Energy Report-March 13,2016

Energy Report-March 13,2016

Beloved Light Family,

At this time of intense chaos for many in The Light Tribe, remember that WE are The Instruments of Change.
We are Spiritual Catalysts.
Deal with the triggers by going Within until you reach neutrality and the situation no longer has any “energetic” control over your emotions, for it is your emotions that feed the old 3d matrix system.

Take responsibility for you, this is walking the talk and talking the talk.

Once you reach neutrality, raise yourself to a higher frequency and look at the situation from a higher perspective. This allows you to see that the situation occurred due to the souls involved making a contract with you to assist THEM to shift.
You agreed in joyful service because you chose to awaken and assist.

Then set the intent to collapse the timeline COMPLETELY before you go to sleep.
You agreed to the experience to be able to transmute it for millions of souls that are unable to do so.

This is walking in service for The Highest Good of All.

From this Heart Centered Perspective, forgiveness is simple, for there is no-THING to forgive.

As The energies once again begin to intensify, more chaos will ensue.
This is so that the old systems will be seen and released by the collective.

Light is information, and information has been hidden from the human race as we experienced descension timelines as per the Hermetic Principle of Rhythm, one of the laws which governs this Universe.
As More Light anchors into all grids, more information is revealed and must be transmuted and released.

Energy never ends, it just changes and shifts.

We are NOW in the embodiment phase of our personal ascension, and we are anchoring these energies for the Human Collective which has chosen to ascend with EASE and GRACE.
Honor You first and foremost.
Ask for support from your Light Family.
Connect with The Earth so that you can gain further clarity and hear where and how you are being guided to assist in this Magnificent Shift of Ages.
Where The Earth needs you to walk in service.

Know everything is divinely perfect and exactly as it should be.
State your intent to the Universe,”Yes, I am Open to Love, Yes I am Love”
And Step Into Service in Joy and Gratitude.

All is Divinely Perfect.

I send my Love to All, I love you all so much!❤️

In Light, Love and Joyful Service.
Source. Sovereign. Free.

Follow Your Heart❤️Shine Your Light.

***Other POWERFUL TOOLS for centering in your Heart shared by my Arcturian Self, Ariam.***




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10 thoughts on “Energy Report-March 13,2016

  1. This is so in alignment with were I am right now . Thank you so much. Earth angel for your guidance and confirmation of being on the right track. Angel blessings and gratitude,

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  2. Dearest Maria! I am Writing to you all the way from the northern country of Sweden, in the foreign language of English (so bare with me)!

    I am so much loving your Youtube-clips and your blog-updates, just loving the messages and also the energy you convey that just lifts me up. ❤ The messages I sometimes dont even understand half of it, but never the less, they seem to resonate with me. I have no idea, as to how this comes to pass 😀

    I have lived a hard life here on earth. It has left me in a poor state, to this very day. I am what you would call an empath and all my Life I have carried the pains and violence and the abuse of the world in my heart.

    I started to awake I guess you could say, some seven months ago, when connecting to a new acquaintance whom triggered my awakening in just a few words that had me starting to soulsearch and searching online.

    It is a very confusing and also painful experience to me, but I see no other way than to just go with it and do my very best, trying my best to navigate these new waters of ascending and descending. Many times I am wondering if I am going crazy or if I am making everything up as I go myself. Often in my investigations online, I seem to come across conflictiong information, adding to the confusion. For me the solution to all this confusion is to somehow try to go with what resonates in my heart. Also I always wind up in the solution being love, forgiveness and trying to connect to my higher self, living in the now.

    I am at this time, trying to figure out my next step in this earthly experience. I have no idea where to go, what to do, what is my mission, and who I am supposed to be. I am stripped to my bare bones. I have no family except my grown up son, no work or other obligations anywhere and no relationship that keeps me tied down. This has left me at a point in my life where just about anything could happen. I am waiting for synchronicities to show me the way.

    I just wanted to connect with you somehow. Thank you for this blog, and for all that you are sharing. ❤ Know that your words fly all the way to Sweden.


    Eva from Sweden.

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  3. Thank you, Maria, from my heart for this message. Took a couple of days to kick in :), but it has and yes, indeed, ease and grace is a happening thing. Much love to you and Eliza, I love you both for all that you do. B.

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