The Shifting of the Elements-Water

WATER-Water is conciousness, able to adapt and evolve like all organisms on Earth. It is affected by incoming Solar and Galactic Energy Waves, just like humans.

Radiation mutates, whichever way it is introduced.

Nuclear radiation, unlike the radiation from a light bulb or a microwave, is energetic enough to ionize atoms by knocking off their electrons. This ionizing radiation can damage DNA molecules directly, by breaking the bonds between atoms, or it can ionize water molecules and form free radicals, which are highly reactive and also disrupt the bonds of surrounding molecules, including DNA.

Water is the most abundant molecule on the Earth’s surface, covering about 71% of the surface of the planet. The word water is usually reserved for the substance in its liquid state, ice when in its solid state, and water vapor or steam when in its gaseous state.

About 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is water-covered, and the oceans hold about 96.5 percent of all Earth’s water. Water also exists in the air as water vapor, in rivers and lakes, in icecaps and glaciers, in the ground as soil moisture and in aquifers, and even in you and your dog.

At any moment, the atmosphere contains an astounding 37.5 million billion gallons of water, in the invisible vapor phase. This is enough water to cover the entire surface of the Earth (land and ocean) with one inch of rain.

Water is of major importance to all living things; in some organisms, up to 90% of their body weight comes from water. Up to 60% of the human adult body is water. According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water.

Whether from Pulsars, stars colliding, nebulas forming, or infinite other galactic energy blasts, or from within the earth or man made, Source Energy is expressed in infinite ways. Change is the only constant in our Universe.

At this time, there are deep Space energy waves affecting ALL life on this planet. It is altering the waters within and without as we continue our planetary global awakening as a race. As we clear from within us the DNA interference, we clear for the collective, and in turn we clear for the planet.

The Element of Water is shifting first, as air, earth, fire and ether will follow.

The elements in the periodic table are shifting as well,as carbon begins to shift. We, The human race are evolving into a new race, the new hueman, going from carbon to Crystalline. Our consciousness is expanding, as the earth’s frequency is expanding, as everything is evolving.

This is the New Earth.

We are the Guardians of this magnificent creation, and we are activating our dormant DNA so we can protect our planet from those unconscious creators who have brought us to edge of extinction.

Timelines have separated, and all consciousness not in The Heart will become extinct.

This is why the Sacred Geometry of our holographic universe is set in this Divine Way.

For we have ascended and descended infinitely, and will continue to do so.

Third and fourth dimensional service to self unconsciousness is no longer permitted as per The Law of One.

BUT, we are not the only consciousness on this planet that are THE GUARDIANS. All consciousness that resonates at the frequency of Source Unconditional Love is awakening to protect this LIVING LIBRARY.

Stay in your Heart, have no fear, pray and have faith.

It is a great honor to be conscious of the multidimensional events occurring at this time.

We are ready for the incoming energies as the PLANET CONSCIOUSNESS fully awakens across all grids and matrices.

Elements, elementals, plants, animals, humans… ALL.

We are Love, for Love is all there is.

We are The Guardians.

We are Fearless.

We are One.

We were BORN for this.

Bring it on.

Follow Your Heart❤️Shine Your Light

In Light, Love and Service


Cosmic Awakening Radio Show Tonight!!! 11/12/15

Hello Beloveds!

I am so excited to announce that I will be on The Cosmic Awakening Show in 5D Radio!

TONIGHT at 8:00 pm east coast time with Michelle Walling.

Here is the page:

Cosmic Awakening Show- 11-11 Portal & Dropping The Veils With Maria Bethencourt

Join host Michelle Walling as she discusses the effect of the 11-11-12 portal, dropping the veils, walk-ins, and spontaneous awakening with Maria Bethencourt. Maria has a WordPress site where she has kept her readers informed of her Arcturian aspect’s perspective on the shift and how it has affected her. Maria will explain how we have moved from the matrix timelines to the sovereign ascension timelines with the recent Wave X energies. Hear what it is like for Maria when she looked at the television one day and saw the what the news anchors on tv really looked like, and how she can turn this abiity on and off. We will talk about the volunteers being drawn to each other easier and how much more protected we are now from attack. Maria’s LightLover Journal site is here: Read Michelle Walling’s article on In5d about seeing things for what they really are, light in the movie “They Live”:
in Spiritualitytoday at 8:00 pm

Here is the link:

If you can’t make it, don’t worry, the link will  automatically update after the show so you can hear it at your convenience.


