Energy Report-March 13,2016

Energy Report-March 13,2016

Beloved Light Family,

At this time of intense chaos for many in The Light Tribe, remember that WE are The Instruments of Change.
We are Spiritual Catalysts.
Deal with the triggers by going Within until you reach neutrality and the situation no longer has any “energetic” control over your emotions, for it is your emotions that feed the old 3d matrix system.

Take responsibility for you, this is walking the talk and talking the talk.

Once you reach neutrality, raise yourself to a higher frequency and look at the situation from a higher perspective. This allows you to see that the situation occurred due to the souls involved making a contract with you to assist THEM to shift.
You agreed in joyful service because you chose to awaken and assist.

Then set the intent to collapse the timeline COMPLETELY before you go to sleep.
You agreed to the experience to be able to transmute it for millions of souls that are unable to do so.

This is walking in service for The Highest Good of All.

From this Heart Centered Perspective, forgiveness is simple, for there is no-THING to forgive.

As The energies once again begin to intensify, more chaos will ensue.
This is so that the old systems will be seen and released by the collective.

Light is information, and information has been hidden from the human race as we experienced descension timelines as per the Hermetic Principle of Rhythm, one of the laws which governs this Universe.
As More Light anchors into all grids, more information is revealed and must be transmuted and released.

Energy never ends, it just changes and shifts.

We are NOW in the embodiment phase of our personal ascension, and we are anchoring these energies for the Human Collective which has chosen to ascend with EASE and GRACE.
Honor You first and foremost.
Ask for support from your Light Family.
Connect with The Earth so that you can gain further clarity and hear where and how you are being guided to assist in this Magnificent Shift of Ages.
Where The Earth needs you to walk in service.

Know everything is divinely perfect and exactly as it should be.
State your intent to the Universe,”Yes, I am Open to Love, Yes I am Love”
And Step Into Service in Joy and Gratitude.

All is Divinely Perfect.

I send my Love to All, I love you all so much!❤️

In Light, Love and Joyful Service.
Source. Sovereign. Free.

Follow Your Heart❤️Shine Your Light.

***Other POWERFUL TOOLS for centering in your Heart shared by my Arcturian Self, Ariam.***




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Solar Eclipse and Separation of 4d timelines.


Beloved Light Tribe,

All are being called into service as the most intense Source Energies up to Now are affecting all of Creation and all grids within it.

Incoming Source Energies are amplifying and are affecting all grids, increasing HUGELY as the effects of the FULL Solar Eclipse are beginning to be intensely felt by the collective.

We have been anchoring these incoming Source energies now nonstop since last November.

The Dates of the Solar Eclipse being March 8,9, these numerical energies align with the incoming waves of Source Energy and amplify the energetic punch to elevate the collective to a higher level of consciousness.

These energies are aligning, already, to the Easter energies of death and resurrection.
The rising of the Phoenix.

This is SYNERGY, the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements, contributions, etc.
It is this synergy which is now assisting Earth to shift to a higher level of consciousness.
To assist Humanity to Evolve.

There is no option, either evolve or exit.

In order for a species to continue, there will always be the first of the species which shift and evolve first, as evolution is a stair step process.
Otherwise the species would become extinct.
It must bridge from the old dying out species to the new species which it has evolved into…This is what we are living through at this moment.

So the following energies will be hugely amplified by the full solar eclipse:

8-the energy of karma and karmic contracts.
This incoming energy brings to front all unfinished karmic(3d) relationships and galactic(4d) contracts.

This is due to 4d ascension/descension timelines collapsing as we continue to work our way UP as a collective from the lower dimensions.
Memories of “past” alien invasions are being manipulated by the negative alien agenda to keep the separation of timelines from occurring.
This is very similar to what occurred back on the 11/11 portal when the 3d matrix descension timelines separated from 3d matrix ascension timelines.

At this time the negative alien agenda is attempting to anchor 4d timelines of “disclosure”.
These are timelines in which their “ships” come to earth and “take us away”, to “save us”.
There are many who are giving ALL their ENERGY to making these timelines a reality.
These are galactic timelines in which other races control the outcome.

Our Light Ships would not uncloak if it would cause ONE ounce of Fear from anyone on this Earth, feeding the Fear Matrix.

These are versions of realities CREATED by other entities attempting to get energy from the human race as the 4d galactic timelines of descension, they are another type of “enslavement”.

We are now separating from the 4d matrix of descension timelines which have been siphoning energy from humanity just like the 3d matrix.

