The Time of Coming Together as Families and Communities is Here.



As we continue to connect further into our Hearts, we begin to CALL to one another, soul family member to soul family member, as we unite exiting the separation matrix of 3/4d.
This is beginning the next “phase” of supporting The Earth and assisting in Humanity’s ascension.

The time of coming together of Soul Families and BUILDING communities together on this Earth is HERE.

As this Portal of Relationships continues to amplify past Valentine’s Day, all illusions of near “twins” will begin to be seen by all souls.

Near Twins are a similar match at frequency level, yet still part of the karmic wheel.
They have many lives in 3/4d together.
All must be released and those timelines collapsed because these are human 3d and 4d timelines, still within the energy of separation and the “electric” left brain matrix which controls those dimensions and must be overcome and released.

This is so all karmic relationships are seen and released, Karma being an aspect of third and fourth dimensions which must be cleared so individual ascension to 5d and beyond can occur.
Humanity has chosen an ASCENSION timeline with EASE and GRACE, so all lower matrices must collapse and fall away.

In the Higher Dimensions of Heart Unity, ALL are seen as “twins” walking together in service.

As soul families come together here on Earth, their combined energy creates a new “type” of Pillar of Light, a new frequency calling forth to ALL of Humanity, to join in a NEW way of LIVING, of BEing.

Creating eco friendly communities, where the rainbow “tribes”(soul families of all different frequencies yet within the same hue) will be Living With The Earth and assisting in which ever way is for the highest good of ALL.
Remembering together.

If there’s greed, no go.

For this to occur, total detachment must occur so that no energy from any aspect of YOU is fueling the continuation of the old 3/4d matrix as it collapses and returns to The Source Within The Void.

The old matrix, being electric, is collapsing and falling away,as the “liquid” light diamond matrix of 5d is being fully anchored to begin a new age on This Earth.
This is how the universe recycles.
As more souls ascend out of a matrix of experience, eventually there is no energy left to fuel it, it returns to Source as The Creation Experience That Was.

This is an organic ascension universe, no machinery can assist in ascension, as The Portal is Within The Sacred Chamber of The Heart, and is accessible only at the frequency of Unconditional Love.

Electricity and water don’t mix, yet it’s not the water that conducts electricity per se, it’s the impurities suspended in the water that carry an electric charge and are turned “on” by the electric source.
So as the energies intensify and the electric “matrix” is anchoring more and more Light(information), the Liquid Light Matrix is intensifying all nonorganic “impurities” so they can be changed through heat, basically fried out of the old matrix as it collapses.

Carbon turning into a diamond through immense pressure.
Ascension through descension.

So now is the time to set the SACRED INTENT to begin unifying with our soul families.
And if these words are reaching you, that means this is for you.

Separation is no longer THE way.
Our Birthright is to be in a community and in a world that supports us and where we feel at home with all our family.

Hermit life is over.

For ALL deserve the Love of having a family, being in a supportive community.
This is what ABUNDANCE means.
LIVING a life in which you have happy, healthy, loving relationships, with NO drama, AND whatever it is you need in the Now to live your life in passion and joy.

THIS is our Birthright.

We Remember.

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,

8 thoughts on “The Time of Coming Together as Families and Communities is Here.

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  2. shared with a glad heart At the Table in the Guidance Post. Such amazing validation..dreams were so close to this meeting and melding in this flow…You are so immensely loved and blessed. Thank you Maria..Namaste’

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  3. Being in the process of a major shift at present … Reading this just makes my heart excited!! Have done so much releasing of old in the last couple of weeks and lots of meditating on the heart chakra! Thank you for your amazing words! ❤️

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  4. feeling this as soul family call and connect saying e are meeting in dream time. One said she could feel a physical hug from me (she is half way around the world) and I was “liberated love”! Yes time of sovereignty as well as the love pods coming together. I can feel it in the air….been visualizing this for years and now…..Thank you Marie for this confirmation. Blessings of love light.

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  5. Reposted at

    Universal Family Life is developing throughout this planet now and will be the basis for all creation of the universal civilization which is now beginning to be created here by the universal family life ascended masters of creation.

    Universal Family Life is now becoming the norm as this entire planet becomes ascended to be the Universal Living Creation and Civilization nucleus of the ever-expanding Ascended Physical/Multidimensional Universe throughout all that is.

    Universal Family Life is the basis of the creation of the universal creation and civilization which is now becoming the fulfilment of all family life and its ascension into the Avatar Mother Universal Life of Creation and Civilization.

    Universal Family Life is the initial awareness and the beginning unity of any family group which is becoming a family of Ascended Masters of Creation and Civilization for the creation of planetary/universal living creation and civilization.


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  7. Question….returning to soul families. What about souls who arrive at ones home during these heart expansions, yet have trauma / pain that is little by little falling away. The heart connection therefore is definately there, but old matrixs play out, dramas of abuse / violence / ego . Greed not so much.

    I do not know the good way to proceed…does anyone have any feelings / pictures / ideas that may assist.

    Kind Regards


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