),Andromedan(Mother)hybrid soul volunteer.🌟

My galactic name is Ariam.😘🌟🙏🌈🕊❤️🛸

The 4D Chakra System-The Activation of the Galactic Male/Galactic Female Chakras, and the Opening of The World‘s Throat Chakra.

The 4D Chakra System-The Activation of the Galactic Male/Galactic Female Chakras, and the Opening of The World‘s Throat Chakra.

The Divine Essence of MotherFather Awakens Within All, as the Fourth Dimensional Chakra system begins to anchor fully, the new process is now in alignment to the New Earth CHRISTalline Grids.

The Light Language has aligned to The Christ Consciousness,or The Law of One,Harm None.

The Fourth Chakra system, as I experienced it and understand it, consists of 400hz to 499hz bandwidth.

Since the 4D level of consciousness is outside of 3D linear time, these higher level chakras activate NON-LINEAR, As they assist us us in navigating 4D, the dimension of the void, the future, space, currently of war, and harming our Mother Earth, our Living Library.
This is the dimension of all things invisible.
And of no sound.

We walk forward in 3D, backwards in 4D.
Up and Down in 5D.

Space grids are triangular, ONE SIGN you are activating your 4Th EYE, is that when you get out in nature, with no light pollution, you can begin to see the triangles which connect the stars. The Space grids.

Triangles can bend in half…this is one way the space grids are navigated…things fold from point to point, making teleportation successful..…a topic for another day…quantum mechanics and teleportation fascinate me.💕I understand it.

The 4D chakra system: *in nonlinear activation for exiting 4D*
Soul Star Chakra, Earth Star Chakra, 4D Heart, Fourth Eye
( the I within the Eye, and the Eye within the I, also the “mother’s eye in the back of your head and seeing of grids, both inner and outer) Feet Chakras, Hand Chakras, Galactic Male CHakra, Galactic Female Chakra, Ear Chakras, Nose Chakras, Throat.

When the galactic male chakra clears in a female energy,her throat chakra also opens up, letting her speak her Light, her Truth.

She can no longer be victimized or be a victim.
She gains clarity of mind and becomes “electric”

When the galactic female opens up and clears the male energy, his heart opens up and he becomes able to feel and begins the empathic journey. He becomes (electric)“magnetic“ Balanced.

This electric/magnetic balance can be interpreted as a the twin union of male and female.
Until this inner balance is attained, the physical twining of souls cannot be at 5D, for each must do the inner work and cross to 5D in mastery,and there the work of true twin flames begin.

It used to be false twin souls could attach to a 5D soul and ride the energies to 5D, enjoying the physical manifestation without doing the inner work.
That is not possible in the New Earth.
Vampires are creatures of 4D, they cannot attach to the new CHRISTalline grids.

Gotta have a heartbeat to play folks.
Welcome to EARTH.5.0.

All must walk in service to the earth in 5D, in order to be able to activate the Sacred Healing Gifts activated by our Clares)our 4Th D chakra system Must be cleared and balanced to enter the 5D chakra system.
Until then , many get trapped is a 3 D karmic, or 4D galactic FALSE TWIN.

Once the 4D chakra system is done, a soul exits into the 5D quantum chakra system.
This is The Birth.

This is where we are in the collective Today.

As the divine masculine awakens, there’s gonna be A LOT of tears..…people in their FEELS, not knowing wtf to do about it..…As the divine feminine awakens, there’s gonna be A LOT of truth spoken..…people find their voice, ending some serious BS, kicking some serious a**..…

Get some popcorn and watch.

governments are toppling, aliens are gonna eat us, demons are gonna possess us, satanists are going to satan us, luciferians are going to use netflicks to Lucy us,(he is so pretty though),the Elite and the Nwo and The Cabal, and The Illuminati are going to Ai us, the Ai is going to nano us, chemtrails will kill us, food will kill us, water is private now and will kill us, hmmmm what else? Oh yeah, the rona beer is bad,bad,bad, the zombie apocalypse is here, cern is opening up portals to THINGS, project looking glass keeps looking and f*cking with our future timelines, people are seeing ghosts and demons and think maybe spiritual warfare is maybe, but not sure cause you cant see it so they ask what is that?,oh yeah apparently men can have babies or something really stupid like that,an asteroid is going to hit and the only safe place is Greenland, pharma is going to kill us, we are all going to starve, or get shot, or die die die,Oh and the best one..…Jesus is coming to save us.