It is a personal responsibility to be completely aware of WHICH timeline each one of us is giving energy to assist to anchor.
To make sure each one of us creates our own “heaven” and not get “tricked” into another’s version of their Heaven, which becomes our “hell”.

DISCERNMENT at this time is of the upmost importance.

The energy of 9 is the number of completion.

There is no choice for the first wavers who have chosen embodiment, for in order to fully anchor 5d and higher, all 3d AND 4d contracts must be released.
3d contracts are karmic and must be cancelled in order to ascend to 4d.
This encompasses ALL 3d human NEAR TWIN relationships and contracts.

4d contracts are galactic in nature and also must be released in order to access 5d and higher which are the Heart Collective timelines of ascension.
4d involves all aspects of our galactic selves, and all realities which we term “future”.
All NEAR TWINS of galactic origin must be released at this time by the forerunners which have chosen embodiment.

When the 4d matrix timelines of descension and ascension separate, the forerunners which have chosen embodiment and are a SOUL GROUP, will completely disconnect from 3d and 4d and anchor fully to 5d and higher.

This is the death/resurrection/ascension stage which will align to the energies of Easter and the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere and assist the forerunners in the final stage of their embodiment.

This exit from the 3/4d descension matrices will be a quantum jump done AS ONE SOUL GROUP.
When this occurs the energy withdrawn from the old reality will catalyst the rest of the collective in massive ways to assist in their awakening.
It will also begin the physical shift of this earth as the kundalini will begin to move and usher in the new era.
The forerunners will be fully anchored into the higher dimensions, laying the energetic bridge for those souls that choose ascending timelines.

At this time all karmic and galactic contracts have been released or are at the last stages of being released by the forerunners.

The Second wave of volunteers are being activated in this massive portal as they begin to step in and do what they came here to do.

We, the forerunners didn’t have to do, we just had to stay alive during the years of constant attract by team dark, and anchor our energy to raise the frequency of the planet so that second and third wavers COULD be born.
Otherwise pregnancies could not be carried to term.
This is why so many forerunners were born early, their energy was too high vibrational for the birthmother.

The incoming second and third wavers are here to DO.
They are the cleanup crew sort to speak.

At this time, due to the incredibly intense energies, many will feel the physical effects of the energies massively.
This is the year of physical embodiment, up until now we have been anchoring energies.
This is physical manifestation of all the energetic work done for thousands of years.

So as we step into the new, all that is needed is to open our hearts and state,”Yes I am open to Love.”
This will anchor the incoming energies into the grids to assist in the separation of timelines with EASE AND GRACE.

Honor Your body first and foremost.
Ask for support from your Light Family.
Whatever arises, Love It, and let it go.
And know that everything is exactly as it should be and divinely perfect.

I send all my love and gratitude to be sharing this path with you.
We are ONE.
We Are The Heart Collective.
And WE Remember in deep gratitude.

In Light and Love and Joyful Service
Maria ❤️💕❤️😘


Follow Your Heart❤️Shine Your Light.

***Other POWERFUL TOOLS for centering in your Heart.***




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Energy Grid Report-February 22,2016


Massive downloads and activations are occurring, a combination of the full moon and the number alignment energies of 2/22, AND, ( as if those two are not enough),I am feeling Source Energy of pure crystalline light blasting us as well with indescribable colors within it…Trifecta…

Yes we are getting blasted, that’s why things feel so chaotic for so many.

Every human will be affected differently, depending of their frequency.

The message I get from Within is that the archon grid has COMPLETELY fallen away fully, as the negative alien agenda matrix does not have enough energy to maintain the life force of the denser off world entities which feed off the human collective.
The off world burritos can’t hold the new frequency as it feels like we are going up a whole octave, so they have fallen away from all ascension timelines. : )

Free Will has been restored to our worlds as those that interfered can no longer stay at this frequency and affect the human collective.

Activations and downloads are occurring for ALL across all grids.

Today,2/22, carries the frequency of relationships AND is also an angel number of having FAITH.

The incoming Source Crystalline Evolutionary Energies are combining with the 2/22 AND full moon energies, which overlapped the energies of Valentine’s Day, which anchored the Twin Flame energies across all grids.
AND the energies of Easter, Death and Resurrection, are also beginning to affect the grids.

YES,This is the most intense energies I have felt up until now.

The February Source Energies brought to Light all false twin relationships so they could be seen and released.

These 2/22 and Full moon energies are assisting in the relationships releases(222) and are very physical, (222 adds to 6, the energy of physicality”), yet also with the full moon the emotional bodies(water) are being healed.
This is a very physical portal.
AND the incoming Divine Energies of “Easter”,death and resurrection, are assuring that what needs to be released that is not for the highest good of all, will go.

