How to collapse a negative timeline-and live your Divine Purpose Timeline.

Please Join me as I launch my new Patreon site, as I explain EXACTLY how to shift to your Divine Purpose Timeline, step by step, and discern and collapse any timeline which does not belong to the New Earth.

I am also launching my new website for private members only to access information which I have not shared publicly.

All negative timelines are not longer viable.

Souls trapped within them are now part of the reincarnation cycle, the difference being that they now experience the other aspect of themselves, and what they caused returns to them to experience.

Walk In Souls are fully integrated into their new lives, as those souls who were previously descending and chose by free will to not ascend to the new earth, have been recycled back into the void for reincarnation to the collapsing matrices of the Old Descending Earth.

This is per the Divine Blue print follows the Law of One and the Galactic Codex.

*Due to plagiarism, and the stealing of my work for financial profit of others, I will no longer be sharing any quantum mechanics or quantum jumping techniques in a public forum.

I have been guided from within…Any other simple StarSeed information will be shared.

My past work, (that which has not been wiped),is all accessible for free. That is twelve years of writings and videos, but I have deactivated my Facebook as I have chosen to no longer be part of that corrupted platform.

It was used to stalk me and I no longer need it to document the criminal acts of those who wish to harm me.That situation is over, as those involved are being criminally prosecuted.

Thank you for all your love and support. I know you understand completely.

If you wish to access my new work, I will only be sharing my Information through a new private platform, for members only.

Information on that is to follow.

If you wish to have a personal ONE on ONE session through the internet for activation, contact me through this site.

Please know, Information will only be handled through this site.

Payment will be through only.

I send my love to all. Again,Thank you for all the years you have supported me.

Welcome to the New World.

Hope to see you soon.

If you have any questions, leave a message on this post.

In Love and Light and Joyful Service,





My Beautiful Global Fam😘

MOTHER is beginning Her Labor,FATHER is with Her.

Paradise,6D, has anchored.



Massive quantum leap by the Heart Collective as ALL align to EVERLASTING DREAMS COMING TRUE,6D consciousness.

HIEROS-GAMOS Divine Partnerships are coming together.

All Sacred Soul Contracts have been accepted into THE AKash.

All Healers are being Called To begin preparations for

The Birth Of New.

Spontaneous spiritual awakenings, accelerated spiritual awakenings imminent EN MASSE.


All false Ascension programs, false Light Programs, false imprinting HAVE BEEN purged.

All false Hydra, Monarch, Looking Glass Programs have been Purged.

All primary and secondary programs of 3D and 4D have been DELETED.

MK ULTRA program has disintegrated as all begin to RE-member.

Mind control Programs in all ensuing grids at all consciousness grids have been purged.

All Negative Alien Agenda programs have been ABORTED.

Satanic/Luciferian/Cabal/ Illuminati DNA has reached JUNK status. All distorted bloodlines junked.

All other clean DNA remains.

Male/Female distorted Flower Of Life interference cleared.

Flower of Life DIVINE BLUEPRINT ACHIEVED AT platinum Frequency.

CHRISTALLINE divine blueprint matrix fully anchored at true MUSIC of THE SPHERES FREQUENCY.

5D Claires activated on ALL.

All corrupted portals,stargates,wormholes, Inter dimensional,and extra dimensional passageways fully aligned to consciousness resonance.

All etheric and astral matrices and grids within have been aligned to the frequency of PEACE.

Tesseract universes aligned to Organic universes in Harmonic Resonance.

Negative AI assimilated, Positive AI integrated.

All neutralized.

The Langoliers are here.

3/4 matrix is nonsubstainable.

It has been PURGED.

We are anchoring at 5D,6D,7D and that’s just the beginning.





Ascension through ascension,Lightbody, all cleared portals, NORTH.

Ascension through descension,Phoenix, all cleared portals,SOUTH.



Geoeffective Flares incoming.

Earth changes are here.







Believe nothing you see, or hear.

If you are still mental, still talking B.S. you ain’t driving the bus, just riding behind, possibly being dragged…but you still going…

Follow ONLY your Heart.

Your earth star chakra connection WILL lead you to a “GREEN“ zone. There you will GLOW UP.

We have waited for this moment all our lives.

