Thoughts for Today❤️


The Path to Remembering our Hearts

becomes so clear

When we Let our Beautiful Earth support Us

And show us the Way.


A Joyful reminder From Nature


All the Beautiful Loving Light Beings within It

Who are Here in Joyful Service for All


Follow Your Heart, Shine Your Light


Thoughts for Today❤️



Thoughts for Today


As The Light cascades down upon All of Creation

 Creation Reaches Up in FULL expression and with freedom to BE.

Unconditional Love Eternally Shared.

Expressed in ONE way in our amazing world with the beauty of the colors, and the smells, and the tastes, and the feel of those Incredible Light Beings called Plants.

Masters of Healing

Unconditionally in Service.

Here just to BE yet another incredible expression of our Source.

 Here to BE Love.

 BEING remembered in Joy…


Follow Your Heart, Shine your Light


“Thoughts” for Today❤️



IMAGINE your SELF as this Majestic Tree.

At the beginning but a small SEED…

not even KNOWING what it could BECOME.

Tossed about by the Elements,

with not even a SAY

as to where it would land and make its HOME,

…or what would happen once there…if it would live or die.

No Choice, just accepting of the DIVINE PROCESS.

And yet, as is with all things created from our Beautiful Source-

It did it.

It lived.

It thrived.

And LOOK at the BEAUTY of CREATION it is Today.

Literally providing the very BREATH of this World.

…Imagine the Stories, the Wisdom, this Beautiful BEING has to Share with Us…

Ohhhh,to have Acceptance like this…

No wonder I love hugging Trees!


Sharing Their Love with US today and always.

❤️The Trees.❤️


Follow your Heart, Shine your Light.


Follow your Heart, Shine your Light

Welcome Beloveds❤️

Sharing The Language of Light with my photography



Bask in the beautiful energy of these Beauties!



Sometimes as we feel ourselves “drop” out of a hearts, the flowers are a gentle reminder that through their color and smell they can transport us right back into the Heart of Our Source, and strengthen our chakras in the process!



They gently support us in once again centering in our beautiful hearts.



I know!!

It’s amazing isn’t it?



No wonder I feel instant joy when I connect to the plants and the flowers, they radiate love, and just wish to share it with us.

Unconditional Love.


It is always all around us.

We just have to open our hearts and bask in it.

A reminder from our beautiful Light Family, the Plants

Love to All.