Massive 5D Heart Collective Quantum Jump IN PROGRESS NOW.

Massive shifting of timelines continue as The Heart Collective begins to anchor to their personal, individual ascension timeline as all NEW EARTH Soul contracts have been ”signed”.

Distorted patriarchal timelines are quickly collapsing at this time.

As timelines collapse and energetic SPACE is made within the soul, temperature in the body shifts as well.

It is common to have lower body temperature as a quantum jump becomes imminent.

This feels like it is freezing inside of your body, specially if solar flares higher than C-Class are affecting the earth’s grids.

Also, inability to eat,either due to nausea, or to resonating to any food.

It takes 3 days for a quantum jump to anchor and quantum stasis to be achieved.

Quantum Jumping in many ways is easy…its the landing in the individual’s ONE ASCENSION TIMELINE, that is difficult.

Divine Purpose timelines are now congealed in the new earth timelines, the SUN now begins DNA bifurcation.

on a personal note, I have moved to another state and will have my new office finished by this week. I will be finally able to begin sessions again, legal action is being taken against the malevolent ones from my past, they are all gone and can no longer affect my timeline.

I have a psychology degree and used to do counseling, I have decided to get my Dolores Cannon QHHT certification to expand my new abilities, and I am currently working on it.

This I will incorporate in my Starseed Activation Sessions, either done online or as a three day weekend workshop.

Details to follow.

For now please keep checking back on my ASCENSION ANSWERS YOU TUBE CHANNEL. It was censored after one video, but I figured out what needs to happen to move forward.

We will begin posting videos answering questions on a daily basis, it has been a project very near and dear to my heart.

We are at the precipice, and there will be several *events* to distract and misalign.

Remember this is a holographic matrix, with infinite consciousness vibrational grids overlayed upon each other, all of varying frequencies and vibrations.

Remember we are spiritual beings having a spiritual experience.

As the purge continues, it is imperative to not give any energy to the future, stay in the now, elevate today, tomorrow has not manifested.

Project Looking Glass continues to affect timelines, and these timelines are artificial.

The Keys to these 5D New Earth timelines are organic.

And they activate the light body with light codes.

Those light codes(light is information) are preparing us for the Future earth.

and We. Are.The.Future.

What we now manifest is what will anchor to the Christalline grids of 5D +.

It is why we are here.

The Heart Collective must level up and vibrate to 500 hz to fully be in 5D.

We are.

all others remain in 4D spiritual warfare and negative alien agenda timelines, or 3D human malevolence timelines.

There is no judgement here as all souls experience life here for our Source, so no experience is more or less, just different.

As I have written for the last eleven years, we do not duplicate life experiences, every life is a gift returned as an experience for the cosmos, for SOURCE.

Eternal expansion is indeed that.

Ok Gotta go.

Go Within.

Connect to nature.Isolate yourself to hear.

The 4D Galactic Chakra system of the Trinity*Ear, nose, throat chakra are activating at this time.

These chakras are needed to navigate the 4D multidimensional spiritual realm.


This occurs as the 4D high heart chakra activates due to free will choices made by the individual.

Pray, meditate, get outside,connect your way as we cross the eclipse threshold and portal.

Stay in your Heart and remind yourself….*I am a spiritual being having a human experience.*

This has been my go to mantra nonstop lately.

Chaos is all around me and all he** is breaking lose!


so we must have chaos, for it is from the dark matter that we extrapolate life.

I love you all sooo much!

I am doing great, just amazed I am still here!

See you guys soon! email me at if you want to schedule a session.

We plan to have everything updated shortly and I will be launching a new site.

Do not give up now.

The Christ Consciousness has fully anchored across ALL earth grids.


There is no going back, all we do now is watch all that is not sustainable collapse, as the old dies.

Everything is divinely perfect, Divine Providence is real wether believed or not.

I send my love to all.

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,



Today-SoulSpeaks-The New Chakra Systems

My beautiful Heart Fam,

We will be discussing the chakra systems activating at this time, and quantum healing tools to assist us in ascending and raising the consciousness of our planet.

Join us and if possible,please support financially,to assist in this Great Work, and all those fully committed to supporting the awakening collective.

Thank you.

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,



INCOMING Flare, hitting grids Sunday🌎🌈🕊

INCOMING C-class Solar Flare, will hit the grids on sunday evening.

