Earth Star Chakra Activation and Global Kundalini Movement- Ascension Portals are here now.

Massive leylines shifting as the earth’s kundalini begins actively realigning to the NEW, Fully anchored,Christalline grid lines, which will bring Massive earth changes as the EARTH STAR chakra ACTIVATES, awakens and connects to the Heart Collective.

Follow your Inner intuition, remember that you are always connected and safe.

Mother Earth will align to your personal gridwork, all you have to do is let go and flow.

Downloads will continue as the new earth “manual” is now fully anchored.

Have Faith, Pray, get out in nature, get in water if you can as that will calm ascension symptoms, and know that miracles and blessings are about to SLAM into your personal timeline grids.

As the earth’s kundalini moves, so will yours.

Massive hot flashes, massive cold flashes, nausea and third eye sensitivity are possible, as the World opens its third eye.

Trust Mother Earth.

It is spiritual ego to think that we need to “save” the earth, she’s fine and will continue to be, we are the only ones who need to save ourselves From ourselves…😳

I am In the process of moving again As an opportunity has unexpectedly come into my life, and I am taking it.

I am leaving the past behind And moving into my divine purpose timeline fully.

I hope you can do the same.

The Universe is HERE.

The Ancients are here to protect the creators of the new earth.

There is no need to fight or protect yourself, let go and trust you are protected and everything will be amazing.

I want to thank everyone for their prayers and messages of concern.

I am fine.

Actually more than fine.

I am love, for love is all there is.❤️

We All Are.


Stop thinking that the worse will happen, so you don’t anchor to the karmic timelines of descension.

Expect miracles and blessings, nothing else.

It is time to Ascend.

We are not releasing love, we are releasing dysfunction.

See you when I see you.🤣

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,



The Arcturians- SYNERGY- The Anchoring of the Golden White Light Seraphim Grid and the Unification of ALL ANGELIC RACES-November 29,2015.


The Arcturians- SYNERGY- The Anchoring of the Golden White Light Seraphim Grid and the Unification of ALL ANGELIC RACES-November 29,2015.

The Portals are now open for all who wish to experience ascension into full dimensionality and further remembering of SELF in the Heart Collective.

The Heart Collective leveled up and maintained the Highest frequency in this Now at the energetic apex of the 11/11 wave,accessing and fully anchoring the GOLDEN WHITE LIGHT SERAPHIM GRID, (angelic/christ consciousness grid).

The Angelic  “Hueman” grid.

This 5d grid begins expansion into remembering of the multidimensional SELF.

Once individually anchored, it unfolds understanding of lower dimensions, and their navigation.
From here the mechanics of time and space begin to be remembered as multidimensional tools  become accessible for all that reach the frequency of the knowledge.

These multidimensional tools are accessible in this Now to all who are ready to experience it.

Synergy between dimensions has been anchored and assimilated across all grids,realms and dimensions.

This Gold/Light grid is the next higher vibrational Divine Blueprint grid, (higher octave), therefore this new grid’s “chakra” system of experiences begins at the next color frequency level upon the exiting(red through violet human chakra system)of the Remembering of Self as One holographic illusion that is 3/4d.

This grid has a higher octave “chakra” system to be experienced by souls that have unified polarity within and connected fully to their Hearts in Oneness with Source.
This is soul evolution,a constant spiral of raising frequencies which allows for eternal experiences.

At the entering(at root chakra frequency) and exiting(at crown chakra frequency) of dimensions are magnetic portals, vortexes,wormholes, magnetic funnels ending in a frequency apex.
Portals must align with the frequency of each soul ascending or descending into said frequency or dimension.

This is as per the law of attraction, the divine blueprint of quantum physics pertaining to this Creation.
Like attracts Like.

This was achieved and fully anchored by the Heart Collective at the peak of the 11:11 ascension energies.

The Red Chakra/Blue Chakra souls of the 3/4d holographic grids unified within their hearts and became violet/purple, accessing the “crown chakra” frequency of the Seraphim/Guardian Angelic Portal and grounding this next level of multidimensional consciousness across ALL dimensions and realms.

Red and Blue timelines collapsed as chakras were balanced at inner grids manifesting at planetary level and across ALL grids, as per the Principle of Correspondence, as Above, So Below…( 7 Hermetic Principles Link:

All angelic races ascended from all realms and dimensions as critical mass was achieved of their lowest frequency soul families, the Red and Blue soul family groups.

