Energy Grid Report part 1, January 28,2016.


Beloveds, we are HUGELY Amping UP.

Stay in our Hearts and Shine our Love for All that is Unconditionally.

Massive, I mean huge,incoming Energy Wave of WHITE Crystal Source Light, affecting ALL grids And dimensions.

The ENERGIES are causing the electric grid( mental matrix), to fall away as the Liquid Light Crystal Grid continues to anchor fully in the Heart of Humanity and more ascension timelines are anchored by our awakening brothers and sisters.

This, in turn, increases the energies which are able to be anchored into the grids, infusing more light( information) to assist in the awakening of humanity, helping to raise consciousness of planet.
Raisng the Schumann resonance which is a physical sign of the consciousness level of the planet.

First Wavers anchor the energies, manifestation and accessing of said energies are available to ALL when the internal work is done by each soul individually,and frequency of information is matched internally to be understood.
This is an organic ascension universe.

NOW, Joyfully step into our roles of gatekeepers FEARLESSLY and open Our Hearts as wide as possible.

WIDER Than ever before so that we can transition the Source Energies into the grids with EASE and GRACE for the Highest Good of All.

The Collective in this NOW has chosen ascension with EASE and GRACE.
We aim to please…lol!
Let’s do it!

I am working on a energy grid report video, will be out soon, as I begin to grasp this new grid.
Amazing does not begin to describe it.

You know that silly saying that implies fear…”be careful what you ask for…”

Well that’s BS.

DON’T be careful what you ask for, OPEN your heart fearlessly and ask for what you want from your heart, You WILL get it.

Miracles Flow from our Hearts, not our ego minds.

The only way to manifest in ascension timelines is in love, in the heart, everything else will fall away as it is not created in love.

May it fall away with EASE and GRACE.
And so it is.

I send ALL my Love.

7 thoughts on “Energy Grid Report part 1, January 28,2016.

  1. Reblogged this on At the Table, On my Plate and commented:
    FEELING this abundantly…EMBRACING this as my Heart and Soul rise to the occasion… Imagine the glorious energy of Light that is flowing..touch this deeply and allow it’s expansion within our world…Namaste’ Maria. .Thank you sincerely

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  2. Holy Zappo, Batman! Barely getting around here, but wonderful news. I had a dream last night in which my Pleiadian Twin Flame came to me… he’s so lovely, he comes to me when most needed in my 3d. Anyway, we were having a grand time high up in the Andes Mountains. We were in a room and had just got out of bed and were heading off to ‘work’, all great joy and fun. I knew we were building the grid high over the Andes Mountains that will house Gaia’s 5d kundalini. As we were leaving the room I noticed nine other beds, eight single beds and one double, all immaculately made with the whitest sheets and beige covers. My partner winked at me and with great gladness, said, “Before we’re done we’ll have lied down together in all of those beds!” Now if I could have those kinds of dreams every night, getting up in the morning might not be so bad at all. Thanks for this post, Maria, yes, indeed most intense energies I’ve ever experienced. All good. Love, B.

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    • Holy Moly!!! What a kick🌟ss Dream Barb! Interesting messages… Another set of twins is to join you making 12…uniting the 12 Rays… Your twins are the other bed? Gonna have to play with this one for a while…lol💕❤️💕❤️💕


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