Journal Entry 10.24.2015 – “Being Change”

From my wonderful siSTAR, Eliza.
Enjoy! ❤️

Blue Dragon Journal

"Transformation" “Transformation”

Journal Entry 10.24.2015 – “Being Change”

The big built-up towards the last of a triple run of Super Full Moons has arrived. Anyone else feeling the energies?

This past week has been an interesting one for me. When I shared with a friend the latest goings on in my work setting, she told me that I had collapsed the former timeline. I know that I’ve been consciously working every night on sending Violet Flame (the Ray of Forgiveness and Creativity, Transformation and Transmutation) plus the Rose-Pink Ray of the Divine Feminine to the prison. I let the intelligence of the Light decide where to apply the transformative energies. And finally, I realized that the one being transformed is me.

Quantum physics has been around since the 1900’s, but is only now catching some attention by those who are yearning to understand the world from a new perspective. We’re learning…

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