Synergy: Unification of The Rainbow Tribe



Happy Now Year 2017!

I wish to share with you a message I received today at 3:45 from MotherFatherEarth in that incredible booming loving voice that usually fries me…it did Lol!

As always take what you need and leave the rest.

The message:


My understanding of the message:

Everything starts at energetic level first before it can physically manifest.

The completion energies of 2016,(9), have assisted the forerunners to fully release their individual karmic experiences of 3d and 4d, exiting from said matrixes.

They have fully anchored ENERGETIC bridges between all dimensions.

This  makes ascension accessible to ALL of our brothers and sisters irregardless of individual dna genetic manipulation, as all bloodlines have been cleared  by the forerunners as they each activated their individual dna.

This in turn clears dna at galactic level as well.

We contracted to be born into families whose genetic signature had been corrupted to the point that their whole bloodline could not ascend.

We took on the whole familial karma bloodline to clear.We interfered with those that interfered…hehehehe….

No one is ever left behind of course, since we are all connected. Through our dna as well.

This has made things difficult for the forerunners at higher levels of individual ascension, as they have been on a holding pattern in the void,getting beat to a pulp, holding their stair step space, awaiting for the rest of the forerunner soul group to all fully activate and unify by clearing all their karmic contracts.

This is so a unified quantum jump could be achieved into the higher dimensions as a soul group, completely releasing from the 3d and 4d matrix and collapsing personal descension timelines.

This energetic “punch”, sort to speak, of such collective energy withdrawal, is so massive when done all at once,  it is the “nail in the coffin” of the old earth.

The entire soul group that are the Forerunners had to awaken and activate so that a unified quantum jump into 5d and above could occur in this completion year of 2016 and collapse all descension matrices of Old Earth.

Now, each forerunner has anchored at their highest possible individual frequency into the new grids of New Earth.

And so it continues as ascension out of this next grid becomes the next era for the earth.

The Energies of 2017, (10) bring forth Source(0) and Creation(1) Energies to assist and anchor the New Earth Reality, Heaven on Earth.

Just like a new born, the forerunners are in the process of adjusting to their new multidimensional vision in their “Heaven.”

Once third eye clarity is reached in the new individual’s chakra system, the new world can be “seen”.

Practice by looking to the skies, they “show” you in which dimension you find yourself. FEEL Truth in your Heart. FEEL the NEW.

Discernment is Key.

All things must come to an end.

So the NEW can take its place.

Now the next step in the ascension process begins.

Humanity begins to awaken.

May All Unfold for the Highest Good of All In Love.

And So It Is.

May 2017 Be Amazing for you! For All of Us.

And THANK YOU for always supporting me, it is amazing how much I feel you in my Heart.

In Love, Light and Joyful Service I send my love to All.❤😘🎇



11 thoughts on “Synergy: Unification of The Rainbow Tribe

  1. Thank you for delivering this message for us. I feel every word in every line. It’s wonderful to have confirmation of my own journey to this point.
    A very Happy new year to you Maria. Much Love

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  3. Dear Beautiful Maria, Welcome back, I’ve missed you! I was trembling with adreniline and emotion as I read this. I’m a forerunner that’s been in a holding pattern. I had created heaven on earth for myself but pain from an abusive past was like a cloud around me that wasn’t dissipating. Yesterday 12/31/16 my birthday I felt the release. There’s very few posts that help me at this point, comfort me, talk about the consciousness level I’m at now; but this one valudated for me all I’ve known but never saw reflected back to me by people or life. You’re the first one to acknowledge what I did, cleansing a bloodline that could not come forward. As a frontrunner it can be very lonely and your message is a balm to me, like a friend from home getting me the perfect message to align me with experiencing now the heaven I’m in. For the first time I feel I can play in my new heaven! BLESS YOU MARIA! Love Holly


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  5. We are family….I got all my siStars with me….and brothers too 🙂 What a wonderful message, it feels soothing and comforting. Thanks a lot… we are taking off now into our highest potential woooosh….Great! Have a wonder-ful time dear Maria and all of you/us 😉

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