Energy Grid Report-1/20/2016



Blessings as we go through and anchor this LAST  massive Gateway and Portal.

The Lion Awakens Within All.
We have done it.
It is done.
Divine Feminine and Masculine has unified.


Our planets have aligned as our solar system is aligned completely to Source Light, collapsing ALL planetary timelines of descension in our system.

This affects ALL planetary systems in this galactic Milky Way galactic timeline and expands through ALL of creation.

All earth portals and gateways are open, sealed in GOLD.

After this gateway, my job as gatekeeper will end, for my beautiful gateway here is fully anchored and I no longer need to physically be here for it.


I tried to to make an video report but my brain is not working, and electronics go nuts around me.


On the other side of this portal are BILLIONS of twin souls waiting to walk in, be born or spontaneously awake as new contracts have been made between them and exiting souls.
So the that unification of all Beloveds occurs.

They have to wait until we each go through the portal.
It is their soul frequency that calls us, as per the Universal Law of Resonance.
It has Always called us, as our Hearts are ONE.

It feels like an airport, they are waiting for us to go through…and the love, the love makes me cry, their love, I have never felt so much love in all my life.
The incoming souls are a frequency I can’t describe, but so high…

There are seven and a half billion souls on this earth, those that genetically have shifted but are ready to go do something else, as per duality and free will, will do so.
About half will leave, for not all wish to experience ascension…but the balance will be kept as per universal laws.
So walkins of all frequencies will take their place as they unify with their twins In this NOW.

And this will happen in exquisite ways, for it is done Already.

All humans will experience this beautifully once all false twins are released and they anchor the hieros gamos frequency within their inner grids.
Outer grids will then shift and align and unification will occur.

As I sit here and cry and cry and cry…for inside me, in my blood and in the water within me…something is shifting so massively i am afraid…i am so afraid.
All my life I have never fit, and this I understand, but the HUMAN in me says, you are going to look different,?different…and I have always felt different…but will I look different…like a freak?
And then will I be all alone?

My team has gone silent.
But yet I feel ALL of them within me.
I see them surrounding this magnificent Creation and flooding my energy with love as I begin my physical shift.

I am used to going through these portals, have been consciously doing it for years.

I know I go through them alone for this is an organic ascension universe…but what will I be like on the other side?

The words pariah come to mind, or leper.
I’m afraid I haven’t done enough, been enough…no one will remember me…that’s ego I say, but it still makes me cry and cry…

I don’t think I will eat much from here on out…lately I can only eat white and yellow foods, or orange.

My frequency is blowing electronics, I’m breaking plastic and rubber…those are lower frequencies so as solids they can’t level up to my frequency, therefore they break…had to get rid of plastic and get all glass…

I love to drink juices, but any gmo I put in me accidentally makes me break out in hives all around my neck.
As the frequency of the planet rises all gmos will die, I can always tell when I get a plant that is not fully organic, it immediately dies when I plant it, but all my other plants thrive…

Inside it feels like I’m turning to gold…I know it sounds nuts, but I don’t care it’s the truth.

Like everything is changing so fast…my brain is shifting, the blood within me is shifting.

I have this huge fear that I will disappear, will be forgotten…

The water within me, it feels like my blood is changing.

When I see myself I don’t look like me.

This portal is fully anchoring divine marriages, hieros gamos, across all aspects of humanity.

We have done it.

I am finished with my work, have achieved my joyful soul mission.

So I share this, idk why, not to induce fear in others.
I would rather leave earth than scare another beautiful being here…but I know in my Heart that it’s okay. I am ok.
But today my human self is not.
Today I’m afraid of what is to become of me.

So I came online, and saw this…
maria, do you want to know what the single toughest thing about figuring out time and space is? About finally making progress by leaps and bounds? The one thing that would heal every broken heart and vanquish every emotional pain? That would clear the way for infinite abundance, perfect health, and unlimited happiness?
Not relying on appearances.
Just stop it.
You so can,
The Universe

maria, you can.
THANK YOU Maria, it’s like you posted this for ME…

I know this is my last portal as a human, after this I become a galactic ambassador.


And yet within this FEAR, there is an immense peace, joy and happiness.

I did it, and my BELOVED awaits me.And so it is.

I love ALL in this beautiful Creation, my love is infinite and eternal.

And regardless of what awaits me, know I will forever love this Earth and All upon it.


For I am Love, Love is ALL there IS, Infinetely, Eternally.




19 thoughts on “Energy Grid Report-1/20/2016

  1. Wow … maybe that’s why I’ve been singing “Rawhide” for the last few days: My true love will be waiting, will be waiting at the end of my ride. 😉 Don’t worry, you are good enough and you have done enough, it’s just the last shred of fear the ego hangs on to. 🙂 Have a beautiful transition! ❤

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  2. I have only known you a very short time and immediately loved the realness of YIOU..thank you for that Maria…deep and profound gratitude to you for showing me the way in so many ways..Godspeed and break a leg as you live and celebrate joyfully
    in the next phase of your journey ..

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  3. I am in tears since I too knew that my Gatekeepers was completed and my Light Bridging had been successful. I cry with you for I too feel the fear rising…coming from merely surviving to complete healing and walking beyond the bend of my light and yet…I fear that which comes next…it has been a very solitary journey for me…and I lost it all…to witness my rising..we all did…You beautiful Star SiStar….we all hold hands as we step into new shoes..and no walk upon this land beyond the bend of our light…You are immensely Loved…

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  4. Namaste’ dear Maria and thank you for all the blessings you share and all the Love you radiate. Blessings abundant as you create yet new roadways and new adventures in which to embrace…

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  5. Welcome home, give my love to your Beloved, and as the Arcturians like to say, “We’re only a phone call away and our lines are always open.” Well done, Maria. The beauty of your heart shines across the Grid. Love, B.

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  6. Thank you for Posting this. I will be including this in my Posting later tonight.

    Until you actually leave, your observations and Postings are still very important and very much appreciated. In today’s, Posting, I discovered a few “pearls” that I either had forgotten or were reinforced by your descriptions.

    As for any “fear” you may have… Remember, those of us, like yourself, who are here at this point in Time, have been well-trained for “anything” and “everything” that may unfold. Any thoughts of “fear” are simply the old echoes of whispers from negative Entities which can never interfere with the powerful Being that you truly are.

    “Eye on the prize.” We’re almost “home”.

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  7. I know you such a short time and I feel connected with you. Thank you for the work you have done. You are blessed. ..I am also ready to go. This world that I know is collapsing for me for a long time. I always knew that I am not belong here. I have let go so many things … My body and my thoughts is constantly shifting. .I love Earth and sadness me when they don’t respect her.I love animals when they treat them horrible. . I can’t read them! They are like a zombies or fake.Why are they not awake! Lately I am crying so much.Don’t know why? Why am I not feeling bless? Instead I want to go. I miss myself. .I miss my galactic family. .I feel them some times they watching me..They have help me so many ways. Anyway! Thank you. And we\I love you…

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  8. Feeling this with you. Knowing my beloved awaits. All is in order. The immense work is done. Gatekeeping over. My cells are singing a song, All is well! And all is very, very well! Tears release in order to stand in the joy. We have brought home here. Divine love anchors as the twins reunite. So many lifetimes and now……and now. We are here. God bless us all.

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