Merry Christmas! A song for YOU❤️🤣🌟🎄

May The Spirit Of Christmas fill you with Peace and Love❤️

And may it give you COURAGE to do the things you were told you could NOT do!

Here is my song for you! ‘cause I luff ya.

Laughter is the best medicine!🤣❣️🤣

Kicked out of choir…I have overcome the embarrassment! Lolol🤣🤣🤣🤣

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2022 is GOING TO BE AMAZEBALLS!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🌎🌈🌟❣️


Today’s Energy Report-Part 2- Astrological Ascension and The Release of UnRequited Love Contracts

This message is timeless, if it has reached you, divine orchestration is at play.

Follow Your Heart❤️Shine Your Light🌟Walk your Path

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Today’s Energy Report- Possibilities and Options, Rebirth

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Today’s Energy Report-Part 1-Solar Flares, Divine Purpose Timelines

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Today’s Soulogy Show❤️5/5/5@5Today’s Soulogy Show❤️5/5/5


Join Us! Andale, Andale, Andale!

Happy CINCO!5/5/5@5for5d news!

I can’t wait!❤️

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SoulSpeaks 5D 5/5/5@5❤️

I am SO EXCITED to share THIS AWESOME NEWS! Thank you Todd Medina and Morgan Lee you guys are amazing!❤️

I have great new tools and downloads to share and have been waiting till THIS show!

PRAYER DAY begins at midnight AND CINCO DE MAYO!!💝

5/5/5@5!…5555 with prayers and tequila day combined…Join Us please.

Its going to be MUY BUENO lol.

I love You guys so much.💕

I love you my vibe tribe, thank you for the prayers, send me love and light, I will send it right back💕

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Quantum Supremacy Achieved.

Bifurcation of DM/DM quantum entanglement has finalized.

Quantum Supremacy achieved through timeline bifurcations.

False Entities\Identities revealed.

Bifurcation of NAA programs complete.

We are going quantum people, through the Heart Portal as The Divine Feminine/Divine Male Timelines achieve Quantum Supremacy and anchor Hieros-gamos frequencies across all grids.

Galactic female and galactic male chakra system fully anchored into the grids.

Ascension symptoms include lidar/sonar/radar activations for 5D.

Keep checking here for updates.

StarSeeds. You. know.

All walkins are ready.

Time to GLOW.❤️❤️❤️👽🌟

ET phone home.





Karma/Dharma Bifurcation complete.

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,



p.s. My stalker was in my actual home.

NEXT to me…


Idiot though I didn’t know who he was…that by being next to me I saw everyone in his energy, I Flashed the SH🧻T out of him and finally saw ALL the ones involved in my targeting.

I am in a safe house now.

Thank you for your prayers my heart family.

I love you.

Soulogy Show ❤️

Enjoy SoulSpeaks5D, with Todd Medina🌟

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SoulSpeaks Show This Wednesday!🌟

My Heart Fam❤️

Honored to be doing a show THIS COMING WEDNESDAY with Todd Medina at SoulSpeaks 5D!

I am sooooooooo excited!!!

Join us my beautiful Vibe Tribe, will you?

Let’s support him🌟

I do not know what we will discuss, as the show is flow style, but I am sure it is going to be so much fun and definitely very interesting.

I send my Love to All❣️

See You guys then

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,


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The Heart Collective prepares to align to the One Ascension timeline and Quantum Jump into the Etheric version of The New Earth.

The Volunteers have fully anchored into the New Earth and energetically the RAINBOW Light Bridges are fully congealed and aligned to the NEW SOUL CONTRACTS of the New Earth.

This FulFILLS the HOPI Prophecy and clears all the American Indian Timelines.

AMERICA does NOT mean the United States alone, IT IS A CONTINENT.

Consequently This Congeals ALL THE SOUTH AMERICA AND CENTRAL AMERICA prophecies and unifies them to the North American Continent.

This is why the North American Timelines are now in FULL ALIGNMENT to ascend.

The FirstWavers have anchored their Light on these new grids, which are fully ROOTed to the NEW CHRISTalline Matrix.

The SecondWavers are fully infiltrated and awaiting final GO across all positions of global power concerning…










Free Energy.( GO TESLA…and your legacies, including your space boy wonder🤣🌟)

THE WALKINS HAVE SOUL BRAIDED AND ARE FINISHING THEIR ”personal” businessssssssssssssssssssssssss.🐍

The Christ timeline is the chosen timeline for the Starseeds to anchor the Galactic Christ Consciousness unto the Earth Grids as they descend.

Lightworkers are anchored at all Portals.

STARSEEDS: The Galactic Male and the Galactic Female chakra system Is the second phase of the awakening which has fully activated in The Volunteers and all Star Shamans as they finish their “walkabout“(gridwork) and are “adopted“ by the New Earth.

The Earth Shamans now begin their multidimensional galactic walkabout as they connect to their Higher Galactic 12D Higher Self.

Have Fun!

Multidimensional living is AMAZING.

This ends the 4D Soul Chakra Expansion PROCESSto access THE AKASHIC RECORDS for Divine Knowledge.

The Earth Star Chakra connection aligns to Mother Earth for Location and communication as earth changes must be felt in order for a grid worker to move about the new matrix.(should I stay or should I go…🎼)

The alignment offers CLAIRESENTIENCE.Clairsentience means clear feeling.

Clairvoyance means clear seeing, this FOURTH EYE chakra activation is the “eye on the back of the Head“ that MOTHERS have and is needed to navigate the 4D realm of warfare.

