2/22/2021 Portal and 3D Timeline collapse

WOW!!! Massive 3D Timeline collapse.

Flippin’ HUGE.

ALSO, Massive ascension symptoms for many as the cellular spin Increase aligns to the new and true Schumann resonance, and begins the collective‘s dark night of the soul At ENERGETIC level.

To them it feels as if something is OFF, with a great inpending sense of doom, and they must stop and investigate…we know how it goes.

No an option to not awaken to the Truth.



Finish getting your timeline in order.

Portals wide open for 2/22/2021 alignment.


Synergy has been achieved.

Massive Protective warrior energy is being felt across all grids as Light Beings begin to awaken Or walk in within the awakening collective.

Master Numbers 11, 22, 33, …99 have synergy with the new plasma grids in 5D.

4D grids are air grids, total mental mastery and unity of left and right brain quadrants must be merged into oneness to access the Divine Mind.❤️

This is the galactic male and the galactic female chakra system.

5D grids can only be navigated in light, flow through the plasma, not with it, therefore we must be in complete emotional neutrality and energetic neutrality in order to anchor.❤️

Truth be told, right now we need to anchor our energy and let everything flow past us which is descending and collapsing.

Massive shifting in my personal life, I too need to figure out some enormous things about how I want to live my new life And how to move forward.
But I FEEL it.

Hold on, take care of yourself, and approach anything human in Neutrality.
Do not quantum entangled in something which is no longer your business.
Stay focused, shielded and high vibrational.

I send my Love To All.

In Light and love and grateful service,



3 thoughts on “2/22/2021 Portal and 3D Timeline collapse

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