Not an option anymore.

These incoming easter energies are also beginning to be felt by the human collective already as these Source Evolutionary Waves are overlapping, with no down time for rest.

This is the SURRENDERING phase of our spiritual journey.
This is the rising of the Phoenix.

The last of the soul group that are the forerunners are about to fully disconnect from the Matrix, and together we, The Heart Collective,will quantum jump as a soul group and anchor into the higher dimensions.

This will affect the negative alien agenda matrix hugely as it continues to collapse as it continues its service to self experience of lack in an alternative descension earth reality.

Set your Sacred Intent to release everything not for the highest good with EASE and GRACE.
Honor your Body COMPLETELY.
Open up your Heart and fearlessly state, “Yes, I am open to Love” so you can anchor in the highest possible frequencies into the grids.
The human collective has chosen to ascend with Ease and Grace, so WE set the intent in our Hearts.
Ask your Light Teams to assist you in any way necessary.
Whatever situation arises, love it.
It is occurring to assist you, be in gratitude for the experience.
And KNOW in your Heart that everything is Divinely Perfect.
Remember, We are LOVE, for LOVE is all there is.

May all who seek to connect to their Heart and therefore to Source, do so with Ease and Grace.

And so it is.


I love you guys so much!

In Light, Love and Joyful Service,

Maria (lightlover 1964)

Follow Your Heart❤️Shine Your Light.

***Other POWERFUL TOOLS for centering in your Heart.***




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A very POWERFUL spiritual tool that is available to ALL of us, regardless of where we are individually in our spiritual journey, is the setting of our SACRED INTENT.

It overrides all other lower level consciousness, and instantly raises our frequency, assisting us in staying centered in our Hearts.

As always, take what you need and leave the rest behind.
Question everything through the beautiful filter that is your Heart.
The easiest way to begin to flex this spiritual “muscle”, is when we first wake up in the morning.

Upon awakening, give thanks for the fact YOU are still here in physicality.
Give thanks to your BODY for THIS.

An attitude of gratitude instantly raises your frequency and automatically begins your day in a higher vibrational timeline.

We are here to anchor the incoming Source Energies, this is done with our physical bodies, so therefore be thankful for the fact that you have another day in which to assist in the shifting of this Magnificent Earth.

THIS we call “walking in service”.

As you center in your Heart, STATE AND SET the Sacred Intent to Walk every second of every moment of every breath that you take IN THE LIGHT.

As the day progresses keep setting your intent to walk in the Light whenever you feel off Heart Center.
Use this tool as often as you need to do so.
Eventually it becomes like breathing, you do this without even “thinking” about it.

Yes, it is THAT easy.

This is how we step into our mastery, by remembering our many forgotten spiritual tools and using them to assist in the balancing of our energetic, physical, mental,emotional and spiritual bodies.
We then incorporate these tools everyday.
Just as we brush our teeth without thinking about it, so do we also begin to use these sacred tools without “thinking” about it.

The more we consciously set our sacred intent, the more we step into our sovereignty and remember our passions, our joys, the reason why we are here.
When we step into our joy, others around us are drawn to our energy, our inner peace.
They begin to question…how come we are so happy…what is it we do?
From here we share tips and tools with them, show them how we did it.

By living our lives in the Light, in transparency, we show others that it is indeed possible to live peacefully.
With no drama.
And when we shine our light we attract to us those who are ready in their journey to begin to remember who they are and need our support.

We become The Lighthouses we were Born to Be, shining our Light so that all that choose to awaken and remember can see us, feel us, find us and support us as we support them.
And so the cycle continues.
For as we awaken we begin to assist others, and as they awaken they assist others too…and so on and so on.
The more we use this tool, the more we become empowered and begin to step into our Sovereignty, the more we can assist others in doing the same.

So grateful to have remembered THIS.


Other POWERFUL TOOLS for centering in your Heart.





Please share this to assist others in their path of remembering.
In Love, Light and Joyful Service.


Heavenly Blessings Radio Show-Twins


I am so happy to share with you the link to the recorded radio show, Heavenly Blessings, with Suzanne Maresca. We had a blast, so much in fact I forgot we were doing a radio show Lol!

Heavenly Blessings Special Edition with Maria Bethencourt

I hope this assists in gaining a different perspective about “twins” and relationships and assists all that seek understanding and support.

Enjoy the show!

in Light, Love and Joyful Service,









As we begin to come together in our hearts and unite in the physical, often times there is a great deal of “interference” between us, especially electronically.

