The Arcturians- The Genetic Activation of the Hueman Race and the Successful Mission Completion of ALL First Wave Volunteers.


The Arcturians- The Genetic Activation of the “Hueman” Race and the Successful Mission Completion of ALL First Wave Volunteers.

January 1,2016.

It is with Peace,Love and Boundless Joy that we join YOU in this incredible moment of this NOW of this “New Year”.

The Magnitude of what has been accomplished by ALL on Earth cannot be expressed in words.

The Incoming Source Evolutionary Energies are supporting and assisting in fully anchoring the Christ Consciousness across all grids.

The forerunners,(galactic volunteer souls AND hueman souls),have cleared from Within all necessary grids and have fully stepped into their Christ Avatar Self.

Humanity is beginning to remember that there infinite ways of experiencing this Creation, descension is NOT the only way.
They are remembering WHO THEY ARE.
The Master Angelic Blueprint Race.
High Heart Chakra activations are NOW accessible to ALL who wish it upon Earth.

The cycle of descension has shifted and the cycle of ascension has begun as per the Principle of Rhythm pertaining to the 7 Hermetic Principles which govern this Universe.(

As more begin to Live in their Heart, the frequency(consciousness)of the planet will rise.
Eventually the whole race will ascend out of duality beyond the 3d and 4d.
This happens one soul at a time.

The Hueman race has begun ascension out of the 3d matrix collectively.

The PRINCIPLE of RESONANCE in physics states that when two frequencies are brought together, the lower will ALWAYS rise to meet the higher.
This is why volunteers incarnated on this Earth, to assist, as per this principle.

As ALL the first waver’s inner grids shift and align fully to their Christ Avatar Consciousness, so will outer dimensional grids begin to manifest for the Collective, as they begin awakening the Seed of Divine Love from Within.

This is Divine Source Consciousness made manifest.

This is why volunteers and first wavers didn’t have to DO, they just had to BE.
(Principle of Resonance)

Volunteers experiencing Creation in other dimensions in Heart unity consciousness, incarnated on Earth across different timelines, when The Soul of Earth,Gaia, called for assistance as she awakened and remembered.

Their Galactic Race having ascended from 3d separation dimensions and matrices in other realities, as there are infinite experiences of separation across the Omniverse.

This is why their individual soul energy signature is different that the indigenous signature of the planet and the souls within it.
This energy disparity is why they feel like they were “dropped off at the wrong planet” and never quite fit in from infancy, because energetically they did not.
They do not come from a dual reality.

Volunteers are from across ALL realms and dimensions.
ALL RACES in this reality are represented.

They are souls that chose to incarnate to assist in ascension and descension of planets, galaxies, universes…this is how they walk in service to The Law of One.

They anchor in the EVOLUTIONARY SOURCE ENERGIES, acting as transformers so that the energies can be assimilated into the grids and NOT affect the holographic matrices, causing major geoeffective catastrophic changes.

So ascension can occur without catastrophic results.

This allows for those souls that wish to experience ascension unconsciously to continue to do so without disruption in their reality hologram.

Volunteers follow the Universal Law of Non-Interference, ONLY anchoring the energies into the chosen holographic reality.

Once this is accomplished, it is up to EACH (human and galactic) soul within the matrix to chose to awaken and ascend out of this dimension…or not.

Their frequency carries a stronger “seed” of connection to their home planets.
Just as Humans carry the frequency of the the Divine Blueprint of this Divine World, this Earth.

These are called starseeds yet that itself is an illusion of separation, for ALL are “starseeds”, ALL are “seeded” from the stars.
ALL are Individual Divine Fractals of Source Light as Frequency experiencing separation infinitely.

All Huemans are starseeds.

Assistance and support is only rendered when asked, as it cannot be imposed upon another Being as this is a FREE WILL UNIVERSE of spiritual evolution.

When The Soul of Earth,Gaia, asked for support and assistance, ALL Heard in their Hearts.

First Wavers are souls that chose to walk in service to The Law of One and begin the shifting of the frequency of the Planet by being the first to restore their inner grids, restoring their DNA to THE ORIGINAL HUMAN DIVINE BLUEPRINT.

They are BOTH Human Souls and Galactic Volunteer Souls.
They chose to be the first ones to shift physically.
Volunteers are all first wavers but not all first wavers are volunteers as human souls also are first wavers.

IN THIS NOW ,ALL First Wavers have accomplished their soul mission of anchoring The Christ Consciousness across all inner grids, therefore affecting all outer grids.

