Quantum Entanglement Keeps our Species Alive in The Final Timeline.

Quantum Entanglement is the Divine Blueprint Program in the holographic universe which keeps the human species from becoming extinct.

It Keeps ALL sentient beings eternal, ALL SOULS.😇

In this final ascension timeline as we evolve from the Aryan Age into The Age of Aquarius, all ancestral timelines collapse and all ancestral souls become our legacies.

This is how reincarnation works on Mother Earth, if a soul needs to keep experiencing emotions(this is a WATER WORLD…Mother Earth, MILKY WAY…) the soul rests in the “womb” Of the earth, the waters. The Oceans, the Rivers, the Lakes…awaiting to be released, cleansed, and be reborn when its frequency matches an available, matching Timeline with similar soul contracts…

If a soul has learned its desired purpose, then the exit is out the crown, outside the matrix and into “Space”, “The Void”, The Realm of Spirits.

BUT the final timeline must be a personal ASCENSION timeline, so that you, THE ONE, is THE ONE DNA ”winner,winner,chicken dinner” healed strand which allows your ancestors to become your legacies.

And THEY become our legacies, because we have built a solid, ascension, christalline timeline of ascension.

We become their ancestor.😳

(Christ——->Harm None, Law of One, always aligned to the 7 Hermetic Principles which govern our 3D matrix And anchors 4D+)

So imagine ALL YOUR DNA ANCESTORS, your Blood family, combined in YOU.


All the ways they “died”.
All the ways they “lived”.
All their supernatural traits and gifts, powers and inner knowledge.
So if say you carry the bloodline of Christ Jesus, then you can be persecuted, but not killed, for he did get killed, and we do not replicate timelines.

All sentient being timelines are organic and continue to create future timelines for our legacies.

Eternally. Yes, that means forever❤️❤️❤️❤️

That is what dna activation does, unlock all your past and future ancestors and legacies “gifts”, and that is why you are still alive, why we as a species will not become extinct.

Quantum Entanglement is always balanced at 50/50 as per the laws which govern quantum mechanics magnetics in the 3D matrix.

Because all past ancestors have Died, (There are no more ways to die in your soul family contracts in the final timeline )You are alive.

Without it you would experience the apex of that Descension timeline And experience extinction.

Quantum entanglement brings the law of averages back in alignment and continues timelines through all the astrological portals, of which 99 constellations are involved in our multiverse soul experience in Our Solar System.

Mother Earth chooses who comes in and who goes out btw…just sayin’…..❤️

We have currently awoken to the 13th gate, Ophiuchus, represented by the symbol of a woman snake handler or serpent.

The gateway for snake like consciousness to enter into a higher self aspect, for serpents, many Angelics , Dragons too) are born from eggs without the experience of a nurturing Mother.
Mother Earth allows that galactic experience, so those souls can experience a mother’s love.🐍🌈❤️

The Snake, Lucifer, The Serpent always brings Light, hence the term Lightworkers.

ok but I am starting to wander, that will be the Next topic I guess, and I gotta go.

Do not give way to any fear.

Go Within and LISTEN TO YOUR HEart.


Connect to your ancestors, they have been waiting a long time in 4D waiting for you.

They have a lot to say…for they are the ones who have been protecting ,supporting and guiding you from the other side of the veil.

Be Fearless.

Have Faith.

Pray. Pray. Pray….and then pray some more.

The wheel is turning and where it stops…nobody knows.

🌟The New cleared Akashic records are ready to begin a new cycle, The DM is awakening.The DF is awakening.Time to Play.

I send my love to all.

In Love and Light and Joyful Service,



*For those who have made donations, sent me love,sent emails, scheduled sessions…thank you thank you thank you

I am once again in the process of moving my office and as soon as I get set up I will reach out. Thank you for your love and patience. I feel so blessed that I can help and support others. Again, thank you.😘❤️M.😘

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