Incoming Source Wave, Accelerated Manifestations,Spiritual Awakening and Ascension Symptoms 2022.

My Heart Fam,

Massive incoming Source wave about to LIGHT UP all grids.

Spontaneous and accelerated awakenings are in progress.

If you are a sensitive, be aware of your mental body and specifically try to keep your thoughts positive as manifestations are anchoring EXTREMELY FAST.

If you have double vision and nausea you are being catalyst by the Photonic energies.

Digestion will be affected.

If possible, do not consume red meat or any ”blood” until wave anchors and synergy whithin your chakra system occurs.

TRANSMUTE everything you eat through prayer and using The Violet Ray to neutralize everything else.

In 5D there can be no energy blockage at all to maintain and hold the space, therefore everything we eat and drink MUST be neutralized, transmuted, to enter our system as we are sovereign, and can take no other nonaligned consciousness into our inner grids.

Water at ph 7.4 if possible, so alkalinity/ acidity remains neutral as possible within our body.

If your third eye hurts or feels like it is crystallizing, or cold, a hot water shower will help calmthe reptilian brain and help with 3rd eye activation to 4th eye.

A dark environment will help, closing your eyes so it wont turn into a migraine is also good if possible.

If you are going from cold to hot, your hypothalamus is being activated along with your pineal gland and your well of dreams chakra, dream activity should increase as you enter the TRIAD SLEEP CYCLE.

PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR DREAMS, as your loved ones will come through for you and let you know when you have FINALLY cleared your family’s ancestral KARMA.

Once our family’s DNA karma clears, we begin generational clearing.

A great sign you are ‘clearing’ is the you run to the potty, as you elevate higher, nothing in the digestive system can remain that is a lower frequency than your inner grids.


Spiritual Awakening is a process, awakening is not easy, shadow work must be constant as leveling up and personal ascension is the main timeline at this time that has life energy.

Everything is divinely perfect, as chaos must be encountered for change to occur.

And it is going to get very uncomfortable for our world for a bit….welcome to 2022, we know the Illuminati ENDGAME is over.

Stay in your lane, Pray, Do your energy work, and harm none.

The Unfolding Begins.

Hold on, this one is going to be a doucey….😇Being born hurts.

Onwards and Upwards,Inwards and Out.

I send my love to all.

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,



Please share. Thanks.

P.s. Betty Spaghetti Sends Her Love.❤️

Merry Christmas! A song for YOU❤️🤣🌟🎄

May The Spirit Of Christmas fill you with Peace and Love❤️

And may it give you COURAGE to do the things you were told you could NOT do!

Here is my song for you! ‘cause I luff ya.

Laughter is the best medicine!🤣❣️🤣

Kicked out of choir…I have overcome the embarrassment! Lolol🤣🤣🤣🤣

In Love and Light and Joyful Service,


2022 is GOING TO BE AMAZEBALLS!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🌎🌈🌟❣️

Compassion and Anchoring New Earth’s 5D Timelines

COMPASSION for the awakening/sleeper collective is the best way to anchor to 5D in intense energies such as the ones we are experiencing right now.

It needs to be remembered that awakening to 5D, irregardless of being a mental, spiritual, physical, emotional or energetic awakening, HURTS.

During the first six months after my spontaneous awakening, which was my second crossover/return NDE for me, everything changed all at once, extremely.

And I intrisically KNEW it.

I knew there was no going back to my life.

Heck I couldnt even play tennis at first because when my third eye opened spontaneously, my human eyes declined in sight.

(A sign your third eye is opening or downloading is that the regular vision gets ”misty” sometimes cloudy, soumetimes doubles, until we learn to consciously open and close it and navigate the dimensions with it.)

And I knew that there was nothing I could do to change what was about to happen to me.

Losing my tennis, hurt me so much.

And now, ten years later, I remember that pain which I had forgotten.

The pain I felt then when I had to LET GO AND LET GOD.

When I woke up this morning in my new home, I immediately was shown the human collective.

Pain engulfed it, like tendrils all around, and within it, at the root of it, Fear.

And then a vision from Mother Mary, and the feeling of compassion and hope seemed to rise from all around and surround the collective, like a pink, fuschia, violet ribbon, the Divine Mother Earth hugging us as a mother would a child.

And that is my message given for today.

From a human perspective, we need to transcend the need to act towards another soul in any way, and instead stay in the energy of compassion for them, as we anchor infinite 5D timelines of peace and prosperity for the collective, for our soul family legacies.

We know the pain and suffering involved with awakening, the healing of the betrayals and the heart breaks, of finding out the darkness hidden in the light.