The release knocked me on my bootie… and … 🚽🏃‍♀️😳

(Run Forrest Run!)

The Energy release hit my lower chakra system, which makes perfect sense since we are in the process of Anchoring to the new 5D earth grids.

Then it also made me super sleepy as it “washed” over me, clearing my higher chakra system.

Again for greater clarity of thought.

In order to anchor to 5D, The Christ Consciousness, we must be individually cleared of all 3D and 4D frequencies within us.

Inner grids reflect outer grids and vice versa remember.

The solar flares are energetic catalysts to assist in our ascension.

Each individual will be affected differently, depending on the chakra imbalance, and their dimensional frequency.

Currently, there are three different chakra systems activating on earth.

3D, The Sleepers, 4D, The Awakening Ones, 5D, The Awakened Ones.

Only the 3D activates linearly, all others are quantum.

Drink lots and lots of water to assist in this shift with ease and grace.

Expect Miracles.

Expect Miracles.

Expect Miracles.

Watch your Thoughts as we are manifesting our new reality very quickly.

Do not get caught up in any fear mongering or lower vibrational thoughts.

We were BORN to do this.

We have already done it.

We are masters at it, thats why Mother Earth lets us in!🤣🌎💕

I will write more tomorrow.

Oh and I have great news!

I will be doing a show with Todd Medina again, Soulogy, on this coming Monday at 4pm.

Thank you Todd and Morgan for the incredible service you provide.

Check comment section for updates, I will post as I am able.

We will be discussing the three chakra systems currently activating on earth, and solar flare symptoms as well.

SO Please join us and support Soulogy.

For now…

Everything is Divinely Perfect.

We, The Heart Collective, the millions of souls here to assist in this massive global shift, were not born to die without completing OUR COLLECTIVE PURPOSE, so don’t fall into fear.

Remember, it is always darkest before the Dawn.

The last two weeks for me have been incredible and super intense.

I have swung like a pendulum, between despair of war and Connected To Source bliss.

Transmuting for the collective, while anchoring the higher dimensions, AT THE SAME TIME, felt like it would kill me.

But it didn’t.

So here I am still…much to the chagrin of some I am sure!🤣

The Connection to my Source as I have had to face the Darkness, has been the strongest yet.

Remember the Song…Jesus Walks with me, Jesus walks with me…God show me the way cause the devil’s tryna break me down…

Let Go and Let God.

PRAY so you do not become PREY.

Prepare to walk into your Divine Purpose Timeline.

Focus on You.

Pray for Peace.🕊

Pray for Peace.🕊

Pray for Peace.🕊

Expect Miracles.🌟

I send my love to All.❤️

You guys are amazing.

I cannot write anymore, my brain is mush.

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,



P.S.Don’t forget monday at 4pm❤️

The Fourth Wavers

The Fourth Wavers are here.

We, the Heart Collective, are quantum entangled in a PURGE timeline as we collapse the final NAA timeline(negative alien agenda)

Discernment is Key so personal timelines can detangle and shift to the ONE ascension timeline. I call it the Christ Consciousness timeline, or harm none, The Law of One timeline.

There are 99 descension timelines.

But, only ONE ascension timeline to 5D,through the ascension passage of the Rainbow Bridge,which fulfilled the native indian prophecy.

That is the one that we are quantum jumping and elevating towards.

Each soul that crosses to the new earth must be resonating at the frequency of at least 500hz to anchor to the New Earth timeline of Peace.

No frequency match, no passage, it is how the matrix works to keep the veil between dimensions.

No elevation, no go.

Follow your heart to your divine purpose timeline.

Finish your shadow work.

Be grateful you are still here.

Let Mother Earth soothe your soul.

Trust the Divine Process.

Divine Providence is real.

And remember that the heart collective is one family, created by one Creator to Create.

We can create Peace, just like we can war… we were born to do this.

We were born to manifest great things, good things.

So now is the time to manifest PEACE.

We are powerful beyond comprehension.

See all the crazy, confusing ,scary, diabolical, evil things happening?

You know why *they* are doing this?


They are SCARED.


They want to be us but they were not created in the same image….🤣

can you feel it?

I can.

can you see it?

I can.

can you smell their fear?

I can.

COSMIC justice is here, in the form of the FOURTH WAVERS.

Dolores Cannon briefly mentioned these ”dark warriors” starseeds who answered the Earth’s clarion call for help, who are masters of the dark, navigators of the Void.


