Gratitude For Every New Day❤️




A positive way I start my day every day…

When I open my eyes in the morning, I breathe in deeply, and I give thanks that I am still here on this precious earth.

I set my intent to walk sacredly upon this earth with every step I take.

I have a chance for a new beginning, just like the sunrise.

A new day, a new me, a new way.

All better than the previous day, closer to my Source.

I have a chance to love myself more and follow my heart, and to love others more and join their hearts.

As difficult as things might appear, I have a chance to discover my self, push myself to my limits, and live in Joy.

And by doing this, I show others that a happy life is indeed possible.

Gratitude is a very powerful force.

For this I am so thankful.


Follow your Heart,Shine your Light.