2/22/2021 PORTAL*Divine Synergy Achieved*

Synergy is the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect GREATER than the sum of their separate effects.

This 2/22/2021 portal has anchored Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Source Energies coming in from The Central Sun, directly from our Source/Creator.

Hieros gamos, Divine Mariages, now begin to unite across all dimensions, functioning outside of Karmic energies and quantum entanglement, and preparing for their missions on earth In the Energy and Frequency of Dharma.

Eternal Timelines of Growth and Creation, like the past Renaissance Period, but BRAND NEW.

*Karma——>Soul Learning through Pain and Suffering.(The Phoenix Process)Dharma———>Soul Learning through Miracles and Blessings.(The Light Body Process)*

This Master Number 11 Portal is anchoring DIRECT SOURCE INTELLIGENCE, bifurcated into Divine Feminine/ Divine Masculine, into the Earth Grids.

The Universe is genderless, so we had to wait for The Language of Light to anchor across all dimensions in order for the right information to flow between heaven and earth.

Between Star Shamans and Earth Shamans.

Between us and our Galactic Families.Between us and SOURCE.

We had to all learn to speak the same language again, The Language of Light.

Everyone had to undo the “Tower Of Babel,(Babble)“ timeline on their own so as to be able to hear the Divine Language.

But as per The 7 Hermetic Principles, on earth, we have duality expressed as gender in order to be able to further separate ourselves in this earth experience.

At this time, Incoming Energies feel unlike anything felt before on this Earth, and that is because THEY ARE…❤️

The Cycle has changed, and we, The Heart Collective, can all feel it but don’t quite understand it.

Let go at this time in trying to assimilate and integrate the energies while understanding them.

This is now a complete walk on Faith for us.

Incoming Energies feel GIGANTIC.Like they are physically going to SLAM into the grids.

It is quite unnerving to feel what’s coming.


That is the major message given to me by Source this morning as I meditated on today‘s Divine Message.

At this time there is nothing left to do for Lightworkers, just RECEIVE THE ENERGIES AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE while staying neutral.

We now prepare to RECEIVE, which is difficult for many in The Heart Collective, because they have given love but received nothing in return, so we give love, but are not used to getting it back.

We defend ourselves and shield and do not allow anything or anyone in to our lives due to the past pain we received.

Remember if you automatically DEFEND, The Universe will send you something to defend against….😳

THE universe has gotten the message that the old cycle has died.

Synergy between earth Earth Akashic records and The Hall of Souls Akashic Records in the Central Sun Have Unified.

Indeed we are in the Aquarian Age.God Bless the Hippies who have been living it since the sixties! Lolol💕

By not giving up their heart focus for Peace on Earth, they anchored the Energy of Peace and Love…and THAT result from the sixties is about to slam into grids.

So it is bringing in A Tsunami of Love.

Forget the Holy Grail, the Cup.

Get a bucket, or maybe a swimming pool to receive what is incoming…

We are Love, For Love is all there Is.

The GuardianS are Here.

Let go.

Let go.

Let go.

We cannot fight what IS, The 3D Matrix is corrupted beyond architectural repair.

The multidimensional darkness has become too heavy for the light grids, it is being magnetically pulled through a black hole for refurbishing and rebirth in another Universe, one which matches their frequency.




The feeling you had when you were a child and the next day was Christmas….I want I want I want, that is the frequency to be receptive.

An innocent soul, childlike ,waiting for Santa.

Knowing it is coming, the presents are coming.

Just got to put out the cookies and milk for Santa, that’s all that is left to do…

The PRESENT is here.

OPEN YOUR Heart and receive.

To those that wish to fight, have at it, and good luck.
Catch you on the other side.😘

All is divinely perfect.


I send my Love to All.❤️

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,


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2/22/2021 Portal and 3D Timeline collapse

WOW!!! Massive 3D Timeline collapse.

Flippin’ HUGE.

ALSO, Massive ascension symptoms for many as the cellular spin Increase aligns to the new and true Schumann resonance, and begins the collective‘s dark night of the soul At ENERGETIC level.

To them it feels as if something is OFF, with a great inpending sense of doom, and they must stop and investigate…we know how it goes.

No an option to not awaken to the Truth.



Finish getting your timeline in order.

Portals wide open for 2/22/2021 alignment.


Synergy has been achieved.

Massive Protective warrior energy is being felt across all grids as Light Beings begin to awaken Or walk in within the awakening collective.

Master Numbers 11, 22, 33, …99 have synergy with the new plasma grids in 5D.

4D grids are air grids, total mental mastery and unity of left and right brain quadrants must be merged into oneness to access the Divine Mind.❤️

This is the galactic male and the galactic female chakra system.

5D grids can only be navigated in light, flow through the plasma, not with it, therefore we must be in complete emotional neutrality and energetic neutrality in order to anchor.❤️

Truth be told, right now we need to anchor our energy and let everything flow past us which is descending and collapsing.

Massive shifting in my personal life, I too need to figure out some enormous things about how I want to live my new life And how to move forward.
But I FEEL it.