(In case you wondered, no one is coming to save us, they already came and went, that’s called Tartaria..…we are post apocalypse, not pre..…But hey whatever.)

Frankly, I don’t give a flying rat‘s ass what happens or how it happens or whatever, as long as war finally ends and human/child trafficking and sacrifices END.

As I always say, take what you need and leave the rest.❤️

So I was guided to share this with you today.
Van Life agrees with me, I am in Heaven.
If you have a cool place I can park and experience your Heaven, pm me.
Like I said, VanLife agrees with me.

I spend tons of time off grid, but will always post when I am back on, if guided from within to share.

If you want a synchronization session with me, pm me.
If you want land clearing, pm me.
Everything is handled through my PayPal.

Today you might want to connect strongly to Mother, as much will occur. Stay Balanced and In Your Heart. Pray a lot. 
And Follow Your Heart.

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,

Massive 5D Heart Collective Quantum Jump IN PROGRESS NOW.

Massive shifting of timelines continue as The Heart Collective begins to anchor to their personal, individual ascension timeline as all NEW EARTH Soul contracts have been ”signed”.

Distorted patriarchal timelines are quickly collapsing at this time.

As timelines collapse and energetic SPACE is made within the soul, temperature in the body shifts as well.

It is common to have lower body temperature as a quantum jump becomes imminent.

This feels like it is freezing inside of your body, specially if solar flares higher than C-Class are affecting the earth’s grids.

Also, inability to eat,either due to nausea, or to resonating to any food.

It takes 3 days for a quantum jump to anchor and quantum stasis to be achieved.

Quantum Jumping in many ways is easy…its the landing in the individual’s ONE ASCENSION TIMELINE, that is difficult.

Divine Purpose timelines are now congealed in the new earth timelines, the SUN now begins DNA bifurcation.

on a personal note, I have moved to another state and will have my new office finished by this week. I will be finally able to begin sessions again, legal action is being taken against the malevolent ones from my past, they are all gone and can no longer affect my timeline.

I have a psychology degree and used to do counseling, I have decided to get my Dolores Cannon QHHT certification to expand my new abilities, and I am currently working on it.

This I will incorporate in my Starseed Activation Sessions, either done online or as a three day weekend workshop.

Details to follow.

For now please keep checking back on my ASCENSION ANSWERS YOU TUBE CHANNEL. It was censored after one video, but I figured out what needs to happen to move forward.

We will begin posting videos answering questions on a daily basis, it has been a project very near and dear to my heart.

We are at the precipice, and there will be several *events* to distract and misalign.

Remember this is a holographic matrix, with infinite consciousness vibrational grids overlayed upon each other, all of varying frequencies and vibrations.

Remember we are spiritual beings having a spiritual experience.

As the purge continues, it is imperative to not give any energy to the future, stay in the now, elevate today, tomorrow has not manifested.

Project Looking Glass continues to affect timelines, and these timelines are artificial.

The Keys to these 5D New Earth timelines are organic.

And they activate the light body with light codes.

Those light codes(light is information) are preparing us for the Future earth.

and We. Are.The.Future.

What we now manifest is what will anchor to the Christalline grids of 5D +.

It is why we are here.

The Heart Collective must level up and vibrate to 500 hz to fully be in 5D.

We are.

all others remain in 4D spiritual warfare and negative alien agenda timelines, or 3D human malevolence timelines.

There is no judgement here as all souls experience life here for our Source, so no experience is more or less, just different.

As I have written for the last eleven years, we do not duplicate life experiences, every life is a gift returned as an experience for the cosmos, for SOURCE.

Eternal expansion is indeed that.

Ok Gotta go.

Go Within.

Connect to nature.Isolate yourself to hear.

The 4D Galactic Chakra system of the Trinity*Ear, nose, throat chakra are activating at this time.

These chakras are needed to navigate the 4D multidimensional spiritual realm.


This occurs as the 4D high heart chakra activates due to free will choices made by the individual.

Pray, meditate, get outside,connect your way as we cross the eclipse threshold and portal.

Stay in your Heart and remind yourself….*I am a spiritual being having a human experience.*

This has been my go to mantra nonstop lately.

Chaos is all around me and all he** is breaking lose!


so we must have chaos, for it is from the dark matter that we extrapolate life.

I love you all sooo much!

I am doing great, just amazed I am still here!

See you guys soon! email me at if you want to schedule a session.

We plan to have everything updated shortly and I will be launching a new site.

Do not give up now.

The Christ Consciousness has fully anchored across ALL earth grids.