The hunters have become the hunted, and they have nowhere to go. Trapped in the 3D matrix as it collapses.

Makes me think of Stephen King’s ”The Langoliers“.

I would hate to be in that world now.

Oh man, I am so tired of you…

Please pray for all.

We must show compassion for the dark ones as well, chose to treat them as we would like to be treated.

That is what we can do.

The rest…Let Go and Let God.

I have made my peace with my Source.

I have made my peace with this world.

I have cut the unawakened loved ones from my life, so I am not quantum entangled in their karma.

And for that, I forgive myself.

Stay Safe.

Be Blessed.

We are living through the SIXTH MASS EXTINCTION of humans, DNA evolving, while living through the shift.

We have made it through five mass extinctions.

We will make it through six.

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience, everything is divinely perfect.

Bifurcation of Believers/Non Believers timelines is complete.

It is always darkest before dawn.

Stay safe, aware, conscious and pray, pray, pray, (so you do not become prey.)

I am Source. I am Sovereign. I am Free.

I am Maria.

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,



Please share.

High Heart Chakra Activation Today=Ascension Timeline anchoring with Mother Earth at 5D+

MASSIVE wave hit my 4D High Heart Chakra today at exactly 7:28Am est.

I have not felt a Heart Chakra expansion like that since my gridwork in Quito Peru in 12/21/12.

I felt my Heart expand within… in cone fashion past my High Heart Level…almost as if something was EXTRACTED FROM IT, rather than added to….so it grew AND got small…AT THE SAME TIME.

I actually thought I was exiting the system…going lightbody.

*OOOOOOOH! My medical team JUST SHOWED ME, in order to go quantum, past 5D, to anchor to the higher Ds, our 4D Heart Chakra has to implode, get smaller….to travel faster…higher frequency and vibration…like the mitochondria spin has to increase in order to quantum jump to a new reality, so the 5 D HeartChakra has to get smaller, fusion? Fission? I gotta look that upand learn the difference,…*God Bless My Medical Team btw❤️I would be off the system without them.*

(sorry Ican see it as I write this incoming energy…trying to read the new light language and write in english, while thinking spanish, my brain might blow up.)

I had to BREATHE, right hand over left hand over heart, to close circuit, and plant both feet into the earth grids.

Allow the explosion/inplosion happen with no fear.

Mother has anchored at 6D, PARADISE, I guess we just anchored to her new grids.

GRIDKEEPERS. You Know what to do.

Time to anchor The Timeline.

No Fear, Hearts Open.

Eyes Open.

Welcome Home.

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,


02/02/2022-The Aquarius StarGate Opens🌈🌎

As the sun begins to AMP UP and assist in the evolution of consciousness, there are always cosmic numerical alignments which help shape our Evolution/Revolution.

The Energies of this stargate are monumental in aligning to the astrology and soul contracts of the Aquarian Age.

It also aligns to HIEROS-GAMOS, the divine blueprint to which all twin flame contracts must root in order to anchor into the new earth grids, and the new architecture of the matrix which will govern this New Age of Humanity.

Today marks and anchors the NEW EARTH TIMELINE of the master number 11’s, and unifies the Light Codes Aligned to Dna activation of the Galactic Masters, unifying Earth Shamans and Star Shamans.

5D Twin Flames ARE PHYSICALLY COMING TOGETHER in this timeline.💕Sacred Unions.

All Aquarian timelines are anchored, depending on dimensional alignment, at the 11,22,33,44,55,66,77,88,99 levels of consciousness and become portals, as we begin to activate the Divine Blueprints of ascension, and clear the miasma between the divine masculine and divine feminine template.

This is enormous.

This Global Spiritual Awakening will Catalyst the Starseed chakra system and begin anchoring the NEW 4D chakra system process, making it available for all who wish to ascend and align to legacy and inheritance timelines.

Quantum jumping of the Heart Collective, as a whole, out of 4D spiritual warfare of the transitioning parallel earth, is imminent.

Spontaneous and exceptionally fast awakenings will occur between the anchoring of the rainbow bridge happening now and 2/22/2022, when the Hieros Gamos stargate will Close.

The Universe speaks math, our human numbers align to its Light Language, so pay extra attention to numbers.

Also, The Twins must unify WITHIN, for physical union to happen.

This is across all levels now.



