Massive 5D Heart Collective Quantum Jump IN PROGRESS NOW.

Massive shifting of timelines continue as The Heart Collective begins to anchor to their personal, individual ascension timeline as all NEW EARTH Soul contracts have been ”signed”.

Distorted patriarchal timelines are quickly collapsing at this time.

As timelines collapse and energetic SPACE is made within the soul, temperature in the body shifts as well.

It is common to have lower body temperature as a quantum jump becomes imminent.

This feels like it is freezing inside of your body, specially if solar flares higher than C-Class are affecting the earth’s grids.

Also, inability to eat,either due to nausea, or to resonating to any food.

It takes 3 days for a quantum jump to anchor and quantum stasis to be achieved.

Quantum Jumping in many ways is easy…its the landing in the individual’s ONE ASCENSION TIMELINE, that is difficult.

Divine Purpose timelines are now congealed in the new earth timelines, the SUN now begins DNA bifurcation.

on a personal note, I have moved to another state and will have my new office finished by this week. I will be finally able to begin sessions again, legal action is being taken against the malevolent ones from my past, they are all gone and can no longer affect my timeline.

I have a psychology degree and used to do counseling, I have decided to get my Dolores Cannon QHHT certification to expand my new abilities, and I am currently working on it.

This I will incorporate in my Starseed Activation Sessions, either done online or as a three day weekend workshop.

Details to follow.

For now please keep checking back on my ASCENSION ANSWERS YOU TUBE CHANNEL. It was censored after one video, but I figured out what needs to happen to move forward.

We will begin posting videos answering questions on a daily basis, it has been a project very near and dear to my heart.

We are at the precipice, and there will be several *events* to distract and misalign.

Remember this is a holographic matrix, with infinite consciousness vibrational grids overlayed upon each other, all of varying frequencies and vibrations.

Remember we are spiritual beings having a spiritual experience.

As the purge continues, it is imperative to not give any energy to the future, stay in the now, elevate today, tomorrow has not manifested.

Project Looking Glass continues to affect timelines, and these timelines are artificial.

The Keys to these 5D New Earth timelines are organic.

And they activate the light body with light codes.

Those light codes(light is information) are preparing us for the Future earth.

and We. Are.The.Future.

What we now manifest is what will anchor to the Christalline grids of 5D +.

It is why we are here.

The Heart Collective must level up and vibrate to 500 hz to fully be in 5D.

We are.

all others remain in 4D spiritual warfare and negative alien agenda timelines, or 3D human malevolence timelines.

There is no judgement here as all souls experience life here for our Source, so no experience is more or less, just different.

As I have written for the last eleven years, we do not duplicate life experiences, every life is a gift returned as an experience for the cosmos, for SOURCE.

Eternal expansion is indeed that.

Ok Gotta go.

Go Within.

Connect to nature.Isolate yourself to hear.

The 4D Galactic Chakra system of the Trinity*Ear, nose, throat chakra are activating at this time.

These chakras are needed to navigate the 4D multidimensional spiritual realm.


This occurs as the 4D high heart chakra activates due to free will choices made by the individual.

Pray, meditate, get outside,connect your way as we cross the eclipse threshold and portal.

Stay in your Heart and remind yourself….*I am a spiritual being having a human experience.*

This has been my go to mantra nonstop lately.

Chaos is all around me and all he** is breaking lose!


so we must have chaos, for it is from the dark matter that we extrapolate life.

I love you all sooo much!

I am doing great, just amazed I am still here!

See you guys soon! email me at if you want to schedule a session.

We plan to have everything updated shortly and I will be launching a new site.

Do not give up now.

The Christ Consciousness has fully anchored across ALL earth grids.


There is no going back, all we do now is watch all that is not sustainable collapse, as the old dies.

Everything is divinely perfect, Divine Providence is real wether believed or not.

I send my love to all.

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,




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