Finding out who we are truly.

We know the dark, for we have dwelled in it for many timelines.

We are now at the crossroads, the event is once again on the horizon, we know it and feel it.

2022 is coming whether we acknowledge it or not…and along with it comes everything NEW.

And as we, the awakened ones feel it, we, all humans, all react to it according to individual level of awareness, frequency and vibration to anchor it to our new earth.

This “impending doom” feeling causes massive stress in the collective.

It also creates a brand new reality,A timeline centered around a common collective event, manifested by the strong similar emotions, it is how the holographic universe and its infinite matrices work.

So when one gets triggered, RE-member…

to hurt when hurt-is human,

to accept and understand with compassion for the experience, the pain, because we felt it too,-is divine.

And we need Divine, without it there is no creation.

Be Compassionate at All times now.

With others or yourself, it matters not.

The word passion in compassion is there for a reason.

We must care for ALL, not just the ones we think “deserve“it.

Judgement is not a 5D frequency, it is a 3D separation trap, and a sign that shadow work needs to be done.

Throughout my awakening, the hardest thing to deal with has always been the lack of compassion from my Loved ones.

Heartless…Hearts closed due to fear or misunderstandings, a closed heart feels nothing, therefore there is no compassion.

The Heart Chakra must open for the soul to awaken.

For evolution to occur, tears must fall.

Compassion heals the broken heart.❤️

Ok, gotta go.

I got lost four times yesterday, so I best get going since it might take me a while to get to the Piggly Wiggly Lol.Also…Great news! I played tennis last night and hit five balls in a row…didnt hurt myself, didnt lose any balls, and only hit my hitting partner once.He forgave me. It was his foot.

Progress Lol! Next I need tennis shoes and raquets and I might just pull this going back in time thing off!! hahahah.

I Love you guys. You are amazing.😘

Working on brand new cool content for 2022! Can’t wait to share🌟

You are the best vibe trive ever!💕💕💕

I send my love to all.❤️❤️❤️

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,



Ascension of the Heart Collective to the New Earth.

My Heart Family,

The Heart Collective begins to anchor to the 5D global timeline in preparation for the coming 2022 energetic event.

This disentanglement of consciousness further separates the ascending collective from the descending earth and those that are becoming ”extinct”.

We are watching our own species evolve, leaving behind the fear human, and evolving into the new HUEMAN race.

If we were cro magnum man, we would be seeing our race becoming extinct AND evolving to the next level of our species …at the same time.

That is happening NOW.

We are returning to the stars, our consciousness must expand to be able to become a galactic civilization.

War is lower consciousness, those that are in that frequency, cannot access higher level concepts of space travel and bring it to fruition.

Basically, not smart enough.

It needs to be understood that this separation will continue to activate DNA for the Heart Collective, the awakening ones will begin now to tap into the higher dimensional tools experienced by the activationof the 4D chakra system.


Claircognizance is activated when the 3D crown chakra is cleared.

After this, psychic and mediumship tools will quickly begin anchoring, and the activation of the

hand chakra( tohealwith hands)

feet chakra( to connect to the newEARTH leylines)

ear chakra( to hear frequency and the music of the spheres for navigating grids)

nose chakra( for navigating 4D grids and dimensions through SMELL)

taste buds ( for using heightened esp to align to nutritional needs and to navigate dimensions.)

These chakra activations ARE NOT LINEAR.

It all depends on individual chakra system blockages.

We are preparing to anchor the Master Number 22 souls which are activating at this time In preparation for 2022 and the event.

Gridworkers walk in pairs, divinely guided to clear leylines.

The Masters are coming together.

The Walk In Process has now become available to all souls that wish to create and be a part of the new earth.

Mother Earth has chosen her children.

If a soul Is no longer in alignment to the new earth matrix, but the physical body is at 5d frequency( but not the Heart) that soul will exit the avatar at night( we collapse timelines while we sleep) and a new soul will take its place, either as a Walk-In or as Soul Braid.

The new soul continues with global 5D Service to this earth, the other soul awakens in the morning to everything exactly the same( parallel earth but LOWER frequency) and will continue to be plugged in to the 3D matrix.


This is when the Mandela Effect occurs, when accessing the new parallel reality, but with One thing off….Mandela effects are the results of quantum jumping.

Ok I gotta go.Just wanted to share… I am starting a new life and moving Again! I am in the process of manifesting and being blessed with an incredible amazing opportunity which I will share when guided to do so.