AND PRAY, dream a bright future for yourself, and cut everyone off who is not in alignment to the earth YOU WANT.

Our Job is to quantum jump to the ONLY ascension timeline, some call it the Christed Consciousness Timeline, either way, whatever you call it, it refers to The Law Of One, HARM NONE.

SO…Let go of anyone harming you for you harm NONE, and that includes YOU.

We are all divinely perfect, being born hurts remember, but having LIFE is worth it.

I send my love to All.

Time to Jump.

We are ready to begin, to receive…no more ending,no more lack.

The New MULTIDIMENSIONAL Earth Awaits All who have opened their Hearts.

Love FUELS quantum jumping.

The Rainbow Bridge, allowing for all levels of consciousness to cross, is fully anchored.

Follow Your Heart, Dream Big, and Receive the new Light Codes.

You will be Guided through your Heart to your Happy Happy Joy Joy Timeline.

We All ARE

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,



Please share.💕

Energy Report- 1/29/2022-Time to Quantum Jump to 5D🌟🌈❤️

Energy Report: Time To Quantum Jump to 5D.

Super incredible energies!

I am so Happy.


Familiar, generational, and planetary karma clearing/ shifting.

Soul Star Chakra Activations, Earth Star Chakra Activations, galactic male chakra and galactic female chakra systems aligning to new light codes.

SIMPLE TEST: Call all your energy back, within twenty minutes to thirty minutes, whoever reaches out, IS tethered and syphoning your energy at etheric levels.

Use Elements to cut and disintegrate all etheric bindings.

Energy is being returned to all.

Make sure it is only yours, as a sovereign being, that returns for transmutation, no one else’s.

You do not want to be caught in the karmic cycle again, simply because you can not let go of something or someone that no longer serves the greatest good.

There are three timelines at this moment,three possible earth experiences.

The Ascending Earth Portal is accessible to all through the Hopi prophecy of the Rainbow tribes.

The Rainbow Bridge.

The Universe Will Guide you, for it loves to see you love.

Look for signs and synchronicities.

Be Fearless.

Choose the Unknown Path, that is where life begins.

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,



Incoming Source Wave, Accelerated Manifestations,Spiritual Awakening and Ascension Symptoms 2022.

My Heart Fam,

Massive incoming Source wave about to LIGHT UP all grids.

Spontaneous and accelerated awakenings are in progress.

If you are a sensitive, be aware of your mental body and specifically try to keep your thoughts positive as manifestations are anchoring EXTREMELY FAST.

If you have double vision and nausea you are being catalyst by the Photonic energies.

Digestion will be affected.

If possible, do not consume red meat or any ”blood” until wave anchors and synergy whithin your chakra system occurs.

TRANSMUTE everything you eat through prayer and using The Violet Ray to neutralize everything else.

In 5D there can be no energy blockage at all to maintain and hold the space, therefore everything we eat and drink MUST be neutralized, transmuted, to enter our system as we are sovereign, and can take no other nonaligned consciousness into our inner grids.

Water at ph 7.4 if possible, so alkalinity/ acidity remains neutral as possible within our body.

If your third eye hurts or feels like it is crystallizing, or cold, a hot water shower will help calmthe reptilian brain and help with 3rd eye activation to 4th eye.

A dark environment will help, closing your eyes so it wont turn into a migraine is also good if possible.

If you are going from cold to hot, your hypothalamus is being activated along with your pineal gland and your well of dreams chakra, dream activity should increase as you enter the TRIAD SLEEP CYCLE.

PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR DREAMS, as your loved ones will come through for you and let you know when you have FINALLY cleared your family’s ancestral KARMA.

Once our family’s DNA karma clears, we begin generational clearing.

A great sign you are ‘clearing’ is the you run to the potty, as you elevate higher, nothing in the digestive system can remain that is a lower frequency than your inner grids.


Spiritual Awakening is a process, awakening is not easy, shadow work must be constant as leveling up and personal ascension is the main timeline at this time that has life energy.

Everything is divinely perfect, as chaos must be encountered for change to occur.

And it is going to get very uncomfortable for our world for a bit….welcome to 2022, we know the Illuminati ENDGAME is over.

Stay in your lane, Pray, Do your energy work, and harm none.

The Unfolding Begins.

Hold on, this one is going to be a doucey….😇Being born hurts.

Onwards and Upwards,Inwards and Out.

I send my love to all.

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,



Please share. Thanks.