There is no going back, all we do now is watch all that is not sustainable collapse, as the old dies.

Everything is divinely perfect, Divine Providence is real wether believed or not.

I send my love to all.

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,



Today-SoulSpeaks-The New Chakra Systems

My beautiful Heart Fam,

We will be discussing the chakra systems activating at this time, and quantum healing tools to assist us in ascending and raising the consciousness of our planet.

Join us and if possible,please support financially,to assist in this Great Work, and all those fully committed to supporting the awakening collective.

Thank you.

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,



INCOMING Flare, hitting grids Sunday🌎🌈🕊

INCOMING C-class Solar Flare, will hit the grids on sunday evening.

The release knocked me on my bootie… and … 🚽🏃‍♀️😳

(Run Forrest Run!)

The Energy release hit my lower chakra system, which makes perfect sense since we are in the process of Anchoring to the new 5D earth grids.

Then it also made me super sleepy as it “washed” over me, clearing my higher chakra system.

Again for greater clarity of thought.

In order to anchor to 5D, The Christ Consciousness, we must be individually cleared of all 3D and 4D frequencies within us.

Inner grids reflect outer grids and vice versa remember.

The solar flares are energetic catalysts to assist in our ascension.

Each individual will be affected differently, depending on the chakra imbalance, and their dimensional frequency.

Currently, there are three different chakra systems activating on earth.

3D, The Sleepers, 4D, The Awakening Ones, 5D, The Awakened Ones.

Only the 3D activates linearly, all others are quantum.

Drink lots and lots of water to assist in this shift with ease and grace.

Expect Miracles.

Expect Miracles.

Expect Miracles.

Watch your Thoughts as we are manifesting our new reality very quickly.

Do not get caught up in any fear mongering or lower vibrational thoughts.

We were BORN to do this.

We have already done it.

We are masters at it, thats why Mother Earth lets us in!🤣🌎💕

I will write more tomorrow.

Oh and I have great news!

I will be doing a show with Todd Medina again, Soulogy, on this coming Monday at 4pm.

Thank you Todd and Morgan for the incredible service you provide.

Check comment section for updates, I will post as I am able.

We will be discussing the three chakra systems currently activating on earth, and solar flare symptoms as well.

SO Please join us and support Soulogy.

For now…

Everything is Divinely Perfect.

We, The Heart Collective, the millions of souls here to assist in this massive global shift, were not born to die without completing OUR COLLECTIVE PURPOSE, so don’t fall into fear.

Remember, it is always darkest before the Dawn.

The last two weeks for me have been incredible and super intense.

I have swung like a pendulum, between despair of war and Connected To Source bliss.

Transmuting for the collective, while anchoring the higher dimensions, AT THE SAME TIME, felt like it would kill me.

But it didn’t.

So here I am still…much to the chagrin of some I am sure!🤣

The Connection to my Source as I have had to face the Darkness, has been the strongest yet.

Remember the Song…Jesus Walks with me, Jesus walks with me…God show me the way cause the devil’s tryna break me down…

Let Go and Let God.

PRAY so you do not become PREY.

Prepare to walk into your Divine Purpose Timeline.

Focus on You.

Pray for Peace.🕊

Pray for Peace.🕊

Pray for Peace.🕊

Expect Miracles.🌟

I send my love to All.❤️

You guys are amazing.

I cannot write anymore, my brain is mush.

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,



P.S.Don’t forget monday at 4pm❤️

High Heart Chakra Activation Today=Ascension Timeline anchoring with Mother Earth at 5D+

MASSIVE wave hit my 4D High Heart Chakra today at exactly 7:28Am est.

I have not felt a Heart Chakra expansion like that since my gridwork in Quito Peru in 12/21/12.

I felt my Heart expand within… in cone fashion past my High Heart Level…almost as if something was EXTRACTED FROM IT, rather than added to….so it grew AND got small…AT THE SAME TIME.

I actually thought I was exiting the system…going lightbody.

*OOOOOOOH! My medical team JUST SHOWED ME, in order to go quantum, past 5D, to anchor to the higher Ds, our 4D Heart Chakra has to implode, get smaller….to travel faster…higher frequency and vibration…like the mitochondria spin has to increase in order to quantum jump to a new reality, so the 5 D HeartChakra has to get smaller, fusion? Fission? I gotta look that upand learn the difference,…*God Bless My Medical Team btw❤️I would be off the system without them.*

(sorry Ican see it as I write this incoming energy…trying to read the new light language and write in english, while thinking spanish, my brain might blow up.)