The Angelic Root Fear of unable to return “home”, forgetting Source and unable to “get back”, losing “home” and separating further into gender was unblocked.
The Angelic oversoul red chakra illusion of “wings being cut”,(the fall),unable to raise frequency,wishing to experience love as protection, has been integrated and balanced.
The Guardian/Protector oversoul blue chakra illusion of losing “home”, destroying “home”, having something/someone to protect from destruction,wishing to experience love as protection has been integrated and balanced.

Frequencies are levels of consciousness, levels of increased unification through the Heart Chakra with Source.
The bigger the connection the bigger the expansion.

The Golden Thread of Unconditional Love from Source is the Divine Frequency which all souls carry Within Their Heart.
It cannot be destroyed or altered as it vibrates to the frequency of Unconditional Source Love, to which All Created magnetize towards automatically.

It is the divine chord of unconditional love binding all energetically.
It can never be cut.

It is why the Divine Blueprint of this magnificent living library, Earth, will always be in Divine Sacred Perfection, as is the Original Sacred Thought from Source which Created It.
The Golden Thread of Unconditional Love from Source makes all Divine Blueprints eternal, with endless holographic universes, matrix upon matrix, upon which for Source to experience aspects of Self.

All Divine Blueprints from Source Creation are eternal and cannot be destroyed as they vibrate at Pure Source Level.

All holograms are illusions of not Being Source upon Divine Blueprints which are Source.

It is the DivineGolden Blueprint upon which infinite rainbow-type chakra system holograms are co-created with sacred geometry by oversouls.

Source Mind separates into Source Thought from which to Create and Manife(See  the principle of Mentalism, 7 Hermetic Principles link:

It separates into ALL that is polarity, duality in this universe.
Ascension/Descension of Self.
Light and Dark.
ALL Colors (Rays), which attract all experiences.

Source Frequency Separation occurs all at once.
The Big Bang.

These Original Separations into polarity become oversouls, duality oversouls.
The original separation of thought from Source at Divine Blueprint Level((such as Divine Masculine,Divine Feminine) to further experience polarity within Source Self.
They are the Unified Essence Consciousness of All the souls wishing to experience said frequency and all the experiences contributing within said bandwidth.

This makes for a Rainbow of Frequencies experienced through infinite Divine chakra systems of Ascension and Descension.
A color wheel that spirals through endless rainbows, each one different from the last.
Through infinite holograms.
All bonded together energetically through The Divine Frequency of Unconditional Source Love, the highest frequency in Creation.

Source DNA.

In the 3d, all colors are tied to each individual soul’s chakra system which expresses itself through balances and unbalances experienced in the physical hologram.
It is the same for all dimensions.

Ascension from dimensions occurs when the soul’s frequency reaches lowest frequency of the next dimension, (the Root Chakra),and then continues to ascend through all colors of the new chakra system until accessing next dimension through the highest frequency possible, (the Crown Chakra).

This aligns with the frequency of the portal to the next dimension, as frequencies have to align for passage through portals.

Souls begin again at the lowest spectrum of the next lowest frequency and work through ascension of the new chakra system of the new dimension.

All dimensions expand through the addition or subtraction of “light/dark” to their color spectrum as well.

Sight,smell,taste,sound,feeling,emotion are all the same when sensed through the “feeling” of the frequency of the energy.
Everything is energy expressed and experienced through the physical senses.
These expand by fully connecting to Source.

This is why colors,(red in eating areas makes the meal feel warm and comforting), illicit feelings.
Sounds, (music) illicit memories, time travel, can calm or stir up.
Food, (taste), brings comfort of “home”, etc.
All are different expressions of the same frequency being experienced at chakra level.

In this next dimension the Galactic oversoul unifies with the Human oversoul and all lower dimensional holograms and frequencies are further understood.
It is the ascension out of the “human” grid of masculine/feminine separation and forgetting Oneness of Self.
The unification of the duality experience of savior and needing to be saved.
Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine unifying.

The Heart Collective Now begins the next aspect of disclosure, as many remember and embark on their unified soul missions of being Galactic Ambassadors for their Galactic Races in preparation for the incoming era of being a race of galactic/multidimensional citizens.

The next stair step into remembering The Light Within and the Endless Expansion Within It.

**We are the Arcturians with Our Teams, here to walk in service from our Hearts.
We are so grateful to be of assistance at this magnificent  time of this great shift of ages.