Hold on, take care of yourself, and approach anything human in Neutrality.
Do not quantum entangled in something which is no longer your business.
Stay focused, shielded and high vibrational.

I send my Love To All.

In Light and love and grateful service,



Straight Talk for The Soul Show!

GREAT NEWS my Heart Family!!!❤️

I am honored to have been asked to do a show with Cari Murphy-Straight Talk for The Soul!

April 30- 11:00 am west coast time.

3.5 MILLION subscribed viewers?

Yikes! I better get to work and come up with something worthy of such an opportunity.

It will be an amazing show, full of surprises!

I am soooooooooo excited!

Such a Gift.

Thank you Cari, I am forever grateful.

Mark it on your calendars and join us will ya?

Ten Years after my spontaneous awakening…a lot has happened and I have figured some things out…the rest the universe smacked me around until I got it….haha haha.


And Thank You, my global Heart Family, without your financial support, prayers and love, I would not be here in this now.

ALSO, I will begin doing individual sessions again as I get settled in my new office finally.


Please send me an email at lightlover1964@gmail.com if you wish to schedule a session with me or to have me answer a question about spiritual awakening on my YouTube channel.

To those awaiting for your video answering your question, I have had some issues with internet since I am off grid but it appears the problem might have been resolved finally, thank God.

I miss connecting with all my friends.

Everything is divinely perfect, let go of anything not in alignment with your heart, or the universe will smack you with THE cosmic 2by4 and take it.

Been there, got the T-shirt.

All that is left to do is to Let Go and Let God.

Have Faith.


Finish your inner work.

Allow yourself to FEEL whatever comes up and let it go.

Truth is if you are not crying…you are dying.

We ascend and open our heart chakra the fastest, through tears.

We cry our way back to an open heart.

We cry our way back to LIFE.

This is called The Phoenix Process.Ascension through descension.

From the ashes of our pain, our new world emerges like the Phoenix.

Remember that everyday we are alive, is another day to make things right with the ones we love and care about.Don’t let time pass until it is too late to forgive and be compassionate, to show love.

I send my love to All.

In Light and Love and Joyful service,



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Happy Valentine’s Day💕

A Beautiful Rose From my Garden to ALL The Ones I Love.

Happy Valentines Day💕

Forever My Love.

I am Always Here For You.


The Arcturian Declaration (video)

I made a video of the Arcturian declaration so that you can meditate and just listen without needing to read it.

My best advice…get in a tub of water, put crystals and such, add Himalayan salt and your favorite oil.

Listen when ready and transmute and release with the support of water intelligence.When you feel “done”, clear the water, transmute and add “light and love” and let it go down the drain to anchor to the water grids at a higher frequency.

Be prepared for very fast releasing of people, places and things, which are no longer in alignment to your authentic self.

Remember that everything that happens is always for the best of all, it is just that because we have been emotionally wounded, we do not have the ability to see the big picture.

It is Divine and we must trust the process.

I send my Love to All.

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,



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12D Shielding and Prayer of Sacred Intent

This is the shielding technique that I have used for years to shield my energy at all times.

I hope it helps.

Clarity is needed at this time, energy shielding provides clarity and connection to our Higher Self and our Creator.

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,



Humanity’s New Divine Blueprint

Humanity’s New 5D divine blueprint has anchored across all inner grids as peace begins to be sought by the awakening collective consciously, across all realities.

The New 5D Divine Blueprint Templates are activating within all of the Heart Collective, as The Light begins to access to last of the darkest programming concerning the pedophile system entrenched within the 3D collapsing earth matrix.

In 5D, all FIVE aspects of our “Selves” Must resonate at the frequency of 500hz, ascending towards 528hz to be fully anchored at 5D, the frequency of PEACE through Love.Yes your frequency must match the grid you are anchoring to…


the matrix is real, Neo.)

The 5 aspects are:






Depending on the chakra blockage, information is now accessible from within for the most part, as the feeling that ”something is not right” begins to highly agitate from within each awakening individual.

This begins the first phase of global awakening, “ The Tickle” which begins humanities reconnecting with their Heart Chakra.


Please remember that the umbilical between our Source and Us can never be severed, the instant a soul goes within…They Find.❤️

However, for now…

It is always darkest before dawn, these coming revelations will trigger within the collective the need to KNOW, as the first wave of the 2021 global awakening ones begins their path to becoming Active lightworkers.

This is turn will give respite to the Forerunners, First Wavers and Wayshowers, who have been taking the brunt the dark energies in 4D multidimensional warfare Plus physically transmuting ascension symptoms for the Collective.

Nomore of that though, as BODY intelligence begins to reconnect and be heard.

Remember only the BODY Intelligence KNOWS how to ascend through the shift of The planetary shifting of consciousness.

DNA remembers.

At this time the emotional triggers become extreme as the energies of mercury retrograde yes, or yes, make us deal with issues from the past which are not based in love and must be let go.

The world‘s emotional body is healing from all the trauma, both at individual and at global level.

Generational Karma is also being played out right now in this quantum entangled reality.

It’s that 528hz frequency you know, the TRUTH is Love really does heal all things.

Healing begins with each individual.

