Source.Sovereign. Free.


Source. Sovereign. Free.


At this time in which the energies are intensifying rapidly, it is very easy to get triggered off Heart Center.

When this happens, or as I begin to feel the building of energetic dissonance, I verbally align myself very quickly by using a simple tool.
I remind mySelf that I am Source. Sovereign.Free.

I say these words out loud.
The reminder, coupled with the sound of my words quickly brings me back to Heart Center.

The energies of this week are affecting ALL, conscious of them or not.It feels as if there are so many fear agendas trying to illicit “the end” scenarios, it can be easy to get lost in the chaos.The 3d matrix of service to self, separation and duality, cannot connect to Within and give itself life.
It can only take energy from others to survive, to continue.
And it does not wish to give up the human batteries…ultimately there is only death for a lifeless closed system.

We are connected to Our Source.

Now in this moment, I am constantly reminding mySelf that where I focus my thoughts, my energy flows.

I consciously choose to give my energy at this moment to my highest vibrational thoughts, timelines and to this Living Library, Earth, for ALL to heal and thrive,not just humans.
It is in this Now that we are being asked to set our intent, align our thoughts, and master our Selves, by concentrating on higher vibrational thoughts, timelines and alignments.

Set the intent to fully use this energetic wave to release ALL that is not for the Highest Good of Self and All.

If taken off Heart Center, forgive yourSelf, yet also accept that it has happened, and there is a reason why, which may not be understood.
Once again set the intent to walk in this NOW

Following your Heart, which fully lets you Shine your Light.

Everything is in divine timing and perfection.

Blessings to All.
In service from my Heart.

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