The Fear of Losing Love-


One of the biggest fears we carry in our Heart, is the fear of “losing” love.

We find ourselves in relationships with others in which we settle, often times it’s because we are afraid to let that person go.

Deep inside, we are afraid of being left alone.


For in our minds we hear,”Something is better than nothing.”
Regardless of everything…, we have besides us someone we love.
Someone who loves us.
Something in our hearts says,…it’s how it should be…?

But this process of awakening is about SEEing the illusions of what love is not.
For Love does not hurt, and if there is pain it’s not Love.
We THOUGHT it was love, but our human minds cannot comprehend the concept of Unconditional.

This process is NOT about letting Love GO.

It’s about loving another, and letting the dysfunctional parts of the relationship GO, not the love FELT for them.
Having faith that love does not end.
It never ends, for it is eternal.

It’s about loving yourself MORE, and realizing that in letting go of something that no longer supports you in your heart’s passion, that is YOU loving YOU.
Showing love for your self.
Putting yourself first.

Releasing everything not for the highest good in your life is how you show love for yourself.

When You raise your frequency to that of Love, you are constantly loving yourself.
Drawing boundaries, yet being open.
Being transparent in the way you live your life.

For The days of talking your talk are over, it is time to walk it.

The Law of Attraction All Ways applies.

When you love yourself, you are attracting to you loving situations.
Loving people.
Loving experiences.
Loving situations.

Quantum jumping to ascending timelines.

This is when the divine masculine and divine feminine fully is balanced within us.
When we love ourself enough to say,”enough”.

When we protect ourselves, yet open our hearts to love fearlessly.

That’s when we balance the “twin” within us, opening up our outside world to meet the “twin” out “there” in which ever way is meant to be for the highest good of all.

So let the dark aspects of your life go, KEEP the love.
You will be amazed at how your life changes.
Have faith that Love indeed heals all “things”.

You are just like a beautiful air balloon, in order to soar, you must release all your sandbags.

In Light and Love
I send my Love to All

5 thoughts on “The Fear of Losing Love-

  1. Maria… That is such a beautiful post from you… Brilliant… clear… True… Excellent! Thanking you T Australia

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  2. Bless you Maria, I feel a sacred relationship nearby, yet sometimes I doubt it’s possible. Thank you SO MUCH for continually reminding me it is not only possible but a definite.

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  3. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    Maria’s latest. Many of us came here to learn what love is NOT; now it’s time to remember that we ARE love and to love ourselves fully is not to settle for a relationship that is not fully and unconditionally loving. ❤

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  4. I found that Eliza’s latest post on Root Races helped me tremendously with this idea of love and how to interpret it. I realized that in my ‘past’ lives I had been of both the Light and the Dark and that in order to be truly free to love unconditionally I had to deal with those Soul fragments, to acknowledge them, to forgive them, and to love them as much as I have learned that going within to love myself is the only way I understand consciousness, for consciousness is love, even though one could say that, upon learning of my present 3d situation with my partner, that I am denying myself love. There is no denying oneself of love when one realizes that love is all there is. 3d is a hologram set by us and for us to learn the ramifications of love. And that’s as far as I can go today with this idea, but I thank you, Maria, for confirming yet once again that as John Lennon would say, “Love is all there is,” and thus there can be no fear of losing it. I have learned that, and am thankful for it,there is no sappiness about love, it’s one tough lover! B.

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