The Out Breath of Source Reaches our Earth❤️


We are feeling the OUT breath of our Creator reaching our earth grids.

Discernment of All, Heart Discernment at 100%…stay positive and heart centered.

Look to the Skies.

Listen to the Skies.

Look to the Skies.

watch the Skies.

Listen to Nature speak.

Thunder, lightening…the way you love is frightening…has been in my head for four days…

Connect to the Earth Star Chakra and hold on to your self.😳

I keep hearing intuitively, “The Fleet is here”👽….

The Elders.

The Ancient Ones.

The Ancestors.

Something tells me they don’t play.

We are being called into Grid service at this time.

Follow your Heart, all is exactly where it is supposed to be, including us.

Everything is Divinely Perfect.

It is an honor to be here at this time as the grids flip from negative to positive and synergy occurs ”in between“ as they are magnetically erased…to start all hold on.

Being born hurts both mother and child…but soon all is forgotten as a new life is birthed.

I know.

I was blessed with giving birth to two beautiful souls who are amazing.

Have Faith


Let Go and Let Mother Father God do their thing.

I am called into Active grid service as well.

as always, I am In Light and Love and Joyful Service.

I send my Love to All.

We are One.

Tornado extreme alert.

keep us in your prayers.



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