Awaiting the Anchoring of the New Earth Grids❤️

We are in The Void, between dimensions, outside of the old matrix, but awaiting the energies of April and all the astrology aligned to it to build up momentum and FIRE UP the New Earth Grids.

The Fifth Dimension, the dimension of peace,has housed the heart collective through the bifurcation of timelines of 2020, and now it begins to bridge to the 6D, Paradise.

There is NO ONE with you other than your twin flame, if you are connected, all others are released as all souls must elevate on their own, no longer can they ride the energetic tail of the their Heart Centered karmic, As all contracts are null and void now.

Basically, Your home is your 5D.
Everything outside of you must be constantly discerned.
The Heart Collective has Completely left the “Fourth Heaven”.

Ancestors are now fully guiding us, as they have become our new ascension guides as well.
This is why our ”Claires” have fully activated, or are in the process of doing so.
All our spiritual gifts are gifted by the Holy Spirit through our ancestors.

If we are creating a future…they are supporting us so they can reincarnate in our future timeline.
This is how our ancestors have become our legacies.

It must be remembered that ascension is a Free Will Choice.
So no judgement Beloveds.

Dna must be cleared in order to activate our ancestral gifts.

If this did not occur, then those ancestors shift their support into an ascension timeline of another, leaving The Soul in 4D Spiritual Warfare.
Again, no judgement.

That just means that the human did not connect to their higher self, therefore there is no heart intelligence, because they want to continue their soul growth Through descension.

There are two ways to ascend at this time.
Ascension through Ascension(lightbody process) and Ascension through Descension( Phoenix Process)
Learning through pain and suffering or learning through miracles and blessings.

What we are feeling now is “The Wheel Turning”
This is the ascension of the Heart collective.
Kharma to Dharma and vice versa…
So at this time, just chill.
You can not move forward yet because the new grids have not congealed yet.
As soon as they do, we are landing.
Might be with a thud, but by George we are landing and moving forward.

So hold on.
Stay in You Lane.
Stay in your peaceful state while chaos reigns around us.

Work on You.
Love You.

God got Us.
so we got this.
God is Great.
And so are we.

I gotta go.

Looking for a new home.
Thinking New Mexico.
Four Corners.
Where the StarSeeds are meeting to anchor the new.
That is where I am going Maybe…idk yet.
Anyone want to come with me?

I am tired of being alone without love from the ones in my life.

REMEMBER: If you build it…they WILL come.

In Light and Love and Joyful Service,
p.s. No sleep last night, energies have gone nuts…an energy tsunami is on the way…can you feel it?

5 thoughts on “Awaiting the Anchoring of the New Earth Grids❤️

  1. Oh, what joy to read this! I have felt this but could not put it into words. The future, so fuzzy, the now so flat yet knowing gratitude to be here, to still have a body, knowing the magic and miracles are finally within sight. Yet, the sleepless nights, the walking as if in a cloud. I understand the fatigue of going it alone. I did years of that….now moved across country to land in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont (doesn’t the name itself invoke fairies and stardust?!). My three grown kids around me, former hubby flowed back in to be a good friend after a wide arc out of family and lovelight, now he is buying a homestead for us all. New grandbaby girl to add to lively 5 year old grandson….gifts abound. I know that our family 5 pointed star template is to be planted here…grateful it lined up and all chose to join in. April…..may it be as you say and begin its movement into the physical realm. I am beyond ready!! May our lovepods truly anchor in so we can live the lovelight I have dreamt of for decades. May we create lighthouses that shine of our love out to the world. Blessings to you for all that you have lived and survived and for the lovelight that you shine. I did so much work at the Four Corners area in 2010….whew, seems a lifetime ago. May it bless you in every way.

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    • Oh my goodness. How very kind of you Linda. I have tears of gratitude. May you live in paradise with your loved ones forever. Thank you. You give me so much hope. Never been to the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont…but have heard it is absolutely beautiful. Again, thank you for your kindness.


  2. Dear Maria, May you feel surrounded by the love that you are. Once we get the land up and running and have room, perhaps you can visit? I sense that there will be lots of flow and seeding amongst the love pods as we live and co-create in beauty. Radiant blessings of love!

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    • Wow! I love it. Yes.It feels amazing, whatever you are cocreating…where are you? It definitely feels like PARADISE.Thank you for your kind words, may YOU be surrounded by the love YOU are. Yes, yes,yes.❤️❤️❤️🌈🌟💕


      • Dear Maria,

        I am in Craftsbury , Vermont…..up near the Canadian border. Gorgeous area, we will be moving to Wolcott, the neighboring town in the summer. As my grandson says….”to our forever home”. There are many young folks here, crafting lives of truth and beauty. I will be grateful when all the programming to “be good” and follow orders will cease and folks come out from behind their masks and breathe freely. Slowly, we are finding our peeps that feel as we do and wish to move in that frequency. Vermont is pretty deeply embedded with its granite rock and ideas of individualism and a certain smugness of their perspective. Social justice for all..except those of us who feel differently. So interesting. Flowing where there is ease, grateful for the family around me that sustains us in these thin times. Off to rock the baby…..therein lies the joy! Much love, Linda Marie

        On Thu, Mar 25, 2021 at 8:13 AM Lightlover Journal wrote:

        > lightlover1964 commented: “Wow! I love it. Yes.It feels amazing, whatever > you are cocreating…where are you? It definitely feels like PARADISE.Thank > you for your kind words, may YOU be surrounded by the love YOU are. Yes, > yes,yes.[image: ❤][image: ❤][image: ❤][image: 🌈][image: 🌟][image: 💕]” >

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