About me


Welcome Beloveds ❤️

My name is Maria Bethencourt and I am an Ascension Guide, Quantum Healer and Multidimensional Communicator.

I am a Star/Earth Shaman, here as a Walk-In Volunteer to assist in the shifting of this earth to a higher level of Consciousness and Spiritual Awareness.

I experienced a spontaneous spiritual awakening on August 25,2011, which catalyst my “starseed” remembering, I am an Arcturian StarSeed.

By Free Will I chose to walk in Divine Will and I am  a Sacred Scribe, my total devotion is to be a clear channel of my Source. I began writing of my awakening experience almost immediately and my writings can be found under “Lightlover1964”.

I walk this beautiful Earth in service to All and The Law of One in deep gratitude and joy.

Today I am blessed to be living by the sea, and have so enjoyed connecting to my “mermaid” self.

I offer one on one sessions as well as workshops, and share tools and information to balance and support all the bodies of the Self.(mental,physical,emotional,spiritual,energetic and etheric.). 

For those not living near me, I offer sessions through Skype.

I gives me great  joy to support all who seek support, in which ever way I am guided intuitively from Within.

Thank you my beautiful family for sharing this beautiful path with me.

All my love,

Maria  (lightlover1964)

I can be reached at lightlover1964@gmail.com


***I share my work with all but it must be shared in its entirety, with link to my website, and remains my property.***


THANK YOU for supporting my work, donations of gratitude are greatly appreciated.


11 thoughts on “About me

  1. I just found your work via crystalwind.ca that site helped me open my eyes, yet your journals seem to be bringing my puzzles into focus. Where can I find out more on the energies you speak of. I’m in the precarious position of feeling like I know everything, but have forgotten all. Every time I read something like your articles another memory comes back.

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    • Yes, that’s EXACTLY how it happens Laurette. When you are truly open to knowing and remembering the information FLOWS to you when you are ready to integrate it and assimilate it
      Same thing happened to me


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