Beloved Heart Family,

As we continue to expand further into our Hearts, we remember more and more The Language of Light.

AND as we raise our frequency and more of our multidimensional tools come “online”, we each become brighter and brighter Beacons of Light easily “seen” across dimensions.

A lighthouse is easily seen in the dark.

So other beings now sense you, “see” you, and many will wish to communicate with you.
Some are still in duality, some are ascending, some are descending, some are neutral, some are curious, some have agendas, all have their own reasons.


We are ALL multidimensional beings in the process of remembering the tools which we had forgotten as we experienced descension timelines and fully immersed ourselves in human polarity and the experience of duality, as per the Principle of Rhythm which governs this universe.

The ebb and flow of creation.

As well, The Principle of Polarity allows souls to choose service to others OR service to self as one option of their experience, along with others. (This can change as per Free Will.)
This is as per The Divine Blueprint Laws which govern this Magnificent Creation.
(The 7 Hermetic Principles.

So across all dimensions are souls experiencing this Universe at all different frequencies,(levels of consciousness), different levels of Heart Connections to Source.
All life experiences are different as We are all Individual Divine Aspects of Source and do not duplicate experiences, but are constantly creating new ones.

We are ALL Creators of individual realities, some of space and time, some others.
Multidimensional beings.

So as you awaken and begin to raise your frequency and remember your multidimensional tools, you begin to communicate with other dimensions, with other beings.


A spiritual TOOL to assist you in “meeting” new Light Family is to ask them to meet you in the SACRED CHAMBER OF YOUR HEART.
Some refer to this also as the Secret Chamber of the Heart, accessed after the High Heart Chakra activates and expands into a new grid, a new chakra system.

This is the umbilical chord within YOU which connects you to Source which can NEVER be broken.

It is the PORTAL To All That Is, and indeed a multidimensional bridge to other dimensions and realms and a method of travel that is available to ALL.

It can be viewed physically as being the original cell division which starts human life, the instant of conception made physical.

This sacred space vibrates to the frequency of Unconditional Love, therefore only beings connected to the Heart Collective are able to meet at this frequency.
To meet in THIS space.
Some will say “no thank you…”, and that’s ok.

Think of it as your own personal SACRED SAFE HOUSE, fully connected to Source at all times.

( I envision the huge white room where god from the movie “Bruce Almighty” hangs out and meets Bruce for their talks.)
Set your Sacred Intent to only communicate with Heart Family which is assisting in the ascension of the planet.
You are not interested in descension timelines and beings associated with them and do not wish to give them any ENERGY OF THOUGHT.

Set boundaries as per YOUR SOVEREIGN RIGHT to have ALL new beings which wish to communicate show up in energy first with ease and grace.

There is no need for your third eye to see the being at first if that is not what you wish to do, for seeing can be shocking at times, if not right down freaky.
Ask them to meet in the Sacred Chamber of Your Heart and wait until you fully understand their energy and are clear and aligned in your heart.

PLEASE make sure to continue shielding techniques and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for YOUR energy at all times.

SET the Sacred Intent to communicate with ease and grace and for the HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL.

By setting boundaries, you step further into your sovereignty, and become closer to mastering all aspects of yourself so you may assist others in doing the same.

Meeting in The Sacred Chamber of Your Heart is another SACRED TOOL that we had forgotten but that is available to all who seek to further connect to their hearts.
It is how we begin to communicate with our galactic and multidimensional friends and family as we continue to remember The Language of Light.
It is how disclosure begins for many, as it is personal and begins the path to actual contact if that is what is for the highest good of all.

In the new world, healers have to be fully healed of inner issues and be standing in their Light in order to be able to access the higher vibrational sacred healing methods that are now available in the 5d grids.
Each healer can only access the level of healing which matches their PERSONAL frequency.
Each healer must take FULL responsibility for all aspects of themselves.

Therefore it is imperative that there is NO outside interference keeping YOU from raising YOUR frequency and fully stepping into YOUR Light.

Here are other SPIRITUAL TOOLS shared by my arcturian self,ARIAM, to assist you in staying centered in your Heart.

I am so grateful to have remembered THIS.
AND so grateful to be able to share it with you my beautiful family, for this is what brings me joy.๐Ÿ’•

In Light and Love and Joyful Service.
Maria (lightlover1964)


Please share in its entirety to assist others in remembering too. Namaste.โค๏ธ


**On a personal note, it has been a month since I sold my house and I am staying with friends until I gain clarity as to where I am to live next. A huge heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone as I have disconnected from everything to fully hear where I am being guided to go. As soon as I connect and have a home I will begin to do sessions, writings and do the list of videos I have planned. Right now I am enjoying each day as it unfolds and I am blessed to be surrounded by people that love me.**๐Ÿ˜˜



  1. Thank you for the beautiful postings. And Godspeed with the changes! I sold my home last year around this time, like you moved in with a friend for a while. Divested self of most material possessions. It’s been an adventure and still is – not settled yet. A bit scary in the beginning but good now.

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  2. Dear Maria, Iยดm so happy to hear/read from you again. Just in time ๐Ÿ™‚ Your message matches wonderfully with my experiences… Thank you so much, with love and joy Birgit

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  3. Simply amazing dear star sister, and so grateful to hear from you. Yes, when complete inner healing was completed last year..i immediately stepped beyond the bend of my light, and came into an immense peace, a strength that took my breath I walked beyond that veil of time and structure. The melding in this zone of God space, is without human words yet indeed the stuff of the language of Light…You are immensely loved and cherished. “Be well, on your way to your Life this day”…..Soulspeak..

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  5. Dear Maria, I had a very difficult time since last winter. Since then, all your posts, videos have been the very remedy for me to sustain myself. Under such dense attacks, I once turned into long-term silence, daring not to leave footprints on web, without showing my bias. Though I’ve longed for sending you this highest appreciation and gratitude in my mind and I know you received and are aware of it, I should anyhow leave some words here…For how much your being, your love, wisdom mean to me. If I can…how much I want to give you a super big HUG, my brave and wise angel !!!

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