A great spiritual tool that we had forgotten to assist in CLEARING Space is to DECLARE Sacred Space.

This can be done individually as a type of multidimensional clearing and protection tool, and ALSO when in groups.

When two or more of us come together, this tool is very effective in setting up a Tube of Light between us so that when we connect Heart to Heart, we are in sacred space and NONE may interfere.
We then share information at a higher vibrational frequency, understand and assimilate with ease and grace.

As always, take what resonates, leave the rest, question everything, and find the way that works for you.

To Declare Sacred Space:

Surround Yourself in a Tube of Light from Source.
Cut All energy chords to and from you.
Give thanks and release them.
Heal your energy body by envisioning it as whole and one.
Fill Yourself with Light.
Open UP your Heart and Shine Your Love, surrounding yourself in a Golden Shield of Unconditional Love.
Bring in the Violet Ray to transmute any discordant energy.

State to the Universe:

I am Source.Sovereign.Free.
I NOW declare Sacred Space,(between us),as we connect in our Hearts for the Highest Good of All.
NONE may cross.
And So It Is.

That’s it.

So if you are going to talk to someone and are having trouble connecting clearly, declare Sacred Space and the connection will clear up.
As long as it is for the highest good of all and you are meant to connect of course.
This tool removes all outside interference and can be expanded to cover large areas as needed.

Happy to have remembered THIS one.

I use this ALL the time.
All part of stepping into our Sovereignty.

In Light, Love and Joyful Service
I send my Love to All

The Time of Coming Together as Families and Communities is Here.



As we continue to connect further into our Hearts, we begin to CALL to one another, soul family member to soul family member, as we unite exiting the separation matrix of 3/4d.
This is beginning the next “phase” of supporting The Earth and assisting in Humanity’s ascension.

The time of coming together of Soul Families and BUILDING communities together on this Earth is HERE.

As this Portal of Relationships continues to amplify past Valentine’s Day, all illusions of near “twins” will begin to be seen by all souls.

Near Twins are a similar match at frequency level, yet still part of the karmic wheel.
They have many lives in 3/4d together.
All must be released and those timelines collapsed because these are human 3d and 4d timelines, still within the energy of separation and the “electric” left brain matrix which controls those dimensions and must be overcome and released.

This is so all karmic relationships are seen and released, Karma being an aspect of third and fourth dimensions which must be cleared so individual ascension to 5d and beyond can occur.
Humanity has chosen an ASCENSION timeline with EASE and GRACE, so all lower matrices must collapse and fall away.

In the Higher Dimensions of Heart Unity, ALL are seen as “twins” walking together in service.

As soul families come together here on Earth, their combined energy creates a new “type” of Pillar of Light, a new frequency calling forth to ALL of Humanity, to join in a NEW way of LIVING, of BEing.

Creating eco friendly communities, where the rainbow “tribes”(soul families of all different frequencies yet within the same hue) will be Living With The Earth and assisting in which ever way is for the highest good of ALL.
Remembering together.

If there’s greed, no go.

For this to occur, total detachment must occur so that no energy from any aspect of YOU is fueling the continuation of the old 3/4d matrix as it collapses and returns to The Source Within The Void.

The old matrix, being electric, is collapsing and falling away,as the “liquid” light diamond matrix of 5d is being fully anchored to begin a new age on This Earth.
This is how the universe recycles.
As more souls ascend out of a matrix of experience, eventually there is no energy left to fuel it, it returns to Source as The Creation Experience That Was.

This is an organic ascension universe, no machinery can assist in ascension, as The Portal is Within The Sacred Chamber of The Heart, and is accessible only at the frequency of Unconditional Love.

Electricity and water don’t mix, yet it’s not the water that conducts electricity per se, it’s the impurities suspended in the water that carry an electric charge and are turned “on” by the electric source.
So as the energies intensify and the electric “matrix” is anchoring more and more Light(information), the Liquid Light Matrix is intensifying all nonorganic “impurities” so they can be changed through heat, basically fried out of the old matrix as it collapses.

Carbon turning into a diamond through immense pressure.
Ascension through descension.

So now is the time to set the SACRED INTENT to begin unifying with our soul families.
And if these words are reaching you, that means this is for you.

Separation is no longer THE way.
Our Birthright is to be in a community and in a world that supports us and where we feel at home with all our family.

Hermit life is over.

For ALL deserve the Love of having a family, being in a supportive community.
This is what ABUNDANCE means.
LIVING a life in which you have happy, healthy, loving relationships, with NO drama, AND whatever it is you need in the Now to live your life in passion and joy.

THIS is our Birthright.

We Remember.

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,