I send love and blessings to All and THANK YOU to ALL OF YOU for supporting me!😎

You guys are the “wind beneath my wings!”

Thank You!!!!



❤️ B-R-E-A-T-H-E ❤️


Here is a simple exercise that helps me to quickly get back to my heart center when I am triggered by outside influences,or “losing it”.


B-(breathe)- Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Imagine yourself breathing in LIGHT and breathing out LOVE. Say the words, to help you focus.
R-(release)- Surround yourself in the Light of Source, release all energetic chords to and from you, heal, fill with Light and open your heart, radiating out love around you, creating a golden shield around your being.This separates your energy from any outside influence and gives clarity.
E-(exit)- Take yourself out of the situation as soon as it is possible.
A-(accept)- Accept what arises and that it is for a reason, which will be understood once you connect to your inner wisdom. It does not have to be in this moment.
T-(talk)- Tell yourself you are Source,Sovereign,Free. The actual words remind you of the truth of who you are, a spiritual being having a physical experience. Source Incarnate. The words instantly raise your vibration and puts you in the place of becoming a neutral observer.
H-(help)- Ask for help in whichever way feels right from within you, to quickly align to your heart.
E-(elevate)- Once away from the situation, use whichever tool you are guided to from within to help you. This can be connecting with nature, meditating, aromatherapy, taking a bath, etc. do what you love to do.
Also, forgive yourself if, (when), you “lose it”. Be aware of judging yourself. Remember we are all walking a path into the unknown, a new way of BEING. We are the forerunners of human evolution.There is no manual here, we all learn by experience. Each person is as unique as their DNA, there are no two alike. All experience their own ascension in their own way. We can only do the best we can do in this moment, acceptance is key. Understanding always comes once we go within.

These are beginning guidelines, each person will find the best way for themselves.
As always, take what you need,leave the rest.
And don’t forget that everything passes, everything changes, it is our response to the situation we are remembering how to master, to change.

It is ALL about each individual “us”.
In Service from my Heart Joyfully and with Gratitude


❤️Follow your Heart, Shine your Light❤️


We are powerful beyond human comprehension.


Why are THEY (the powers that THINK they are) SO afraid of us?

One of the hardest stages of remembering and awakening to our hearts is what I call the information stage.
There is a ton of information that assaults us as we awaken, and with the positive comes all the negative as well.
For me, due to my spontaneous awakening, this became overwhelming and sent me into a spiritual crisis.
There were so many things that I found out all at once, from fluoride, to chemtrails, to gmos, vaccinations…the list is definitely completely overwhelming for someone just starting their path.

I remember every time I found out information about yet another way that we were being unknowingly poisoned or harmed,controlled, I would go into major depression, full of hate.

When I found out about vaccinations, I cried for days.
I also had to forgive myself because I unknowingly gave my children that poison.
As it was given to me.

It was the same process for every new “discovery”.

This is what is happening to the masses right now.
They are awakening and seeing the dark outside manipulation that has governed this world for thousands of years.
We have been living,unknowingly, in a prison planet for thousands and thousands of years.

Recycled through the False Light and their brilliant karmic cycle.

The enormity of all that has been used against the human race to keep us as energetic batteries is immense.

As the masses awaken and see the truth, the universal process of loss and grief occurs for all human beings.

In a way the whole world and everything the person knew to be true is a lie, it is the dying of a reality.

There are the five steps described by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross in her 1969 book “On Death and Dying.”
As I awakened and expanded my consciousness through my heart, I went through these stages.
Some were quicker than others, but the road to acceptance of loss and death,( of what we thought was real),is the same for all humans.

They are: denial and isolation, anger,bargaining,depression, and finally acceptance.
It is the way humans evolve.

So as more and more information comes to light, the list of atrocities is overwhelming.
We are hit from every angle.
Food, water, air, vaccinations, etheric implants…and on and on.

But here is a thought, a new perspective…



I mean, really, we are assaulted in every way possible.
One method is not enough.
Have to come at us from the air, the water, the food, through “medicine”… With the negative alien agenda…etc,etc,etc

Their methods are infinite, one way is not enough.

