Grid Energy Report- January 8,2016


Did You feel it yesterday? Gaia’s frequency went UP what feels like a whole octave, it felt like a kick in the pants to me!

The Twin Flame energy has fully anchored at galactic level, beginning at physical level the unification of ALL Twin Essence experiences.

Twins are coming together.

Walk Ins, spontaneous awakenings and instant soul recognition will be some of the ways in which this occurs.

As this occurs in all possible manners of expression, it further activates movement of the world’s kundalini, which is an outer representation of humanity’s inner chakras balancing of Heart and Mind, magnetic and electric, feminine and masculine.

At this time All are being called into Service in whichever way  guided from Within, to assist with clearing of all energetic portals. This is so that souls which have been trapped against their will, can chose to ascend as free will is restored on Our Planet.

This is done by opening our Hearts and calling forth Resurrection Pillars, grounding these Pillars into all grids.

Souls held against their will by service to self races can now choose to ascend out of the 3d matrix, as magnetically they align to Source Love and make a choice to ascend out of the 3d matrix.

As more souls chose to ascend, there is less energy for service to self souls in descension,to syphon soul energy from the 3d matrix. This sends them further into fear and “lack of timelines” as the 3d matrix collapses.

Each soul makes a choice at higher self level of how they will experience this Shift of Ages in this Now.

All Outcome must be released.

Open Your Heart and state verbally, “Yes, I am open to Love!”.That is ALL That is needed at this time.

That is how simple gridwork is. : )

You will be guided from Within as to how you will support and assist in this Shift of Ages.

I love you ALL so much!

As always, Take What you Need, Leave the rest.

Question Everything by going Within.(yes, question me too! Lol!)


In Light, Love, Service and Joy, I send my Love to All.


Please share if called from Within to do so.



  1. Hi Maria,

    I so love and honor you and your journey. I am in appreciation of your videos and reports as they give a deeper explanation of what I feel or am shown. I am beginning to see that each of us has a thread to the tapestry and the more we share it connects ALL to the beautiful picture of ascension. That these threads are light frequencies and the big picture is the Grid each of us holds within that then connects to one another and another and another! Endless co creation. So we all light up with Source.

    I was writing to ask for some clarification about the souls trapped against their will. What do you mean when you write this? Are they in between dimensions? Enslaved here on Earth without rights due to fear, power and control of others?

    Also when the walk ins come in, do they descend like we did and have to go through an awakening too? Of do they remember their purpose? Do they assimilate the knowledge from the vessel they inhabit and have some sort of exchange with the soul that departs? Or is it clean slate all the way?

    Thank you for any response you may be able to share!

    With love,



  2. Sweet Maria.I couldn’t sleep all night and so I opened up my emails.And I star to listen your video I was so overwhelmed with these informations. I felt so joyful .You explain to us what is happening right now. And yes”I am open my heart with love and ready to receive “Thank you so much. Oh yeah ,suddenly my head itching about a week. Now I know why. Many blessings to you. April

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  3. hello World.

    infinite love to all of you as we bask in the afterglow of what has occurred and ride these waves higher than ever. I would like to remind you also that this event occurred on Friday, the day of the Goddess, on 1/08, the day of the Moon.

    Maria, you have my infinite and everlasting gratitude for guiding me here. I want to learn from you.

    I did not experience this surge of energy as something merely happening to me, but as something manifesting through me. I was an active participant in this. I surrendered my ego, consciousness and very existence to the love energy that flowed through me. it was terrifying to be the conduit to such profound power. it came in many bursts, some longer than others. my control was tenuous and the experience was a perpetual battle against fear. I gave it my all. it was painful and uncontrolled. I admit that I resisted dying. but I am stronger now. I continue to manifest energy every day. and if forces align and I am able to become conduit to this energy once again, I will surrender to it again with even greater discipline and faith.

    I have never before manifested energy of this magnitude, nor witnessed reality shift around me in real-time in accordance with my directed consciousness, nor perceived such a strong shift in planetary energy the morning after. I am staggered. I am overcoming fear to say this to you now. I welcome all here to guide me forward from this point. and if any other being who participated in this event was drawn here by fate to read this, as I was drawn here to write this by our beautiful ascension guide Maria, please tell me that I am not alone. whether there are many others like me whose conscious magic and total self-sacrifice two nights ago facilitated this event or whether this is all my doing, all I want is the truth of this experience.

    ever higher.



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