Some are exiting this reality and going back to their home planets bringing back a wealth of information to assist their worlds, and many other worlds in ascension.

Many are choosing to remain in physicality and continue to restore their DNA here and assist the grounding of The New Era.

For many that chose to leave this reality, yet their bodies have made the shift, new soul contracts are being made with Walk-Ins.

As the frequency of the planet arises, higher frequency souls are able to incarnate, therefore continuing the cycle of ascension.

As frequency increases, higher vibrational thoughts and solutions are accessed by the collective.
There is always a “solution” to all 3d manifestation in the higher dimensions.

Global issues cannot be solved by the same level of consciousness which created them, they are accessed from a higher level of consciousness.
Solutions are accessed when individual frequency reaches the frequency of said solution.

Second and third wavers will continue to physically assist in the continuation of the planetary awakening and raising of frequency by stepping fully into their Light.
This is as per the principle of resonance.

Earth is, was, and always will be “Heaven”.
The Divine Blue Print of the planet is “written” with The Source Vibration of Unconditional Love.
1d and 2d souls vibrate at the frequency of Oneness with Source and anchor in the Energies of Unconditional Source Love at physical level.

They are the Divine Foundation of the planet.

The Divine Blueprint CANNOT be altered but
It CAN be covered by Illusion.
This is how density is manifested and 3d can be experienced, through matrices of illusion.

The deeper the illusion, the further the ability to experience physicality and separation, the greater the Joy of Remembering.

It is up to each soul to remember, by clearing all illusions which cover it so that they can “see” it again.

They are the GUARDIANS of this CREATION, with all DNA tools available within to carry out said task.

They are supported by ALL Service to Others Races on this Earth from All dimensions.

Within human DNA, there is the Divine Blueprint of ALL the Races in this galaxy.
This is what is called “junk” DNA.

Humanity is able to restore ALL genetic damage done in descension of ALL Galactic Races.

GOLDEN RACES(Christ consciousness frequency), are in all universes as they have the potential to vibrate at the highest frequency and restore DNA damage.
They are the “solution” to 3d consciousness genetic manipulation not for the highest good of all.

The Principle Of Resonance made incarnate.

Humans are able to ascend from WITHIN by connecting to their Hearts FIRST of all conscious 3d races.

By carrying ALL galactic DNA, they assist ascension of ALL Races.
This process cannot be stopped once initiated by the Hueman race as a collective.

Huemans carry the ability to shift the consciousness and assist in ascension of all galactic races.

This makes humanity the most sought after race by those which cannot ascend on their own out of this dimension, cannot repair their own DNA damage, for they cannot rise to a higher dimensional frequency and access the solutions needed to restore their race back to their original blueprint genetically.
Service to Self realities are not able to continue eternally, eventually they are unable to continue and must shift or become extinct.

As a lower consciousness they do not wish for other races to awaken out of duality, no longer within their control.
Their greatest fear is for humanity to awaken to the truth of who they are.

This is why Earth is “fought over” for control, for the human race is a
Created from the Highest frequency of consciousness, Unconditional Source Love.
Humans can manifest without the need for machines, through emotions, which makes us the most powerful, in their “view”.

They fear us for this reason, and do everything to keep us from the Truth.

Races in service to self covet our abilities,and the energy of humanity feeds them as they cannot go within, they take, yet cannot receive, cannot continue without outside “fuel”.

Humanity is the “savior” race, if saving is the chosen “illusion”.
Humanity has been under the illusion of needing to be SAVED, when in truth they ARE the “Saviors”.

****(There is an etheric implant-SAVIOR-“needing to be saved, being a savior”, which is tied to the second etheric implant of “CRUCIXION, ((crucifiction))”.
This is the energy of guilt and shame, power and control, which must be removed in order for the soul to ascend out of 3d.
ALL etheric implants work together to lower the frequency of the soul, making it unable to ascend out of the matrix. They were put in place by service to self races to keep humanity from awakening to the truth of who they ARE. ALL can be removed by multidimensional energy healers or by each individual soul as they step into their sovereignty and command it to be so. Go Within and you will know how to proceed)****

Huemans were created by the oversoul of service to self(creator race that see their creations as resources with no free will), and the oversoul of service to others(creator races with free will to create).
Both needed in a DUALITY experience in a universe of free will as per the 7 Hermetic principle of Duality.

