02/02/2022-The Aquarius StarGate Opens🌈🌎

As the sun begins to AMP UP and assist in the evolution of consciousness, there are always cosmic numerical alignments which help shape our Evolution/Revolution.

The Energies of this stargate are monumental in aligning to the astrology and soul contracts of the Aquarian Age.

It also aligns to HIEROS-GAMOS, the divine blueprint to which all twin flame contracts must root in order to anchor into the new earth grids, and the new architecture of the matrix which will govern this New Age of Humanity.

Today marks and anchors the NEW EARTH TIMELINE of the master number 11’s, and unifies the Light Codes Aligned to Dna activation of the Galactic Masters, unifying Earth Shamans and Star Shamans.

5D Twin Flames ARE PHYSICALLY COMING TOGETHER in this timeline.💕Sacred Unions.

All Aquarian timelines are anchored, depending on dimensional alignment, at the 11,22,33,44,55,66,77,88,99 levels of consciousness and become portals, as we begin to activate the Divine Blueprints of ascension, and clear the miasma between the divine masculine and divine feminine template.

This is enormous.

This Global Spiritual Awakening will Catalyst the Starseed chakra system and begin anchoring the NEW 4D chakra system process, making it available for all who wish to ascend and align to legacy and inheritance timelines.

Quantum jumping of the Heart Collective, as a whole, out of 4D spiritual warfare of the transitioning parallel earth, is imminent.

Spontaneous and exceptionally fast awakenings will occur between the anchoring of the rainbow bridge happening now and 2/22/2022, when the Hieros Gamos stargate will Close.

The Universe speaks math, our human numbers align to its Light Language, so pay extra attention to numbers.

Also, The Twins must unify WITHIN, for physical union to happen.

This is across all levels now.



AND PRAY, dream a bright future for yourself, and cut everyone off who is not in alignment to the earth YOU WANT.

Our Job is to quantum jump to the ONLY ascension timeline, some call it the Christed Consciousness Timeline, either way, whatever you call it, it refers to The Law Of One, HARM NONE.

SO…Let go of anyone harming you for you harm NONE, and that includes YOU.

We are all divinely perfect, being born hurts remember, but having LIFE is worth it.

I send my love to All.

Time to Jump.

We are ready to begin, to receive…no more ending,no more lack.

The New MULTIDIMENSIONAL Earth Awaits All who have opened their Hearts.

Love FUELS quantum jumping.

The Rainbow Bridge, allowing for all levels of consciousness to cross, is fully anchored.

Follow Your Heart, Dream Big, and Receive the new Light Codes.

You will be Guided through your Heart to your Happy Happy Joy Joy Timeline.

We All ARE

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,



Please share.💕


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