As DIVINE SOVEREIGN BEINGS and GUARDIANS of this Living Library, this EARTH, there are many sacred “RIGHTS” we have ALL forgotten.

One of them is DIVINE DISPENSATION which states that as per The Law of Free Will, once a CHOICE is made by each one of us to walk in service to the Law of One In The Light, NO ONE can INTERFERE.

Further MORE, as we each individually begin our Light Paths, our LOVED ONES cannot be interfered with in any way through time and space manipulation by any entity that has not made the the same choice to walk in service to the Law of One.

ALL OUR LOVED ONES are instantly surrounded by a Shield Of Unconditional Love and cannot be interfered with if they too have chosen to to walk in service.

Free will of course is each individual’s choice.

This interference was to bring grief and fear into our realities and attempt to keep us from connecting through our Hearts to one another and unify as soul families. To keep ascension from occurring. To keep us in the karmic cycle, having to be reborn behind the veil, and therefore once again forgetting our SACRED RIGHTS.

STATE to the Universe that YOU call upon DIVINE DISPENSATION as PER THE LAW OF THE GUARDIANS for YOU and ALL the ONES you love…spouses, children, friends, pets etc.

THEN expand your Heart as wide as you can and in the purity of your INNOCENCE and LOVE extend your LOVE to ALL, not just the ones in your life , for we are ALL one.
DIVINE DISPENSATION comes into effect and becomes the PLANETARY RIGHT of ALL LIVING BEINGS, as we fully surround our beautiful Earth in a Golden Shield Of Unconditional Love.



WE are LOVE, for LOVE is ALL there IS in this NOW.


I send my love and blessings to ALL.

In joyful, grateful service for remembering THIS.


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