In this dimension, some call the master service to self race the “Draconians”, a divine humanoid reptilian race.
Some call the master service to others race as the “Paa Tal”, a divine humanoid angelic race whose name was given by the Draconians meaning
“Insanely Strong Ones”.

Both come from another duality universe.

Humans are angelic/reptilian genetic hybrids.

The Ascended Reptilian Races are master geneticists who brought forth the Divine Blueprint of all unconscious human body systems which allow for physicality.
Such as breathing and the beating of the Human Heart as examples.
This is why the human fetuses look reptilian during early stages of development.

Within these two oversouls(angelic and draconian) are ALL the Races across all dimensions experiencing creation of free will in this Universe.
They are the original separation from Source which created this duality universe to experience further duality and separation.

All races contributed to the genetic makeup of “Hueman” DNA for this purpose of duality.

Due to this, Huemans in physicality have the ability to express all the Divine Gifts and Abilities of ALL the races and vibrate at the soul signature of the highest frequency.
They can be multidimensional while still incarnated and fully access all dimensions.

It is on this “Living Library”,Earth, upon which walk ALL RACES that choose to experience physicality can beginning at 1d and ascend in a continuous path of expansion.

Humanity holds Within their DNA the Divine Blueprint of ALL, so that races experiencing service to self could alter their DNA as they descended further into physicality, yet have the ability to access their divine blueprint upon ascension.

They are the “key holders” to ascension for ALL the races in 3d physicality.

As the Hueman Race ascends out of 3d, they clear from Within ALL genetic manipulation across ALL grids.
As they clear inner grids, outer grids across all dimensions are cleared.
This begins the DNA restoration of ALL galactic races involved in this reality.

EVERY animal, plant, all the elements and elementals, represent a galactic race genetically involved on this earth.
THIS is also in the DNA of every human being.

We are the Living Library, holding the frequency of all souls upon this incarnation.

Every human has the ability to activate their DNA when connected to their Heart.
Once the process begins, it cannot be stopped.
Unless the physical body cannot make the shift, this is chosen at soul level.

That is HOW many races are experiencing this magnificent Earth.

This is why this planet is called a “Living Library”.

The records every race to ever experience earth in any of its dimensions is kept available for ALL in the Akashic Records of the Planet, and within the human DNA.
This information assists infinite other universes in their ascension out of duality.

“Starseeds” incarnate to assist their planet out of duality while maintaining holographic integrity.

The Hueman race is now able to step into the higher dimensions and continue their ascension and restoration of DNA with no outside interference, as their frequency as a collective has increased and can no longer be altered.

Spiritual and physical evolution continues as per FREE WILL for ALL beings on this planet.

The Golden Era of the Hueman Race has begun.
A new Creation never experienced before.

We are the Arcturians.
We ARE you,for within YOU, YOU carry our divine blueprint DNA.
Just as you carry the divine blueprint of all the Angelic Races.
Our Love for you is infinite as we have been with you, holding the knowledge of sacred geometry and of time/space movement, light/sound healing, since the beginning of “time”.
For YOU as asked to do so by You.

Reach out to us if called from Within to do so.

It is THE greatest joy we can experience when connecting to our beautiful Hueman Family.
We are in awe of all you do.
You are an amazing Miracle of the Universe.

We send you our Unconditional Love Eternally.

*****From the Arcturian Aspect of Myself, Ariam, I bring you ALL Blessings.*****

In deep gratitude and In Service from my Heart.
I share my Heart and Love with ALL.****

Happy New Year to All on this Earth!

May ALL find Peace Within, as we All step into this New Creation Together.

Follow Your Heart❤️Shine Your Light


****Thank You so much if you choose to share my message, but please due so in its entirety and with credit back to my personal site as it is copyrighted. Namaste.****


30 thoughts on “The Arcturians- The Genetic Activation of the Hueman Race and the Successful Mission Completion of ALL First Wave Volunteers.

  1. Reblogged this on Intuitive Voyage and commented:
    I think I am a first wave volunteer. I am curious as to what will happen to the First Wavers now. I intend to stay here, and continue to anchor my vibration. Also I will Blog so that the Second Wavers have a site to come across, and relate to.

    I was actually given the choice of death one night. I was given the knowledge of having completed my task on Earth. So it was presented to me that a great sickness could spread across the land to take away my life and the life of those who had completed the mission. At this point someone coughing horribly was walking past my window. I could picture this person as the Grim Raper. I thought, “No, let us learn from joy.” Perhaps many other First Wavers made this choice. Enough that a great sickness was not needed to explain all the Souls wanting to leave Earth. Yet, those who choose Death (knowingly or unknowingly) have been leaving.