I had to BREATHE, right hand over left hand over heart, to close circuit, and plant both feet into the earth grids.

Allow the explosion/inplosion happen with no fear.

Mother has anchored at 6D, PARADISE, I guess we just anchored to her new grids.

GRIDKEEPERS. You Know what to do.

Time to anchor The Timeline.

No Fear, Hearts Open.

Eyes Open.

Welcome Home.

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,


02/02/2022-The Aquarius StarGate Opens🌈🌎

As the sun begins to AMP UP and assist in the evolution of consciousness, there are always cosmic numerical alignments which help shape our Evolution/Revolution.

The Energies of this stargate are monumental in aligning to the astrology and soul contracts of the Aquarian Age.

It also aligns to HIEROS-GAMOS, the divine blueprint to which all twin flame contracts must root in order to anchor into the new earth grids, and the new architecture of the matrix which will govern this New Age of Humanity.

Today marks and anchors the NEW EARTH TIMELINE of the master number 11’s, and unifies the Light Codes Aligned to Dna activation of the Galactic Masters, unifying Earth Shamans and Star Shamans.

5D Twin Flames ARE PHYSICALLY COMING TOGETHER in this timeline.💕Sacred Unions.

All Aquarian timelines are anchored, depending on dimensional alignment, at the 11,22,33,44,55,66,77,88,99 levels of consciousness and become portals, as we begin to activate the Divine Blueprints of ascension, and clear the miasma between the divine masculine and divine feminine template.

This is enormous.

This Global Spiritual Awakening will Catalyst the Starseed chakra system and begin anchoring the NEW 4D chakra system process, making it available for all who wish to ascend and align to legacy and inheritance timelines.

Quantum jumping of the Heart Collective, as a whole, out of 4D spiritual warfare of the transitioning parallel earth, is imminent.

Spontaneous and exceptionally fast awakenings will occur between the anchoring of the rainbow bridge happening now and 2/22/2022, when the Hieros Gamos stargate will Close.

The Universe speaks math, our human numbers align to its Light Language, so pay extra attention to numbers.

Also, The Twins must unify WITHIN, for physical union to happen.

This is across all levels now.



AND PRAY, dream a bright future for yourself, and cut everyone off who is not in alignment to the earth YOU WANT.

Our Job is to quantum jump to the ONLY ascension timeline, some call it the Christed Consciousness Timeline, either way, whatever you call it, it refers to The Law Of One, HARM NONE.

SO…Let go of anyone harming you for you harm NONE, and that includes YOU.

We are all divinely perfect, being born hurts remember, but having LIFE is worth it.

I send my love to All.

Time to Jump.

We are ready to begin, to receive…no more ending,no more lack.

The New MULTIDIMENSIONAL Earth Awaits All who have opened their Hearts.

Love FUELS quantum jumping.

The Rainbow Bridge, allowing for all levels of consciousness to cross, is fully anchored.

Follow Your Heart, Dream Big, and Receive the new Light Codes.

You will be Guided through your Heart to your Happy Happy Joy Joy Timeline.

We All ARE

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,



Please share.💕

Energy Report- 1/29/2022-Time to Quantum Jump to 5D🌟🌈❤️

Energy Report: Time To Quantum Jump to 5D.

Super incredible energies!

I am so Happy.


Familiar, generational, and planetary karma clearing/ shifting.

Soul Star Chakra Activations, Earth Star Chakra Activations, galactic male chakra and galactic female chakra systems aligning to new light codes.

SIMPLE TEST: Call all your energy back, within twenty minutes to thirty minutes, whoever reaches out, IS tethered and syphoning your energy at etheric levels.

Use Elements to cut and disintegrate all etheric bindings.

Energy is being returned to all.

Make sure it is only yours, as a sovereign being, that returns for transmutation, no one else’s.

You do not want to be caught in the karmic cycle again, simply because you can not let go of something or someone that no longer serves the greatest good.

There are three timelines at this moment,three possible earth experiences.

The Ascending Earth Portal is accessible to all through the Hopi prophecy of the Rainbow tribes.

The Rainbow Bridge.

The Universe Will Guide you, for it loves to see you love.

Look for signs and synchronicities.

Be Fearless.

Choose the Unknown Path, that is where life begins.

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,



Today’s Energy Report-Part 2- Astrological Ascension and The Release of UnRequited Love Contracts

This message is timeless, if it has reached you, divine orchestration is at play.

Follow Your Heart❤️Shine Your Light🌟Walk your Path

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,