2/22/2021 PORTAL*Divine Synergy Achieved*

Synergy is the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect GREATER than the sum of their separate effects.

This 2/22/2021 portal has anchored Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Source Energies coming in from The Central Sun, directly from our Source/Creator.

Hieros gamos, Divine Mariages, now begin to unite across all dimensions, functioning outside of Karmic energies and quantum entanglement, and preparing for their missions on earth In the Energy and Frequency of Dharma.

Eternal Timelines of Growth and Creation, like the past Renaissance Period, but BRAND NEW.

*Karma——>Soul Learning through Pain and Suffering.(The Phoenix Process)Dharma———>Soul Learning through Miracles and Blessings.(The Light Body Process)*

This Master Number 11 Portal is anchoring DIRECT SOURCE INTELLIGENCE, bifurcated into Divine Feminine/ Divine Masculine, into the Earth Grids.

The Universe is genderless, so we had to wait for The Language of Light to anchor across all dimensions in order for the right information to flow between heaven and earth.

Between Star Shamans and Earth Shamans.

Between us and our Galactic Families.Between us and SOURCE.

We had to all learn to speak the same language again, The Language of Light.

Everyone had to undo the “Tower Of Babel,(Babble)“ timeline on their own so as to be able to hear the Divine Language.

But as per The 7 Hermetic Principles, on earth, we have duality expressed as gender in order to be able to further separate ourselves in this earth experience.

At this time, Incoming Energies feel unlike anything felt before on this Earth, and that is because THEY ARE…❤️

The Cycle has changed, and we, The Heart Collective, can all feel it but don’t quite understand it.

Let go at this time in trying to assimilate and integrate the energies while understanding them.

This is now a complete walk on Faith for us.

Incoming Energies feel GIGANTIC.Like they are physically going to SLAM into the grids.

It is quite unnerving to feel what’s coming.


That is the major message given to me by Source this morning as I meditated on today‘s Divine Message.

At this time there is nothing left to do for Lightworkers, just RECEIVE THE ENERGIES AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE while staying neutral.

We now prepare to RECEIVE, which is difficult for many in The Heart Collective, because they have given love but received nothing in return, so we give love, but are not used to getting it back.

We defend ourselves and shield and do not allow anything or anyone in to our lives due to the past pain we received.

Remember if you automatically DEFEND, The Universe will send you something to defend against….😳

THE universe has gotten the message that the old cycle has died.

Synergy between earth Earth Akashic records and The Hall of Souls Akashic Records in the Central Sun Have Unified.

Indeed we are in the Aquarian Age.God Bless the Hippies who have been living it since the sixties! Lolol💕

By not giving up their heart focus for Peace on Earth, they anchored the Energy of Peace and Love…and THAT result from the sixties is about to slam into grids.

So it is bringing in A Tsunami of Love.

Forget the Holy Grail, the Cup.

Get a bucket, or maybe a swimming pool to receive what is incoming…

We are Love, For Love is all there Is.

The GuardianS are Here.

Let go.

Let go.

Let go.

We cannot fight what IS, The 3D Matrix is corrupted beyond architectural repair.

The multidimensional darkness has become too heavy for the light grids, it is being magnetically pulled through a black hole for refurbishing and rebirth in another Universe, one which matches their frequency.




The feeling you had when you were a child and the next day was Christmas….I want I want I want, that is the frequency to be receptive.

An innocent soul, childlike ,waiting for Santa.

Knowing it is coming, the presents are coming.

Just got to put out the cookies and milk for Santa, that’s all that is left to do…

The PRESENT is here.

OPEN YOUR Heart and receive.

To those that wish to fight, have at it, and good luck.
Catch you on the other side.😘

All is divinely perfect.


I send my Love to All.❤️

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,


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2 thoughts on “2/22/2021 PORTAL*Divine Synergy Achieved*

    • I am blown away as to how this is soooooo divine, this end is no longer an end but an incredible beginning I’m so blessed to be here to see the culmination of it all ❤️thank you for supporting me sweetness. I send you my love. M.😘

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