And STILL we are all awakening to the truth of what has been happening and of who we are.
NO THING stops evolution, physical and spiritual, because regardless of everything this universe does follow universal laws, the blueprint of creation cannot be altered.

So for “them”, they have forgotten that what you resist,persists.

The more they try to weaken us, to stronger we become against this resistance.
Now, this works the same for them…

So the more a person focuses on the negative, the more that negative is strengthened.
Same for positive actions.
This is the universal law of nonresistance.

When we see something we don’t want in our world, we can choose to not give it an ounce of our energy, our emotions, our thoughts,that is what mastering our energy is all about.

The key is to see the truth, accept it for what is from a neutral,(non-emotional stance),and then make the conscious choice to not give it our energy at all.

The only way I am able to center back into my heart after finding out some new way of manipulation and interference, is to disconnect from everything and go out in nature.
Reconnecting to the earth through nature raises our vibration to the frequency of the earth, which repairs our DNA and heals us, allowing us center back into our hearts more quickly.

Let the earth heal you.

It also helps greatly to educate ourselves to the universal laws and the 7 hermetic principles.
Understanding the laws allows us to see what is happening in the world and why.
It also helps us to understand how to stay centered in our heart energy and live our lives from our hearts.

Here is a link that has information which has helped me to overcome and understand how to master energy.

Knowledge is power.
The truth of the workings of the universe has been kept from us for millennia.
But once we once again remember, we are able to transcend the manipulation and master our energy completely.

And the question still remains…

The answer itself should give us all a greater understanding of who we are.

They are afraid of us because they know that there is no stopping the Light of Source.
Evolution cannot be stopped.
It is eternal.

As are we.
We cannot be stopped in our quest for truth.
We are the Light incarnate.
And we are remembering this.
But in order to evolve, we have to “see” what needs to be changed.
We have to see the truth.

And once we do, lies can no longer control us.
Their tricks can no longer affect us.
We are in a higher frequency, vibration.

This corresponds to the law of attraction.
The lower consciousness cannot remain.

We no longer remain the batteries of life that those in service to self need to continue.
For without our energy they cease to exist.

And that is why they are so afraid of us.

They need us to live.
We don’t need them.
Our battery is within us, it is our connection to Source.
That is what gives us life.
Their battery is us, without us…THEY CEASE TO EXIST.

This is our planet.It is time to take it back for ourselves.

THEY make us THINK they can control us, but they cannot.
We are limitless.





Game over man, game over.

In Service from my Heart.


Ask… and You do Receive❤️


Yesterday I went to Playa Ventanas to explore and enjoy the beauty which is so abundant here in Costa Rica.

My flight to the United States left the day before, but I was guided from my Heart to stay behind.

I’m not gonna lie, I don’t think I have ever been so scared sh**less in my life, yet also at the same time, with such inner knowing that I am exactly  where I need to be…and so doggone happy.

Terrified and blissful at the same time is the weirdest feeling.

I have ONE suitcase for my ten day visit, which seems to be expanding as I am guided from my heart to stay here for now.

Me, who used to own boutiques and have hundreds of pairs of shoes…and clothes lol!

My friend kept reminding me to BREATHE.

I walked unto the beach, which is sooooooo different from my beautiful island beach back home, and almost cried.(yeah, been doing that quite a bit)

There were rocks everywhere on the beach, and I love rocks.

So as I was walking out on the sand I thought, “oh please my rock family, show me a heart rock if I am on the right path, because I’m scared and just want to feel I am following my Heart, and not being misled and jacked up by outside crap and bs interference, or doing something not for the highest good of all…”

I walked maybe three or four steps and was guided to LOOK DOWN.

I did and this is what I saw…


The picture does not do my heart rock justice!

As I was saying to myself,” omg,omg,omg,omg…thank you,thank you, thank you…”, I looked UP.

And this is what I saw…


My beautiful dragon family watching over me.

The message I got?



So yes, today I am still here.

Tomorrow I don’t know where I will be, but since I have lost my sense of time, it does not matter.

I feel I am with family here and protected more than back in my own country.

They accept me as I am, call me soul family.

Having that kind of love shown to a total stranger makes being super scared easy.

Oh and in my new world, if someone has alterior motives…well they show their true colors very quickly around me.

Makes it easy to navigate, for they don’t “stick” around me for very long.

Easy Peacey, lemon squeezy LOL.

My love to All.