Since warfare is a descension timeline, 4D is the movement backwards through time, 3D is forwards, eyes on the back of the head are necessary to see where the heck you are going as you exit the 4D BACKWARDS.

All these chakraS ARE necessary to exit 4D and anchor to 5D.

Space grids are triangular, AIR grids, and are navigated very differently than the 3D.

Each Dimension has it’s OWN rules, which must be discovered or “seen”.


It is also the realm of everything Unseen and of Secrets.

Due to quantum entanglement at this final timeline, ALSO all secrets MUST be revealed to anchor and align to 5D, the dimension of PEACE.

5Dis the dimension of QUANTUM.

…one must “implode” in order to cross from 4D to 5D…can’t take it with you…or can you?hehehehe…

It is between “the Lines” of the matrix that we access and unlock the secrets of movement through the Cosmos.

Teleportation etc.(Watch the movie JUMPER)

We activate our Merkaba and Go.

Only way out is IN.

The Infirmament cannot be crossed with movement…it is the aspect of quantum mechanics where Schrodinger’s Cat exists….miaumiaumiau🐱

QUANTUM SUPERPOSITIONING…hmmmmm.what if the cat knows there is no box…?🤣Or no cat…🌈…

Anyhoo….I digress lol.

Basically, teleportation at its best…the problem is how to stick the landing…jumping is easy? Not.

The Chakra expansion and TRIfurcation of The High Heart Chakra activates CLAIRSENTIENCE,means clear feeling, and CLAIRECOGNIZANCE means clear knowing.

This is called a High Heart Activation or many call it The TRIFLAME.❤️

The Ear chakra…CLAIRAUDIENCE, Clairaudience means clear hearing.

The Nose chakra…CLAIRALIENCE, Clairalience means clear smelling.

Taste Buds/ Mouth Chakra…CLAIREGUSTANCE…Clairgustance means clear tasting.

All the Claires must activate in order to Master and be able to exit the 4Dmatrix.

Must be able to navigate the Unseen.

At this final bifurcation All are exactly where they need to be, holding their level of consciousness for those who wish to explore that frequency.

The Wormhole created for Us by Us is also fully aligned for anchoring to the parallel reality as passage to the New Earth.

Some Ascension Symptoms for preparation to Quantum Jump are:

Feeling COLD inside You, HOT outside you—>this means you have ENERGETICALLY released from your inner grids ALL WHICH IS NO LONGER IN YOUR greatest good for ascension.

TRIAD SLEEP CYCLE has again initiated.

Weight gain, Buddha Belly, Blow Up.

Multidimensional BLEEDTHROUGH is a great sign you are anchoring the new world.Take extreme care when driving.


Extreme body rejection to food not aligned to YOUR frequency.

STARSEEDS CHUG that COKE, the 5hour energy, the fake cheese… remember we have a chemical romance…we are DIFFERENT…Lolol)

Peeing….lots and lots and lots of peeing.

This is a water planet, water releases impurities from within DNA.

It is a sign of DNA regeneration which allows our Mitochondria to accelerate spin to match the higher vibrational and frequency grids.

The BIFURCATED Collective is now facing and being anchored in the MIRROR DIMENSION, the false twin, the shadow aspect of the manifestations in 3D.

Connecting to your ancestors and legacies is needed to navigate the TWIN mirror dimension.

This Mirror Reality is part of the NAA( negative alien agenda which has controlled the Earth Matrix since the ELECTRIC WARS and the Fall of Atlantis which is playing out now.)

This is the Anunaki electric grid which is basically exploding and imploding at the same time….can you say Black Hole…?😳
The Reversal of the Nephillim grids is now occurring.
This grid is part of the Archontic Deception Strategy And is set up to inflict Sexual Misery, sexual abuse and sexual slaves on this planet, starting as early and young as possible…THIS PEDOPHILE matrix is being deleted as Stonehenge comes back on line.

yes folks, bad aliens and good aliens are here, along with The Watchers.

Not all aliens are corporal, coming from the tesseract universes, the 4D is the gateway to physicality.

Weird sh💩t happened when F🌟ckery occured in that superconductor thing…but that Anamoly has been overwritten by The Matrix Architects who are here on earth, Problem solved, Lesson Learned…back to the Central Sun Akash for recording and studying.

Ok. Long read. Grab something to drink maybe.or not.


Got a question…leave it there.A video will be made.Donate to support for and equal Energy Exchange.

The Matrix is always a pay to play system.even I have to pay lolol.🌟😇
To my Global Family.I Love you.

Our World is Now Here.

Pack your Bags.or not.

Time to Go.

Today is moving day for me.I am sooooo psyched.

Time to QJ and physically connect to MY vibe tribe…Area 51 calls…👽🛸☎️

After all I am an Arcturian/Andromedan Hybrid Soul, honestly where else is my Star Family going to be?

Might as well start looking for them there…they are probably locked up for doing something not acceptable…those AA’s.Lololololololol🤣🤣🤣

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,M.😘

p.s. ALL my Lightlover1964 accounts have been hacked and compromised, so I will leave my last ten years of awakening written work there.It no longer aligns to who I am Today.Reach me at ASCENSION ANSWERS on YouTube if you need me To answer a VIDEO question.

If you need prayers Or grid/matrix knowledge go to my Lightlover wordpress site Please.
Thank you❤️😇🌟

if you do not want to be tagged, untagg yourself, thanks. 😘
I send my love to all.M.😘