Embodiment Symptoms*July2022*


Massive inner grid shifting as the Heart Collective continues to SHRINK in consciousness as it becomes One with Source and prepares for a COLLECTIVE quantum jump into a brand new reality Of the New Earth.

*massive physical COMPRESSION felt within as we unify as a collective

[I had an incredible multidimensional experience on July 4! As extreme as my light body experience( spontaneous spiritual awakening) was this was complete opposite..…I will be posting a video on both my you tube channels.]

*Inability to Align to food.
Eating has become very basic, I eat in colors now..…anything out of alignment and I can SMELL it, SENSE it, SEE a darkness around it..…

*Ears re calibrating as I can hear The Music of the Spheres.
Right ear itching ~high frequency being or place or thought or entity, ascension timeline 
Left ear itching~descension timeline

*inability to be around people as it gets ‘Too Loud’, energetically, emotionally, physically, spiritually.

*needing to be in nature at 528hz, and by following your heart, ending up at incredible Earthly destinations.

*seeing the True Earth from ALL aspects,including the distorted,extinct human patriarchal and matriarchal 3D and 4D realities.

*feeling sovereign, free, liberated, no longer part of the 3 or 4D matrix.

*aligned Massively to Animals and Plants etc. Telepathy began with plants for me first, humans seem last, for they are so flipping LOUD.

*Silence needed, must have.

*Deep Sleep into blackness, etheric healing at atomic levels achieved.

*Astral path has begun clearing, and while my advice is NEVER LEAVE YOUR AVATAR, many do, and they are hijacked in the ethers and bring back ether nasties which then create havoc in the physical. To each their own Now. They stick to you, you better figure out how to disentangle from it. Before you might have brought back one hundred, now only fifty..…lol.

*illuminated vision, seeing timelines anchoring and collapsing, the gift of sight.

*Massive connection with ancestors.

*Massive disconnection from everything not in alignment.

*Acceptance becomes the most powerful manifesting tool, not wanting( the energy of have to have) but accepting in knowledge that it is already waiting for you.

*Needing to drink massive amounts of water along with vitamins C. My favorite drink is TANG, good enough for the astronauts, good enough for me..…like duct tape !!!Lololol

*Ability to breakdown any gmo food with out breaking into hives by the poisons.(Biggie..…)

Remember=What is yours cannot be taken from you in this new earth, everything taken comes back tenfold, for we must fulfill THAT prophecy.
Karma to Karma, Dharma to Dharma.
You have seen it happen as the wheel has turned.

The War on Consciousness is over for us.

The Power we carry is because we KNOW.

And when you know without thinking, that is when MAGIC becomes real.

I will post later.
I have become a full time vanlifer and I am LOVING IT! 

Homeless at 58, yet have never felt so much at home.🌎

I am free now and the adventures I have had in the last three weeks have been epic! I am making videos about the New Earth gridwork so others can learn the new ways.

The old ways taste..….stale.

This ascension, new Earth timeline has been anchored by a collective of global gridworkers, clearing leylines while releasing trapped souls within said leylines.
Land Exorcisms to claim back the original divine matrix and Blueprint of MOTHER.
Yes people demons are real and exorcisms are real..…I spent Three months in Italy clearing them, so if you don’t believe that..….good Luck?

Dolores Cannon spoke of a group of “volunteers” briefly, called them a fourth wave…StarSeed’s(btw all of us are StarSeeds, we soul learn through the planets and the cosmos),and Lightworkers who are orphans are part of this program, hence the need to be “adopted“by Mother Earth. 

These are the ones that answered the call when Mother sent out the Clarion Call, and so they came in from systems of oneness, soul resonation was towards the ONE, and as per The Law of Resonance, they helped raise the frequency from WITHIN.

The majority were born into an Illuminati, or cabal, or NWO or military war, or religious 1%family to awaken at a certain time, in order to shift the family from Within and collapse the bloodline.

I have been blessed to work with different aspects of Mother, and for the last eleven years I have been called into global service as part of an Essene bloodline contract, a clearing of DNA contract for a DNA corrupted bloodline.

It Fascinates me that people believe it’s JUNK DNA..…lol..…no it’s your multidimensional superpowers which got shut down due to frequency of thought!!and actions done to your bloodline by your ancestors,lololol.
Talk about sins of the Mothers and Fathers..…yikes.

Repent the end is here! Lololol!

The more you activate..…hmmmmmmm..…..Anywhoooo, a discussion for another day..…or not.

A brand new CHRISTalline Grid of Consciousness is now available to all who chose to ascend To 5D.

The Rainbow Bridge is Mother’s way of getting every soul to 5D, so they can bypass 3D and 4D Multidimensional Warfare and the entrapments Within the Collapsing Matrix of Time, and The Matrix of Constraints of Space.
(Moving ya to a green zone so you survive the planet of the stupid apes kinda thing..…)

There is no spoon Neo..…🤣
Just use your fingers then.

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,


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