Follow your Heart, Shine your Light.

If you feel fear, plow through it anyways, the reward is…Heavenly.


The Winds of Change


(Bird hunkering down in intense winds, waiting it out on the pier, picture taken by my son)


Didn’t SEE that coming…but I sure FELT IT heading my way…

A couple of weeks ago I got information that changed everything in my life.

My accountant told me I needed to sell my little house by the sea I love so much,and would not be able to retire in the United States.

The retirement I believed I would experience while married, is apparently no longer a reality here…
It has taken me three and a half years, since my awakening experience, to know that Freedom is ONE of my True Self’s Goal.

I used to “think” that I wanted to be happy.

Then that I wanted to be safe.

Then along the way I had to release wanting to be taken care of by another.

That one was super hard, a lifetime of conditioning making me think I needed a savior, or a knight in shining armor…to rescue me.

Waited for a while during that phase…but they were a “no show”. 

This was the massive “depression” part of my awakening at realizing no one was going to come save me, or anyone… while beginning to comprehend I was not anything like I thought I was…

In fact I had no idea WHO I was.

All the while “seeing” the truth of what needed to be “cleaned” up, at ALL levels.

So not only was I super depressed, but Boy was I pissed!

Those two,super depressed and pissed off, love to pair up.

This I call my “put myself in time out” phase, as I was not fit for human consumption…lol

I CONSTANTLY asked for help from my light family and team while at the Same time cursing and cussing at them while screaming as loud as I could from the top of my lungs,telling them where they could “stuff” it…

Oh yeah that was quite the tough step process.

Thank goodness for Love.

From that phase came the realization there was nothing to save, as all was unfolding in Divine Timing and I just need to follow my Heart and have faith.
That’s where I am. Now.
And in this place I now find myself ,I have come to realize that for me,without FREEDOM,nothing else can fully BE.
With freedom comes the happiness and the security and the abundance to live from my Heart with no outside interference.

It shows my beloved family that by following my Heart,happiness follows.

That it is indeed possible to live a happy life.

Everything interconnected with what freedom brings leads to abundance for me.

Including finances.

Free to be me.

Sounds like such a hippie phrase lol, but so true.

I am also so incredibly grateful to be fluent in Spanish.
I understand now why I was born in Argentina, and lived there for ten years.

Needed to learn Spanish maing!

Everything that happens is indeed always for the best.
Faith is a beautiful thing.

But ultimately I KNEW from within me that my life was going to change big time since the winter solstice.

I knew it.

Just didn’t see it coming like this.

I felt what I call the “winds of change” heading my way in a hurricane type way.

Always been an empath and felt such things, but never with this magnitude and force.

So NOW I know.
In a way my worse fears have come true. I am stepping into a future facing my ultimate fear.

Except I am not afraid.

The rocking chair retirement I had envisioned with the beautiful father of my children, watching our grand babies play in our perfectly groomed, (and professionally landscaped) yard in the United States, with both my children near me…no go.

I face a retirement in another country, with the possibility my children,(21 and 23),will not be geographically near me.

Starting out by myself from scratch.
I call this quantum jumping ala human style.

Funny how at a time of my life when I “thought” I would be “settled”, I am facing my greatest test of my faith.
Thank goodness I am not into “thinking” anymore like I used to be,Lol.

All that thinking,all that logical planning, all that stress about retirement…

This for me, the final release of how I “thought” things were going to be and acceptance that it will not be so.

I know that if I follow my Heart I will fully understand the “why” of it at some point.
I see the truth of my situation.

I feel with all my Heart,that what awaits me is for the highest good of all, and I cannot begin to imagine my new life…
I understand now, 50 years later, that speaking Spanish allows for me to make this enormous life transition easier by not having language be an obstacle.

A lot of countries speak Spanish…

Yet when at ten Mami told me we were leaving Argentina, I thought my life had ended.
Yes it ended-THERE.

It began- HERE.

And so it goes…

So NOW I am here.

About to jump.

I don’t know where.

I don’t know how.

I don’t know when.

I don’t know why.

I don’t know with whom.

I am stepping  into my unknown future.
I do feel(know) however that the rhythm of life, ebbs and flows.

Beginnings becoming endings leading to new beginnings.

So I am ending AND starting what comes my way in my Heart.

Connected to my Source.

With my beautiful children walking right beside me into this new life with no fear.

