The Fear of Losing Love-


One of the biggest fears we carry in our Heart, is the fear of “losing” love.

We find ourselves in relationships with others in which we settle, often times it’s because we are afraid to let that person go.

Deep inside, we are afraid of being left alone.


For in our minds we hear,”Something is better than nothing.”
Regardless of everything…, we have besides us someone we love.
Someone who loves us.
Something in our hearts says,…it’s how it should be…?

But this process of awakening is about SEEing the illusions of what love is not.
For Love does not hurt, and if there is pain it’s not Love.
We THOUGHT it was love, but our human minds cannot comprehend the concept of Unconditional.

This process is NOT about letting Love GO.

It’s about loving another, and letting the dysfunctional parts of the relationship GO, not the love FELT for them.
Having faith that love does not end.
It never ends, for it is eternal.

It’s about loving yourself MORE, and realizing that in letting go of something that no longer supports you in your heart’s passion, that is YOU loving YOU.
Showing love for your self.
Putting yourself first.

Releasing everything not for the highest good in your life is how you show love for yourself.

When You raise your frequency to that of Love, you are constantly loving yourself.
Drawing boundaries, yet being open.
Being transparent in the way you live your life.

For The days of talking your talk are over, it is time to walk it.

The Law of Attraction All Ways applies.

When you love yourself, you are attracting to you loving situations.
Loving people.
Loving experiences.
Loving situations.

Quantum jumping to ascending timelines.

This is when the divine masculine and divine feminine fully is balanced within us.
When we love ourself enough to say,”enough”.

When we protect ourselves, yet open our hearts to love fearlessly.

That’s when we balance the “twin” within us, opening up our outside world to meet the “twin” out “there” in which ever way is meant to be for the highest good of all.

So let the dark aspects of your life go, KEEP the love.
You will be amazed at how your life changes.
Have faith that Love indeed heals all “things”.

You are just like a beautiful air balloon, in order to soar, you must release all your sandbags.

In Light and Love
I send my Love to All


Gratitude For Every New Day❤️




A positive way I start my day every day…

When I open my eyes in the morning, I breathe in deeply, and I give thanks that I am still here on this precious earth.

I set my intent to walk sacredly upon this earth with every step I take.

I have a chance for a new beginning, just like the sunrise.

A new day, a new me, a new way.

All better than the previous day, closer to my Source.

I have a chance to love myself more and follow my heart, and to love others more and join their hearts.

As difficult as things might appear, I have a chance to discover my self, push myself to my limits, and live in Joy.

And by doing this, I show others that a happy life is indeed possible.

Gratitude is a very powerful force.

For this I am so thankful.


Follow your Heart,Shine your Light.




Thoughts for Today❤️



Magic Happens Every Day

It is Us who allow Ourselves to see it

To Feel it

To Taste it

To Smell it

To Hear it

To Sense it.

It is our With our Open Hearts

that we truly experience

this beautiful Earth.

 For In that moment of allowance is when

miracles and magic


Straight from the Heart of the Earth to our Hearts.

Together As One.

Enjoy the ride.


Follow Your Heart, Shine Your Light


Thoughts for Today❤️


The Path to Remembering our Hearts

becomes so clear

When we Let our Beautiful Earth support Us

And show us the Way.


A Joyful reminder From Nature


All the Beautiful Loving Light Beings within It

Who are Here in Joyful Service for All


Follow Your Heart, Shine Your Light


Thoughts for Today❤️



Thoughts for Today


As The Light cascades down upon All of Creation

 Creation Reaches Up in FULL expression and with freedom to BE.

Unconditional Love Eternally Shared.

Expressed in ONE way in our amazing world with the beauty of the colors, and the smells, and the tastes, and the feel of those Incredible Light Beings called Plants.

Masters of Healing

Unconditionally in Service.

Here just to BE yet another incredible expression of our Source.

 Here to BE Love.

 BEING remembered in Joy…


Follow Your Heart, Shine your Light


“Thoughts” for Today❤️

The Sun


Imagine Being the Sun.

Your LIGHT Shining Constantly.

Upon every “THING” -Unconditionally.

There is no “yes” to THIS one…”no” to THAT one…

There is just ALLOWING for YOUR Beautiful Light to Shine OUT to All.

The LOVE for SELF Radiating as LOVE to and for ALL.

How JOY FULL to BE 100% DOING and BEING what brings Joy to our Hearts.

Every Day.


Love to All

❤️The Sun❤️

Follow your Heart, Shine your Light