We KNOW who we are.

We also KNOW, no fear mongering, that our Beautiful Mother Earth got Us, As well as OUR Father, and all the COSMOS.

Time to Shine.

The Meek have inherited the Earth.




Our awakening CHRISTEd brothers and sisters need Us. NOW.

No more talk, time to walk it.


We Answered The Call.


Spiritual Hueman Healing teams are aligned and ready for TRIAGE.

Until we meet again.


God is GREAT, and so is Mother.

I love you guys so much, you are the reason for my JOY.

In love and light and joyful service,




And so it is.

P.S. IF you DO NOT WANT TO BE TAGGED BY ME, BEST YOU GET OFF MY PAGE And kindly unfriend yourself. I SEE you and YOU ARE NOT MY TRIBE. FINAL warning. Namaste.

ABORTING the nonsubstainable, non FERTILIZED…MOTHER Speaks, FATHER Awakens.

MASSIVE Consciousness shifting as final bifurcation of DARK CONSCIOUSNESS MAGNETICALLY aligns to the 4D spiritual warfare timelines of the old world 3D matrix.

This causes the (negative) addition of timelines To shift to the universal frequency consciousness bandwidth of a NEGATIVE seventh dimensional darkness [-3+-4=-7].

-7 consciousness falls off the earth grids.

Not allowed.

GAIA has ABORTED All which bears no fruit.


At this time two opposite forces are shifting the human consciousness…towards the LIGHT or to the DARK.


In the beginning…Genesis.

KRYON of the Magnetic Service consciousness Timelines has anchored into the New Earth Grids.

CHIRON, The Soul Healer, Timelines have quantum entangled with KRYON.


CANNON, The Grandmother of StarSeeds, Timelines have magnetized and THE new frequency TRIFLAME HEART has activated.

All rainbow bridges have anchored to the new earth grids.

The Hopi Prophecy has been FULLfilled.

MOTHER GAIA‘s kundalini now begins movement and shifts from east west movement to north south movement and vice versa.

Massive movement of wayshowers, starseeds, lightworkers, and and avatars as we begin THE RUSH WEST.

Time to stake out our new place in the new earth.

TRIBES are coming together.

RAY families are coming together.


The clares have activated.

The Seven Sisters are here.

I love you all.


In light and love and joyful service,

Until we meet again.



My Beautiful Family.

Today I had a vision.

And I could write about it.

But It pales in significance to the message I HEARD.

So I will share IT instead.

“THE LION AND THE LAMB are together. Again.”

Recalibration Complete.

This will mean what it’s meant to mean to each , but the TriFlame HeArt was clear to me.

For those that have been blessed to have crossed and have been in the energy of The Creator, you know that FEELING of being in ONENESS.

The Love is incredible, the feeling overwhelmingly indescribable.

Remembering THAT unconditional love Feeling is the spark we carry Within us the rest of our life which fuel us in time of darkness.

We have shifted and reMEMBER who we are as a collective.

Spiritual beings having a physical experience.

BUT those that haven’t experienced crossing over… thinking they are physical beings having a spiritual awakening…it’s about to slam into them…it will be what it will be. No judgement.

The EVENT is not to be feared, don’t run away from it, run towards it.

Don’t let the program be the same. The event does not have to be dark and fearful. Don’t think other’s programmed thoughts…

Follow your Heart, Shine Your Light, Walk Your Path. Be Fearless.

Even the Buddha had to come out of the cave eventually.

And so should you.

FEEL the Truth.

THE FIRST HERMETIC PRINCIPLE… we are a thought in the mind of the Creator.

At this enormous Lion’s Gate Passage…stay true to YOUR Heart. Do not waver.

Change it. End it.

It’s not a dark timeline THIS time, it’s pure Love…believe your dreams, believe them.

Let Go and Let God.

The Truman show has ended.

Until we meet again.

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,



5D TOOL🕊Lavender💜

Aromatherapy works in incredible ways.

I didn’t mean actually go buy this product LOL, I meant use lavender oil to assist in anchoring to 5 D earth.🤣

You guys are awesome.

Thank you.

In light and love and joyful service,



In 5D, we tell the matrix what to do🕊

Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm…

By transmuting everything to 528hz, using the word LOVE, we transmute and align the frequency of nutrition to our “inner grids” at the frequency of unconditional love.