And healing brings peace.

Peace can only be achieved through peace, not war.

War just causes more war, we cannot keep killing ourselves and our planet.

May 2021 be the healing year for all.

I send my love and blessings to All.

You are amazing, I feel you in my Heart.

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,



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Final Bifurcation of False Twin Timelines 2/1/21

OH BOY, exceptionally strong energies as false twin bifurcation of timelines occurs.

Quantum entanglement of non resonant consciousness, frequencies and vibrations,…ashes to ashes, dust to dust.Bye bye.
Ascension symptoms may be rather intense as individual energies return us to our divine blueprint template.Follow your inner guidance to align to your body intelligence so ascension symptoms are not so extreme.
Saying Goodbye to the ones that hurt us, we are being separated from those in our lives no longer aligned to our divine purpose.
As the split happens, massive kundalini experience is quite possible for the ascending twin as the twelve chakra system assimilates and activates inner grids, returning to The divine blueprint.
This occurs So individual soul purpose timelines will anchor for the Ascending Individual and the new soul contracts can begin to join and assist ascension.
The Other twin returns to the reincarnation cycle For further soul evolution.

so yeah, basically, sh🧻t is about to hit the fan…stay heart centered as massive truths are revealed.

LIGHTWORKERS- We are holding the Light, Respond from the Heart, try to not react emotionally.❤️( as darkness, secrets and lies are revealed).Forgive yourself if you trigger and keep moving forward in the 5d frequency timeline of Peace.
This Source energy catalyst wave will bifurcate ascension/descension timelines in preparation for the coming Event.
Get Ready.
Go Within so you can hear and are guided from your Heart.All is divinely perfect, just about to get wobbly as the third dimensional grids collapse.
Welcome to the New Multidimensional Earth, time to wake up.
In Light and Love and Joyful Service,



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Building Begins!

Just posted on my YouTube channel. Send Prayers, God must have a plan for me lol.

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,



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The New Earth-Time to get to work

My Heart Family,

Great News #1:

After years of being locked out of my YouTube account and having my wordpress account hacked, as well as my main lightlover1964@gmail account hacked due to being electronically harassed for my writings, I Got BACK IN!

SO-I am going to start posting spiritual awakening tips, multidimensional tools, and quantum jumping information, as well as energy reports and hopefully, by sharing my life experiences for the last ten years since my spontaneous awakening, I can assist in this great awakening.

Please join me in my YouTube channel- lightlover1964 -and if you have a video you would like to see me do, post it below or email me, and I will do it.

Truth be told I never imagined I could access my you tube and WordPress again, I thought all that work lost, but it is not, and I am going to gratefully accept the gifts, lol.

I have a link to my spontaneous awakening video in messages, you can Click on it and access my page, or you can put in lightlover1964 and find me.

I have a ton of videos to make about multidimensional living and navigating the new earth and the new Christalline Grid.

Everything is different, can you feel it?

We manifest differently as we are no longer anchored to the descension timelines of the 3d earth, also we manifest backwards in the 4d, as time ceases to exist after exiting the 3D matrix.

The manifestation process changes in 5d, as every dimension functions under different manifestation mechanics, it all depends on our level of consciousness and where we are in the awakening process.

Remember there are 3 different chakra system expanding in this reality.

Let me know if you want a video on the different chakra systems.

Thank you my Heart Family, I had very malevolent people around me in my immediate family, motivated by money, but they no longer have access to my life.

They stole everything from me, but Not my Faith or my Spirit.

I know the Universe will provide for me.

Thank God, I have been divinely protected from them.

But God is Great and I am still here, I guess I still got stuff to do.

I want to thank everyone for your support, emails, and prayers,you inspire me to always keep moving in faith, even in my darkest hours.

Do you remember the movie Galaxy Quest!

Never give up, never surrender.

That is all of us.

The grids have shifted.

The 3d matrix is collapsing before our eyes.

Do not react or become involved, just observe.

We are not of this earth now, just on it.

We, the lightworkers, have known about the dark creations in our world, it is time for the sleepers to awaken to them as well.Just like we did, now it is their time.

For there is no more time.

The New World is here.

God is Great.And so is the Heart Collective.

We are all fully anchored to the One Christed timeline, The one ascension timeline, awaiting Sacred Gridwork revelations To anchor our new divine purpose timelines.

Now It is time to raise our frequency and level up as we prepare for the awakening of the Sun and the catalyst it will bring.

I have so much to share, I can not believe how hard and yet how fun it is setting up my homestead.At the end of the day I am exhausted, usually fall asleep by 8:30 hahahaha.I love the land, the trees…I love clearing the land and burning, preparing to set up the garden for spring planting.

I am so blessed.

I am so happy to be back on the land.

The Peace is incredible.

Well , gotta go.Learning how to use a bobcat today…on my bucket list…I am so excited!

Hope to not destroy anything I am not supposed to!

Everything is divinely perfect, no fear, just love here.

And prayers, lots and lots of prayers.

Wait till you hear Great News#2! lol

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,



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Also I am way off grid so my internet is sketchy…but I will try to be more “on”.