For now, just know I am super happy, feel awesome, and 2022 is going to be the best year of my life.

AND I am playing tennis again!and that makes me super happy as well, for I am a USPTA Elite level tennis coach but stopped playing after my spontaneous awakening in 2011.

I am coming back to play to it because I love it.

Thats the catch up for today.💕

I love you guys, you are the best vibe tribe ever!

In light and love and joyful service,



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It’s going to be super fun!

My third time on the show, I am so grateful to Todd Medina for the chance to share light and love. 🌟

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I love you guys, thank you for loving me back❣️

In light and love and joyful service,


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11/11 PORTAL *Ascension Through Descension and quantum jumping into global awakening timelines in preparation for 2022 Unions*(pt.2)

My Dear Heart Family,

To say the energies have been intensifying is an understatement…one minute I energetically feel like an oompa lumpa from Willie Wonka and after a mad rush to the ladies room and releasing tons of water…I then feel like the Halloween skeleton…🤣🤣🤣😳

Plus another gazillion weird AF ascension Symptoms lol.( part 3 will address these🌟)

As 5d personal timelines begin anchoring and magnetically pulling all souls and/or aligned consciousness to 500hz(+), the dimension of peace and the Christ Consciousness, The Law of One, Harm none…(call it what you like, you know what I mean), the “physical” 3D/5D bifurcation begins in preparation of 2022 Divinely Guided Partnerships.

Either makeup or breakup kinda thing…but no settling allowed, as the energies will squeeze you until you let go.

Let Go and Let Go…

This will begin unions at master + levels. These are true twin flame evolutionary partnerships here to set the foundation of the next step for our race, galactic exploration and travel…our world becoming a citizen of the galaxy, and ALL that THAT entails…..hehehehe👽❤️🌟🌎👍

Anywhoooooo, these are galactic, universal, and at cosmic levels of divine blueprint and matrix healing soul contracts here to anchor in peace in our world and protection for our planet, from whatever may attempt to harm our Mother Earth, including ourselves.

Ascension through ascension is exiting the 3D matrix through the crown chakra and into the light, the cosmos.

For this exit to occur, this portal to open,the chakra system must be cleared and the violet frequency CROWN chakra spinning at perfect pitch in resonance to the portal. Otherwise, no go.

Ascension through Descension is a soul experiencing the dark to separate and isolate where it is impossible for a it to have any light or creation energy. Alone, All One, A lone. no love. Nothingness. Quantum small.

At the perfect lowest pitch of the root chakra, red.

In that moment of utter forgetfulness by the soul/consciousness, it is no longer able to tap into light consciousness, the heart chakra activates, our true PORTAL to OUR SOURCE, One on One, awakens, as does the soul.

And it returns to connection with Source and Re-Members.

The Awakening path is individual and different for every soul.

We experience this amazing Creation and share all we Learn with our Creator, for we were created by a Created to eternally CREATE, but we do not share experiences, for once it’s manifested it is created and individual to the soul’s path.

We do not share experiences, they may be similar, but never the same.

This Ascension through Descension global awakening ends on the new year portal of 2022, when master soul number 11’s unite to create a partnership for preparation for Our future 5D + Earth.

Paradise, 6D Earth is where Gaia wants her children to play.❤️🌎❤️

These are true twin flames, here for the planet, it is not necessarily hieros-gamos love, not romantic, but it does resonate between the two at 528hz, at the level of ascended mastery on earth.

Ok, that’s all I got.

😇🥰❣️Please join me on the Soulogy show with Todd Medina on the tuesday before thanksgiving at 8pm for a super fun and informative show.🌟🌈🍀

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I do one session a day due to the intense energies shared.

I Follow up with previous day session for fifteen minutes as a follow up in the afternoon. First Session last about an hour and a half. Donations are accepted for payment on my lightlover1964 website. 🙏 Thank you.

If you have already emailed me for a session, I will contact you when I come back ON Grid as I am going off the grid in preparation for this incoming lunar eclipse and massive downloads I am getting.😇🙏🌎💕Thank you for your patience.

I love you guys.

Gotta Go.

Miracles and Blessings Await me as they do YOU❤️

In light and love and joyful service,



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This message is timeless, if it has reached you, divine orchestration is at play.

Follow Your Heart❤️Shine Your Light🌟Walk your Path

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,


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In Light and Love and Joyful Service,


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Today’s Energy Report-Part 1-Solar Flares, Divine Purpose Timelines

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Today’s Soulogy Show❤️5/5/5@5Today’s Soulogy Show❤️5/5/5


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I LOVE U guys!

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,