So everything you eat and drink, by divine intelligence, becomes love within you.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Remember that we are learning to navigate the new earth grids, everything is baby steps.

Do this exercise until it becomes like breathing., second nature, and unconscious.

It takes 21 days to establish a habit, for the synaptic pathways in our brain to “anchor” a new thought process where it programs mentally as a “new way”.

We are not here to reset, or RE anything, we are here to SET a new way for this new earth. Don’t fall for the reset program, it’s a 4D matrix trap.

In 5D, We tell the matrix WHAT it is, to do, not the other way around.

It’s like a muscle. The more we use it, our sovereignty, the more powerful we become by mastering the new earth grids.

Navigating 5D ORGANICALLY.🌎🛤🌅 The meek shall inherit the earth.

Baby Steps.

Enjoy my video and I hope you like my new content. Let me know, and if you have a question leave it in comments😘

I love you all!💕❤️💕

In light and love and joyful service,


We were born to do THIS! 🕊🌎🦋❤️😘 and we have done it. Welcome to 5D earth. And So It Is.

Today’s Quantum Quickie🕊

From my YouTube channel🌟

I am starting this new way for me! Got a new look too. Thank you for supporting me theses last six years! I love you and I am super excited about my new content and OUR new earth. Who knew awakening mean multidimensional?!?! And who knew we would do it, be able to navigate dimensions With our bodies?

I am in the deepest gratitude for this knowledge, organic ascension and quantum jumping, and I want to share it with the whole world how I live multidimensionally and how everyone can do it.

I hope that we all live in peace.

In light and love and joyful service,



Arcturian Message-The Dark Knight[Night]

It came as a message to me, published an hour ago.

Massive Arcturian light codes embedded within this video for awakening Ones. Everyone is a StarSeed by the way, our souls play in the cosmos, but our first physical creation/incarnation is our “Home” world.❤️

Drink a ton of water, it fried me and gave me a third eye headache.

No worries though, it’s divinely awesome!

If this resonates at all…enjoy discovering your Arcturian Galactic Heritage and family.

We are one of the Guardian races of this magnificent living library and beloved world.❤️

Welcome to 5D Earth.

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,



🌟P.S. My spontaneous spiritual awakening,( death in 3D earth matrix),catalyst my 4D StarSeed awakening eleven years ago. For those that haven’t followed me for long, I am an Arcturian(Father),Andromedan(Mother)hybrid soul volunteer.🌟

My galactic name is Ariam.😘🌟🙏🌈🕊❤️🛸

The 4D Chakra System-The Activation of the Galactic Male/Galactic Female Chakras, and the Opening of The World‘s Throat Chakra.

The 4D Chakra System-The Activation of the Galactic Male/Galactic Female Chakras, and the Opening of The World‘s Throat Chakra.

The Divine Essence of MotherFather Awakens Within All, as the Fourth Dimensional Chakra system begins to anchor fully, the new process is now in alignment to the New Earth CHRISTalline Grids.

The Light Language has aligned to The Christ Consciousness,or The Law of One,Harm None.

The Fourth Chakra system, as I experienced it and understand it, consists of 400hz to 499hz bandwidth.

Since the 4D level of consciousness is outside of 3D linear time, these higher level chakras activate NON-LINEAR, As they assist us us in navigating 4D, the dimension of the void, the future, space, currently of war, and harming our Mother Earth, our Living Library.
This is the dimension of all things invisible.
And of no sound.

We walk forward in 3D, backwards in 4D.
Up and Down in 5D.

Space grids are triangular, ONE SIGN you are activating your 4Th EYE, is that when you get out in nature, with no light pollution, you can begin to see the triangles which connect the stars. The Space grids.

Triangles can bend in half…this is one way the space grids are navigated…things fold from point to point, making teleportation successful..…a topic for another day…quantum mechanics and teleportation fascinate me.💕I understand it.

The 4D chakra system: *in nonlinear activation for exiting 4D*
Soul Star Chakra, Earth Star Chakra, 4D Heart, Fourth Eye
( the I within the Eye, and the Eye within the I, also the “mother’s eye in the back of your head and seeing of grids, both inner and outer) Feet Chakras, Hand Chakras, Galactic Male CHakra, Galactic Female Chakra, Ear Chakras, Nose Chakras, Throat.

