11:11 Prayer

Beloved Light Family,

As Divine Source Energies intensify for this enormous 11:11 Completion (2016=9) Portal, I share with you a powerful global unity prayer to amplify, anchor them, and also to assist in staying centered in our Hearts, fully anchoring Source Light.

As always take what you need, leave the rest.Filter all through your Heart.

**I am Source.Sovereign. Free. I am Love, For Love is All There Is. May It All Unfold for the Highest Good of All.And So It Is.**

Let’s open our Hearts Beloveds Fearlessly and fully anchor these Divine Source Energy into all grids with ease and grace.Yes, I am Open to Love.Everything is Divinely Perfect.
Blessings to All.

Follow Your Heart❤️Shine Your Light


***on a personal note, I want to thank everyone for their prayers as I made a huge shift from South Carolina to Florida.

Your love was felt HUGELY, thank you!

Today, I also am so blessed to have been called to Sedona, Arizona for this amazing 11:11 passage. I will be here until next week some time, and frankly I am so grateful, it is so hard to put into words…😘

I send all my love to all.***❤️


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