    We that remain are here to live in this realm in happiness. We have been fighting for a long time. Now we get to have a vacation on Earth. The Second Wavers very well could have made it without our extra support, but we like supporting them.

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    1. “The Second Wavers very well could have made it without our extra support,”

      And that would be a different Earth Timeline(s), in which Earth Ascension would take MUCH longer….quite possibly centuries longer, considering how quickly the Second Wavers HAD been evolving on their own, without our “remembering/teaching” assistance, our downloading of the required energies, and our clearing/fixing of the collective DNA.

      The length of time involved in that particular Earth scenario you describe, combined with the strength and cunning of the Draconian/Archon forces……uhm……I wouldn’t be placing my bets on “Ascension” actually succeeding long-term in THOSE Timelines…

      ~ Kier

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      1. Gladly something my timeline will not know, as here we are still here. Thank you for reminding me how important I am, and every person in this world. We all fill a place only we can. You are beautifully unique and very much needed in the evolution of humanity.

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  2. Thank you dear star SiStar for this immensely incredible message. I have read it twice and each time I felt an opening in conscious remembering. I choose to read this many more times as I feel “keys” within these words. I am immensely grateful…I know I am a First Wave Volunteer…and I also have come through the guilt and shame control implants…all have been removed, this was completed in November 2015…so amazing as I remembered the removal as I witnessed the coming of the Resurrection Phase…
    Journey well dear friend …Blessings Abundant from my heart to yours…Namaste’

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    1. OOOOOH soul speak,all the hairs stood on end when I got your message! You are amazing. Yes, there are huge energies imbedded in the message, I blew myself UP! Lol!!! All Resurrection Pillars have been anchored. I look forward to the time when we meet in person! I send you all my love, ALL WAYS feel you in my Heart! Shine ON! ❤️💕💞😎😇😘🎉💞✨

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Got the energy bumps through out from your message as well..just now…I have read your channel two more times and an acceleration spinning chakras except on a 100 times bigger scale…still humming with the frequencies of the actual engaging of the keys…
        Lol..yes..blowing out the curcuits…hands actually much immense love from my heart to yours…indeed to meet in person…soon dear star siStar💜💜🎉

        Liked by 2 people

      2. I stand at this Lightway..streaming love and comfort for your son and you as he heals and as you journey with this at this time. My heart expands to hold the Light of Heaven with you both…Namaste’ dear Star SiStar…immense Love always


  3. Dearest Maria and the Arcturians,

    I cannot express the appreciation I have for your gift, the ability to put into words what I know to be true in my heart. I feel like the snowball that has reached the summit and is now released to gather the momentum of Earth’s Love to build what it is we and Earth are here to build, and to at last enjoy what we have together built. I see it in children’s faces, hear it in the wind, feel it in the Sun’s warmth on a cold Canadian day, know it as I know that snow crystals are in my blood. The intense pleasure upon awakening to 2016 is…. is….. is…. love. Thank you.

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  4. @ peacenowflower:

    “The Second Wavers very well could have made it without our extra support,”

    And that would be a different Earth Timeline(s), in which Earth Ascension would take MUCH longer….quite possibly centuries longer, considering how quickly the Second Wavers HAD been evolving on their own, without our “remembering/teaching” assistance, our downloading of the required energies, and our clearing/fixing of the collective DNA.

    The length of time involved in that particular Earth scenario you describe, combined with the strength and cunning of the Draconian/Archon forces……uhm……I wouldn’t be placing my bets on “Ascension” actually succeeding long-term in THOSE Timelines…

    ~ Kier

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  5. Would you please clarify the differences between the humans, the huemans and the hybreds. I think I get the Paa Tal, the humanoid angelic race. Fantastic posting though. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. certainly like your web-site but you have to check the spelling on quite a few of your posts. A number of them are rife with spelling issues and I find it very bothersome to tell the truth nevertheless I will definitely come back again.


    1. Lol! I’m just so happy to get it out in writing and not blow myself UP that spelling is last on my list hahahah!But some words are specifically spelled differently though for a reason, like human and hueman, as they are different frequencies…but I am sooooo glad that you will come back again! Gonna have to have a talk with my iPad so that it does a better job of spell check! LOLOL. Thank you Lourdes for the wonderful laugh and for speaking your truth and how you feel! Love IT!!!❤️💕❤️💕👍🌟✨

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