When the galactic male chakra clears in a female energy,her throat chakra also opens up, letting her speak her Light, her Truth.

She can no longer be victimized or be a victim.
She gains clarity of mind and becomes “electric”

When the galactic female opens up and clears the male energy, his heart opens up and he becomes able to feel and begins the empathic journey. He becomes (electric)“magnetic“ Balanced.

This electric/magnetic balance can be interpreted as a the twin union of male and female.
Until this inner balance is attained, the physical twining of souls cannot be at 5D, for each must do the inner work and cross to 5D in mastery,and there the work of true twin flames begin.

It used to be false twin souls could attach to a 5D soul and ride the energies to 5D, enjoying the physical manifestation without doing the inner work.
That is not possible in the New Earth.
Vampires are creatures of 4D, they cannot attach to the new CHRISTalline grids.

Gotta have a heartbeat to play folks.
Welcome to EARTH.5.0.

All must walk in service to the earth in 5D, in order to be able to activate the Sacred Healing Gifts activated by our Clares)our 4Th D chakra system Must be cleared and balanced to enter the 5D chakra system.
Until then , many get trapped is a 3 D karmic, or 4D galactic FALSE TWIN.

Once the 4D chakra system is done, a soul exits into the 5D quantum chakra system.
This is The Birth.

This is where we are in the collective Today.

As the divine masculine awakens, there’s gonna be A LOT of tears..…people in their FEELS, not knowing wtf to do about it..…As the divine feminine awakens, there’s gonna be A LOT of truth spoken..…people find their voice, ending some serious BS, kicking some serious a**..…

Get some popcorn and watch.

governments are toppling, aliens are gonna eat us, demons are gonna possess us, satanists are going to satan us, luciferians are going to use netflicks to Lucy us,(he is so pretty though),the Elite and the Nwo and The Cabal, and The Illuminati are going to Ai us, the Ai is going to nano us, chemtrails will kill us, food will kill us, water is private now and will kill us, hmmmm what else? Oh yeah, the rona beer is bad,bad,bad, the zombie apocalypse is here, cern is opening up portals to THINGS, project looking glass keeps looking and f*cking with our future timelines, people are seeing ghosts and demons and think maybe spiritual warfare is maybe, but not sure cause you cant see it so they ask what is that?,oh yeah apparently men can have babies or something really stupid like that,an asteroid is going to hit and the only safe place is Greenland, pharma is going to kill us, we are all going to starve, or get shot, or die die die,Oh and the best one..…Jesus is coming to save us.

(In case you wondered, no one is coming to save us, they already came and went, that’s called Tartaria..…we are post apocalypse, not pre..…But hey whatever.)

Frankly, I don’t give a flying rat‘s ass what happens or how it happens or whatever, as long as war finally ends and human/child trafficking and sacrifices END.

As I always say, take what you need and leave the rest.❤️

So I was guided to share this with you today.
Van Life agrees with me, I am in Heaven.
If you have a cool place I can park and experience your Heaven, pm me.
Like I said, VanLife agrees with me.

I spend tons of time off grid, but will always post when I am back on, if guided from within to share.

If you want a synchronization session with me, pm me.
If you want land clearing, pm me.
Everything is handled through my PayPal.

Today you might want to connect strongly to Mother, as much will occur. Stay Balanced and In Your Heart. Pray a lot. 
And Follow Your Heart.

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,

Embodiment Symptoms*July2022*


Massive inner grid shifting as the Heart Collective continues to SHRINK in consciousness as it becomes One with Source and prepares for a COLLECTIVE quantum jump into a brand new reality Of the New Earth.

*massive physical COMPRESSION felt within as we unify as a collective

[I had an incredible multidimensional experience on July 4! As extreme as my light body experience( spontaneous spiritual awakening) was this was complete opposite..…I will be posting a video on both my you tube channels.]

*Inability to Align to food.
Eating has become very basic, I eat in colors now..…anything out of alignment and I can SMELL it, SENSE it, SEE a darkness around it..…

*Ears re calibrating as I can hear The Music of the Spheres.
Right ear itching ~high frequency being or place or thought or entity, ascension timeline 
Left ear itching~descension timeline

*inability to be around people as it gets ‘Too Loud’, energetically, emotionally, physically, spiritually.

