5D- Outside the 3D Time Matrix

My Heart Family,

Last night I did a show on Soulogy with Todd Medina and I posted the following message on FB:

🌟Thank you everyone for your love and support! I had a blast and I am soooooo Thankful for everyone who contributed! I also meant to further explain…We are no longer in a linear time reality, so we feel our way using our Divine Heart Intelligence anchored by our High Heart Chakra and align to the experiences which we are choosing to live. Free Will is fully anchored in the grids🌟🌈🌟🌎We no longer share any of our collective energy with the OLD matrix systems. Stay in the flow, stay in your lane and expect miracles and blessings to flow your way. When they do, chose the ones you want to experience as a multidimensional being❤️Welcome to the new earth timelines, where the Heart Collective THRIVES, no longer just survives.

As our souls have awakened, we are no longer in the old matrix.

We are reborn into the new eternal grid timelines which we are anchoring for our legacies.

In 5D we function outside of time as true multidimensional beings,fully

controlling our energy so we neither give or take energy from another.

We are sovereign! Love you all so much. Thank you Todd!

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,



I will begin doing individual synchronization sessions beginning December 1. Email me at lightlover1964@gmail.com. I will begin scheduling after Thanksgiving❣️ Thank you! 😘

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