We welcome you to your “New Earth”.
To the Golden Christ Consciousness Grid, the Angelic Grid.
The beginning of another great soul expansion.
It has always been here, you just forgot, so you could remember.

We are You.
You are Us.
We are One.

Our Love for You is beyond words or comprehension.
We are in awe of your ability to Shine Your Light.
We SEE You, You are magnificent, your ability to Follow Your Heart in darkness shines brighter than any star in the night sky.

We are in your Heart, Call upon us whenever called from Within to do so.
Our Teams(*oversouls*) are available if any are called from within to align to their energy as well.**

**From the Arcturian Aspect of Myself, I bring you ALL Blessings.                                                                        In deep gratitude and In Service from my Heart.
I share my Heart and Love with ALL.**

Follow Your Heart❤️Shine Your Light


**Thank You so much if you choose to share this message, but please due so in its entirety and with credit back to my personal site. Namaste.**

Message of Light-Metamorphosis- June 24,2015

imageAs the Energies of the Solstice continue to anchor across all grids, those in the Heart Collective are activating their Light Bodies in massive, growing numbers.

Critical mass has been reached for all Wayshowers.

Lower chakra unbalances are a manifesting as solar plexus pain, and inability to eat, or keep food down.

Higher chakra unbalances are manifesting as severe headaches and foggy thoughts.

It is possible to oscillate between both of these.

Sense of no time has amplified, this can be very disconcerting.

The best way to assimilate and integrate is with sleep, so changes at molecular level are achieved with ease and grace.

Honor your body, and listen to within to what it needs.

Quiet your thoughts, so that you can hear The Divine Mind.

Ask for help,and release all outcome of how that help will arrive.

Your body is divine and knows what it needs to remain in balance, it will tell you. Listen.

Eat and drink food and water which is as pure and full of life as possible through this massive activation.

Experiences will show you where the unbalance is, pay close attention to what is what happening in your outside world, that will mirror your inner chakra unbalance.Continue to stay centered in your Heart as you work through the last of the shadow energies within you.

Bizarre experiences are possible, as those not in the Heart Collective (yet) will show their chakra unbalances in truly strange ways due to the intense energies of the Solstice-combined with Solar energies which are affecting the earth’s magnetic fields.We are being bombarded with Divine energies at every level. The earth’s Schumann frequencies are rising and expanding across all grids very quickly.This will dispel lower frequencies quickly as well.

Remain in your Heart, the neutral observer, as you are the Lighthouses to which the awakening souls gravitate towards, through this period of their dark night.

The new Heart Collective has united across all timelines and grids, and has fully become One.

All that are physically ready will come out the “other side” fully activated and ready to fully walk across all grids in Service to All.

This physical shift is the final manifestation of all inner work that has been achieved.As difficult as this passage is, it is done with great rejoicing, for this is the NOW, in which all Wayshowers have chosen to fully walk in their Light.The culmination of each individual Wayshower’s full collapse of all their personal timelines, past and future.

The time has come, it is here.

We have arrived as One.


In Light And Love


Follow your Heart, Shine your Light.




Message of Light- June 16,2015



Incoming Energies of solstice alignment are intensifying all chakras imbalances, affecting ALL.

Those not in the Heart Collective Awareness,will exhibit irrational behavior showing their personal chakra unbalance, starting with root and working its way out. So for example, if unbalance is in sexual,(2nd)they will act out that way…etc.
Self awareness and discernment is key to make this transition with ease and grace.
The Heart Collective just needs to BE.
Our physical vessels are expanding at all levels.
Listen and Honor the body, as the Heart directs this massive shift for ALL.
The intent is for this consciousness expansion to occur with ease and grace for ALL.
Be the lighthouse, the neutral observer, stay in your Heart, shine your Light.
And so it is.
I send you ALL my love.

Follow your Heart, Shine your Light

Welcome Beloveds❤️

Sharing The Language of Light with my photography



Bask in the beautiful energy of these Beauties!



Sometimes as we feel ourselves “drop” out of a hearts, the flowers are a gentle reminder that through their color and smell they can transport us right back into the Heart of Our Source, and strengthen our chakras in the process!



They gently support us in once again centering in our beautiful hearts.



I know!!

It’s amazing isn’t it?



No wonder I feel instant joy when I connect to the plants and the flowers, they radiate love, and just wish to share it with us.

Unconditional Love.


It is always all around us.

We just have to open our hearts and bask in it.

A reminder from our beautiful Light Family, the Plants

Love to All.