Faith telling me that we are hugely loved and everything will be MORE than ok.
It feels peaceful within me, that TRUTH.

My Source’s Way of letting me know that if I jump and chose freedom,I will land softly and safely.

We ALL will.

For I am so loved.

We ALL are.

I chose Freedom.

In Light and Love, Maria ❤


*I posted this directly to today which is where I have shared my writings for years, but now it is time to expand *


So I used to write all the time…since my awakening on August 25,2011, it all just POURED OUT.

Then it STOPPED, lol.

The words I would try to use to describe my awakening experience and expansion could no longer be found, as no words seemed to resonate with the Light Language I was trying to convey.
So I stopped my public writings as I knew I was not ready to step fully into my Light as a public writer in this amazing Shift of Ages.
My team constantly reminding me that the only option for me was that of a clear channel of all the Higher aspects of MySelf.
Which I have been busy finding all over the “place”.lol ( I help others do the same through past life regressions and reiki)
Scattered all over…
Any whoo…

It has ALL changed for me.
It’s possible I will be leaving the country and will need a centralized website to continue my work and to make it accessible in both English and Spanish.

So today I share with my Lightworkers Family my new way.
(Please feel free to share my understanding, support and guidance in which everway resonates for you.)
I have set up a website( still in process!) where all my workshops,writings and art will be in one place so I can continue my work, as I begin a new stage in my life and step into the Light fully in service to Gaia and All.

I have been an active gridworker now for three years and I am ready to share those experiences as well.
Talk about freaky deaky lol…
Probably through videos, as I just cannot stay around electronics too long.
It’s like hanging out with an electric porcupine!
But I have asked my team for help(free will planet, gotta ask for help), so I’m sure someone will step into my life and handle electronics for me. : )
That’s how my world functions.
Ask for help, it shows up immediately, just have to release expectations of HOW the help will be…lol(daing it!)
It’s NEVER how I THINK it will be(hint,hint)

I will be doing short videos for my youtube channel, sharing my experiences and tools which support all who have chosen to ascend in this timeline.
This will be in conjunction with my art, which is my expression of the Language Of Light through my photography and paintings(all mediums).

Thank you my beautiful family at

From the beginning,this sacred space has given me the freedom,safety and support to expand and remember.

To all those who cocreated this space, I see you and I thank you.
: )

It’s time to fully step into the new earth.
The grids have all fully anchored across all dimensions and the interference has been “interfered” with and cleared.
Shadow energies will quickly be seen and released now.
All souls(free will) who wish to experience all the ascension timelines can now fully step into them.

I am one of those souls and I am in deep gratitude to be stepping into the NEW.

For all who read this…guess what?
Just gotta get out of your own way, stop trying to use logic to understand this process and COMMIT TO HEARING YOUR HEART.
Using your mind connects you to the electric grid (mental) which is manipulated and spirals down into timelines of service to self.(you become a battery to density)
Using your heart connects you to the magnetic grids which spiral up into timelines of service to others and anchor the new earth energies.
Start everyday and SET YOUR INTENT.
That’s all that is required.

Oh yeah, and don’t take yourself soooooo seriously…when it is all said and done, as my beloved twin says…IT IS ONLY A RIDE, ENJOY THE PATH, as there is never an end to our destination…eternal and all that.

Thank you to all my friends here who have supported me and loved me.
Your support has been the “wind beneath my wings”.
I feel you in my Heart at ALL times.

I am Maria Julia Bethencourt.
And I share me Heart and Understanding with All.
Stepping into the Light as a world server.
Here as a starseed volunteer to support all as per The Law of One.
In Light and Love and Joy
: )

Follow your Heart, Shine your Light

Welcome Beloveds❤️

Sharing The Language of Light with my photography



Bask in the beautiful energy of these Beauties!



Sometimes as we feel ourselves “drop” out of a hearts, the flowers are a gentle reminder that through their color and smell they can transport us right back into the Heart of Our Source, and strengthen our chakras in the process!



They gently support us in once again centering in our beautiful hearts.



I know!!

It’s amazing isn’t it?



No wonder I feel instant joy when I connect to the plants and the flowers, they radiate love, and just wish to share it with us.

Unconditional Love.


It is always all around us.

We just have to open our hearts and bask in it.

A reminder from our beautiful Light Family, the Plants

Love to All.