Energy Grid Report-February 22,2016


Massive downloads and activations are occurring, a combination of the full moon and the number alignment energies of 2/22, AND, ( as if those two are not enough),I am feeling Source Energy of pure crystalline light blasting us as well with indescribable colors within it…Trifecta…

Yes we are getting blasted, that’s why things feel so chaotic for so many.

Every human will be affected differently, depending of their frequency.

The message I get from Within is that the archon grid has COMPLETELY fallen away fully, as the negative alien agenda matrix does not have enough energy to maintain the life force of the denser off world entities which feed off the human collective.
The off world burritos can’t hold the new frequency as it feels like we are going up a whole octave, so they have fallen away from all ascension timelines. : )

Free Will has been restored to our worlds as those that interfered can no longer stay at this frequency and affect the human collective.

Activations and downloads are occurring for ALL across all grids.

Today,2/22, carries the frequency of relationships AND is also an angel number of having FAITH.

The incoming Source Crystalline Evolutionary Energies are combining with the 2/22 AND full moon energies, which overlapped the energies of Valentine’s Day, which anchored the Twin Flame energies across all grids.
AND the energies of Easter, Death and Resurrection, are also beginning to affect the grids.

YES,This is the most intense energies I have felt up until now.

The February Source Energies brought to Light all false twin relationships so they could be seen and released.

These 2/22 and Full moon energies are assisting in the relationships releases(222) and are very physical, (222 adds to 6, the energy of physicality”), yet also with the full moon the emotional bodies(water) are being healed.
This is a very physical portal.
AND the incoming Divine Energies of “Easter”,death and resurrection, are assuring that what needs to be released that is not for the highest good of all, will go.

Not an option anymore.

These incoming easter energies are also beginning to be felt by the human collective already as these Source Evolutionary Waves are overlapping, with no down time for rest.

This is the SURRENDERING phase of our spiritual journey.
This is the rising of the Phoenix.

The last of the soul group that are the forerunners are about to fully disconnect from the Matrix, and together we, The Heart Collective,will quantum jump as a soul group and anchor into the higher dimensions.

This will affect the negative alien agenda matrix hugely as it continues to collapse as it continues its service to self experience of lack in an alternative descension earth reality.

Set your Sacred Intent to release everything not for the highest good with EASE and GRACE.
Honor your Body COMPLETELY.
Open up your Heart and fearlessly state, “Yes, I am open to Love” so you can anchor in the highest possible frequencies into the grids.
The human collective has chosen to ascend with Ease and Grace, so WE set the intent in our Hearts.
Ask your Light Teams to assist you in any way necessary.
Whatever situation arises, love it.
It is occurring to assist you, be in gratitude for the experience.
And KNOW in your Heart that everything is Divinely Perfect.
Remember, We are LOVE, for LOVE is all there is.

May all who seek to connect to their Heart and therefore to Source, do so with Ease and Grace.

And so it is.


I love you guys so much!

In Light, Love and Joyful Service,

Maria (lightlover 1964)

Follow Your Heart❤️Shine Your Light.

***Other POWERFUL TOOLS for centering in your Heart.***




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12 thoughts on “Energy Grid Report-February 22,2016

  1. Thank you Maria! Great article and exciting times!
    I have just started following your blog. I LOVE your vivaciousness and the clarity of the energy you are bringing through. Thanks for what you are sharing with the world. 🙂
    A quick question: what do you mean by the ‘false twin relationships’? I have looked at quite a few of your articles so if it’s in one of those please refer me to that if it’s faster. Thanks!
    Smiles, Kathryn

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  2. Glad the problem disappeared. I have a dream of having either a house or a UFO RV (that is a recreational vehicle in that happens to be a UFO). As I think it will be a while before I am allowed to fly a UFO around the world, I am dreaming of winning a house. HGTV happened to buy a house in my city, but then I was looking into the high taxes for those who win houses (you have to pay income tax for the price of the house) and that many have to sell the house to afford the tax.

    You have given me hope that by the time the house is remodeled the Law will change, and I can enter to win the house in hopes of my dream of having a house coming true. If I win then somehow it will work out.

    Then not only would I have a home, but one filled with furniture from an interior designer. I have been looking at houses at one and off for over 10 years. When I saw a well decorated home, I always wished the furniture would come with the home.

    I would find favorite homes, and enter the lottery/sweepstakes in hopes of winning the money to buy them. I still remember the first few homes watched until they were bought by others.

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  3. It was so intense for my awakening boyfriend and I. Looking back as I read this was absolute confirmation for both of us (and our besties, another couple). Oh, most intense moment is right!

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