*needing to be in nature at 528hz, and by following your heart, ending up at incredible Earthly destinations.

*seeing the True Earth from ALL aspects,including the distorted,extinct human patriarchal and matriarchal 3D and 4D realities.

*feeling sovereign, free, liberated, no longer part of the 3 or 4D matrix.

*aligned Massively to Animals and Plants etc. Telepathy began with plants for me first, humans seem last, for they are so flipping LOUD.

*Silence needed, must have.

*Deep Sleep into blackness, etheric healing at atomic levels achieved.

*Astral path has begun clearing, and while my advice is NEVER LEAVE YOUR AVATAR, many do, and they are hijacked in the ethers and bring back ether nasties which then create havoc in the physical. To each their own Now. They stick to you, you better figure out how to disentangle from it. Before you might have brought back one hundred, now only fifty..…lol.

*illuminated vision, seeing timelines anchoring and collapsing, the gift of sight.

*Massive connection with ancestors.

*Massive disconnection from everything not in alignment.

*Acceptance becomes the most powerful manifesting tool, not wanting( the energy of have to have) but accepting in knowledge that it is already waiting for you.

*Needing to drink massive amounts of water along with vitamins C. My favorite drink is TANG, good enough for the astronauts, good enough for me..…like duct tape !!!Lololol

*Ability to breakdown any gmo food with out breaking into hives by the poisons.(Biggie..…)

Remember=What is yours cannot be taken from you in this new earth, everything taken comes back tenfold, for we must fulfill THAT prophecy.
Karma to Karma, Dharma to Dharma.
You have seen it happen as the wheel has turned.

The War on Consciousness is over for us.

The Power we carry is because we KNOW.

And when you know without thinking, that is when MAGIC becomes real.

I will post later.
I have become a full time vanlifer and I am LOVING IT! 

Homeless at 58, yet have never felt so much at home.🌎

I am free now and the adventures I have had in the last three weeks have been epic! I am making videos about the New Earth gridwork so others can learn the new ways.

The old ways taste..….stale.

This ascension, new Earth timeline has been anchored by a collective of global gridworkers, clearing leylines while releasing trapped souls within said leylines.
Land Exorcisms to claim back the original divine matrix and Blueprint of MOTHER.
Yes people demons are real and exorcisms are real..…I spent Three months in Italy clearing them, so if you don’t believe that..….good Luck?

Dolores Cannon spoke of a group of “volunteers” briefly, called them a fourth wave…StarSeed’s(btw all of us are StarSeeds, we soul learn through the planets and the cosmos),and Lightworkers who are orphans are part of this program, hence the need to be “adopted“by Mother Earth. 

These are the ones that answered the call when Mother sent out the Clarion Call, and so they came in from systems of oneness, soul resonation was towards the ONE, and as per The Law of Resonance, they helped raise the frequency from WITHIN.

The majority were born into an Illuminati, or cabal, or NWO or military war, or religious 1%family to awaken at a certain time, in order to shift the family from Within and collapse the bloodline.

I have been blessed to work with different aspects of Mother, and for the last eleven years I have been called into global service as part of an Essene bloodline contract, a clearing of DNA contract for a DNA corrupted bloodline.

It Fascinates me that people believe it’s JUNK DNA..…lol..…no it’s your multidimensional superpowers which got shut down due to frequency of thought!!and actions done to your bloodline by your ancestors,lololol.
Talk about sins of the Mothers and Fathers..…yikes.

Repent the end is here! Lololol!

The more you activate..…hmmmmmmm..…..Anywhoooo, a discussion for another day..…or not.

A brand new CHRISTalline Grid of Consciousness is now available to all who chose to ascend To 5D.

The Rainbow Bridge is Mother’s way of getting every soul to 5D, so they can bypass 3D and 4D Multidimensional Warfare and the entrapments Within the Collapsing Matrix of Time, and The Matrix of Constraints of Space.
(Moving ya to a green zone so you survive the planet of the stupid apes kinda thing..…)

There is no spoon Neo..…🤣
Just use your fingers then.

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,