As we begin to come together in our hearts and unite in the physical, often times there is a great deal of “interference” between us, especially electronically.

A great spiritual tool that we had forgotten to assist in CLEARING Space is to DECLARE Sacred Space.

This can be done individually as a type of multidimensional clearing and protection tool, and ALSO when in groups.

When two or more of us come together, this tool is very effective in setting up a Tube of Light between us so that when we connect Heart to Heart, we are in sacred space and NONE may interfere.
We then share information at a higher vibrational frequency, understand and assimilate with ease and grace.

As always, take what resonates, leave the rest, question everything, and find the way that works for you.

To Declare Sacred Space:

Surround Yourself in a Tube of Light from Source.
Cut All energy chords to and from you.
Give thanks and release them.
Heal your energy body by envisioning it as whole and one.
Fill Yourself with Light.
Open UP your Heart and Shine Your Love, surrounding yourself in a Golden Shield of Unconditional Love.
Bring in the Violet Ray to transmute any discordant energy.

State to the Universe:

I am Source.Sovereign.Free.
I NOW declare Sacred Space,(between us),as we connect in our Hearts for the Highest Good of All.
NONE may cross.
And So It Is.

That’s it.

So if you are going to talk to someone and are having trouble connecting clearly, declare Sacred Space and the connection will clear up.
As long as it is for the highest good of all and you are meant to connect of course.
This tool removes all outside interference and can be expanded to cover large areas as needed.

Happy to have remembered THIS one.

I use this ALL the time.
All part of stepping into our Sovereignty.

In Light, Love and Joyful Service
I send my Love to All


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