P.s. Betty Spaghetti Sends Her Love.❤️

TODAY’s ”Q” TIP💡=The Matrix is real Neo.

5D Consciousness Mastery requires Sovereignty of our 5 bodies: mental, psychological, spiritual, physical and energetic.

Energy maintenance and awareness must be Mastered in 5D in order to exit the 5D chakra system and expand further.

Chakra clearing is only linear in 3D, all others are NON-LINEAR.

In order to exit the 3D chakra system…it’s either through ascension,(crown chakra,light body process),or descension, (root chakra, phoenix process).

Our exiting frequency dictates the reality in which we are “born”, if we are within the 3D parallel earth reality matrix, we call it reincarnation.

3D chakra system must be unblocked, so soul can exit, or reincarnation occurs.💕

Each grid is its own octave, its own UV color band frequency, emotional parameters,psychological boundaries, mental capacities,solutions, inventions, problems to experience and overcome,… etc, etc,etc,ok enough to chew on for today! Lol…

So energetic mastery is a must.

Therefore energetic discernment must be attained.

Is it the sun that is affecting ?

Is it the Moon?

Is it galactic rays?Is it solar rays?

Is it Galactic radiation?

Is it the area of space our earth is traveling through?


Since my spontaneous awakening ten years ago, I now have learned how to know when it is mine, and when it is not.

I learned that knowing made the fear go away.

Lessened my acension symptoms, and brought me peace.

So I am sharing this with you.

Please support Ben at suspiciousobservers.

He and his family are a Godsend to me And to the world.

Today’s video is a great start For those that are awakening to the ENERGY Self, their Higher self…and everyone else.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

I used to have an app which gave me solar flares alerts, as from 2012 the sun kicked on and I fried.

My solar flare symptoms were insane.

I had no idea I had an energy body and how it was affected.

I was asleep in the matrix.

For real lol.

And then the universal 2by4 came out and hit me while standing in the kitchen….I died, came back ultrasensitive to energies, frequencies, and all unseen.

I had to quickly learn to protect my energy to maintain my energetic sovereignty and my physical life.

Ten years later, I feel I am ready to share my very unorthodox ways.

I have learned so much while so many others have suffered or died Since then. I honor all my ancestral forerunners.

Now the GREAT RESET is here.

A new cycle begins, yet isnt it funny, haha, there is nothing new under the sun… just us crunchy critters.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💡❤️😳

Physical evolution hurts.

(But we shrunk quite a bit…and I bet that hurt too…Tartaria anyone? Anyone….? I like being tall…)👀

Now The Sun is waking up again.

It is Science.


Time to wake up it says….(just make sure your sun protection is organic with no chemicals. Chemicals accelerate skin cancer. The very thing you think protects you is actually causing it…(another reason discernment is a must at all levels)🌟

Follow the White Rabbit.

Free will applies.

Courage Follows.

I will be offgrid making videos to launch my new company,catch you later.🤣🌟❤️🌈🛸

I love you all, you are amazing.

Ben’s video link is in the comment section.

Suspicious Observers, best youtube school around.

When I first started listening, I didn’t understand a thing, I do now.

He taught me.

Space weather today:


P.S. from me, Did you even know this is the most published information???!!!and yet…aha…I didn’t, and BOY did it piss me 🤬FF not knowing this…a lot of mental and emotional pain and suffering can be avoided with this information!!!!! It should be part of the healing process!! I have a degree in psychology from one of the top colleges in our nation, energetic shielding is HUGE in assisting mental stability! HUGE!!!!!! Please help me share this information.

ok.stick a fork in me, I am done.❤️

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,



💕please support my wordpress website: lightlover1964.💕

Thank You.

Also, Due to my work being plagirized, Please know My writings, channelings and videos are copyrighted. All usage must be through my website or you tube channel link in its Full entirety with proper credit.Again, thank you.

Merry Christmas! A song for YOU❤️🤣🌟🎄

May The Spirit Of Christmas fill you with Peace and Love❤️

And may it give you COURAGE to do the things you were told you could NOT do!

Here is my song for you! ‘cause I luff ya.

Laughter is the best medicine!🤣❣️🤣

Kicked out of choir…I have overcome the embarrassment! Lolol🤣🤣🤣🤣

In Love and Light and Joyful Service,


2022 is GOING TO BE AMAZEBALLS!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🌎🌈🌟❣️