Energy Grid Report-January 23,2016




We are ALL BEing Called In Joyful Service to Open our Hearts, stating “Yes, I am Open to Love” as the grids are anchoring Intense Source Light Energy of Unconditional Love, SUPER amplified with the Full Moon AND the planetary alignments Of our Solar System.

As the water in our oceans is affected by the moon, so is the water within us, causing a “spiritual rinse cycle” to assist in healing our emotional bodies.
This is bringing forth all major issues to be cleared within By All For the Highest Good of All.

The full moon AND the alignment of the planets are intensifying the Source Energies even more, (hence the term lunatic.) Any hidden fear and programming of “not love”, is intensified so it can be SEEN and released in this massive portal of the ENERGY of the REUNION with twin souls and families, and flames.
All near twins will be released.

Energies are being intensified in relationships as the frequencies of Valentine’s Day begins to trickle in.
This is a massive relationship portal, so all relationships that are not for the highest good of all will be shown.
The time of ignoring issues is over.
It is no longer a choice to do so.
This brings in the clearing for the collective as they begin awakening in their hearts.

We are working very hard and doing a great job grounding these Beautiful Source Energy into the grids.

So what to do?

Know that everything is divinely perfect and give thanks that you are here to assist.
Set the intent for ALL to shift with EASE and GRACE and for The Highest Good of All.
Honor your body in which ever way you are called to do so from Within.
Take extra good care of Yourself and drink lots of liquids.
Take special time for yourself doing what you love and makes you happy, love YOU.
Get Out in Nature and Ground.

(I have been walking around in circles, my feet aching, as theses energies are so intense. My hands are aching as well as energy is pouring in through me from my crown.).

Be in the Now, so you can assist others around you in their shifting.
Imagine a lighthouse shining in the dark, it can be seen for miles.
That’s you, shining your love.
Your energy can be felt very strongly by all, and will “attract” those that need support as they release and shift.

Trust Your Heart.
Everything is perfect.

As the energies increase, all lower energies are being ejected, as the frequency is too high.
Just like when we go into a lower frequency place and we can barely stand it.
Same for lower frequencies in a high frequency place.

I had a lot of violent door slamming yesterday as I was guided to go to a very dense place and ground the Light.
The lower frequency entities either exit or surrender.
No other choices.
There is no hiding from Source Energy.

This is part of our gridwork, clearing spaces, and entities within those spaces.
Eviction notices are being handed out.
I am very happy to do this… They are NOT happy with me.
Hence all the noises that go “bump in the night”.
Or slam.

I am in my full role of Light Warrior and ALL I have to do is when I sense density, I raise my frequency and draw them out.

As the veils are very thin, things are getting nutty.
Clear spaces, bringing forth a Pillar of Light, and show the lower density beings the choice to exit through the Light Portals.
You are NOT the exit, so shield yourself.

Set Boundaries.
You are not to be “touched”, as YOU are a sovereign Being walking in Service to The Law of One.
Any contact sends the being DIRECTLY back to SOURCE.
It is a choice that has nothing to do with you.

All this will continue to intensify as Mercury goes direct, and whatever else comes into our energetic planetary field.
So the Cosmic Wash Cycle will continue to intensify and affect ALL.

Ride the waves, go with the flow, become a neutral observer.

We will be amazed of the changes in our world after this massive portal.
Everything is divine.
Have faith.
And know the grids are balancing and anchoring these Divine energies perfectly.
All is as it should BE.

This is all part of the Divine Plan of organic ascension.
This is how cosmic Source Energies support US so we can fully awaken and connect to our Hearts and remember.

Everything not for the Highest Good of All…gotta go.
It’s TIME.

I send my love to All.

Follow Your Light❤️Shine Your Light



7 thoughts on “Energy Grid Report-January 23,2016

  1. I woke up this morning feeling extraordinarily at peace. No bumps and bangs in the night, but I’m in my own well-established and protected home space… for now. Blessings to you for your wonderful work, Maria, in being a ghost-buster and releasing all those dark entities who desire to move on… who are required to move on due to the rising vibrational frequencies of the Earth and those Volunteers who have successfully anchored the Light within to embody the Lighthouse energies of Source. ❤

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  2. This message brings so much clarity – bridging my inner and outer lives into alignment. What a beautiful journey! Thank you for all your GREAT work and your darling personality!

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  3. Massive purge, feel like I’ve pooped for every person on the planet! Getting some strength and sense of humour back today. Probably the biggest expansion portal I’ve ever experienced. All good, almost there, and love to all, B.

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