High Heart Chakra Activation Today=Ascension Timeline anchoring with Mother Earth at 5D+

MASSIVE wave hit my 4D High Heart Chakra today at exactly 7:28Am est.

I have not felt a Heart Chakra expansion like that since my gridwork in Quito Peru in 12/21/12.

I felt my Heart expand within… in cone fashion past my High Heart Level…almost as if something was EXTRACTED FROM IT, rather than added to….so it grew AND got small…AT THE SAME TIME.

I actually thought I was exiting the system…going lightbody.

*OOOOOOOH! My medical team JUST SHOWED ME, in order to go quantum, past 5D, to anchor to the higher Ds, our 4D Heart Chakra has to implode, get smaller….to travel faster…higher frequency and vibration…like the mitochondria spin has to increase in order to quantum jump to a new reality, so the 5 D HeartChakra has to get smaller, fusion? Fission? I gotta look that upand learn the difference,…*God Bless My Medical Team btw❤️I would be off the system without them.*

(sorry Ican see it as I write this incoming energy…trying to read the new light language and write in english, while thinking spanish, my brain might blow up.)

I had to BREATHE, right hand over left hand over heart, to close circuit, and plant both feet into the earth grids.

Allow the explosion/inplosion happen with no fear.

Mother has anchored at 6D, PARADISE, I guess we just anchored to her new grids.

GRIDKEEPERS. You Know what to do.

Time to anchor The Timeline.

No Fear, Hearts Open.

Eyes Open.

Welcome Home.

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,



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