How to collapse a negative timeline-and live your Divine Purpose Timeline.

Please Join me as I launch my new Patreon site, as I explain EXACTLY how to shift to your Divine Purpose Timeline, step by step, and discern and collapse any timeline which does not belong to the New Earth.

I am also launching my new website for private members only to access information which I have not shared publicly.

All negative timelines are not longer viable.

Souls trapped within them are now part of the reincarnation cycle, the difference being that they now experience the other aspect of themselves, and what they caused returns to them to experience.

Walk In Souls are fully integrated into their new lives, as those souls who were previously descending and chose by free will to not ascend to the new earth, have been recycled back into the void for reincarnation to the collapsing matrices of the Old Descending Earth.

This is per the Divine Blue print follows the Law of One and the Galactic Codex.

*Due to plagiarism, and the stealing of my work for financial profit of others, I will no longer be sharing any quantum mechanics or quantum jumping techniques in a public forum.

I have been guided from within…Any other simple StarSeed information will be shared.

My past work, (that which has not been wiped),is all accessible for free. That is twelve years of writings and videos, but I have deactivated my Facebook as I have chosen to no longer be part of that corrupted platform.

It was used to stalk me and I no longer need it to document the criminal acts of those who wish to harm me.That situation is over, as those involved are being criminally prosecuted.

Thank you for all your love and support. I know you understand completely.

If you wish to access my new work, I will only be sharing my Information through a new private platform, for members only.

Information on that is to follow.

If you wish to have a personal ONE on ONE session through the internet for activation, contact me through this site.

Please know, Information will only be handled through this site.

Payment will be through only.

I send my love to all. Again,Thank you for all the years you have supported me.

Welcome to the New World.

Hope to see you soon.

If you have any questions, leave a message on this post.

In Love and Light and Joyful Service,



4 thoughts on “How to collapse a negative timeline-and live your Divine Purpose Timeline.

    • Thank you sweetness, I will continue to post of course, I am working on a prayer to assist those that are in need of extra protection, as spiritual warfare has hugely intensified. I appreciate your comment so much, thank you!😘❤️🙏🕊


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