The Arcturians- The 11:11 Portal, Dropping of the Veils, Walk-In Souls.-November 7, 2015.


The Arcturians- The 11:11 Portal, Dropping of the Veils, Walk-In Souls.-November 7, 2015.

The Time for the PHYSICAL SHIFT has Arrived.

The Forerunners are fully anchored in Oneness and holding the highest SELF frequency possible as the energies of the 11:11 Portal are arriving in this NOW across All grids.

For the forerunners, this incoming wave will quickly remove the last of resistance of the physical manifestation of their inner grids.
They will see the true outside grid representation of their inner frequency as the new timelines become manifest.
Things will happen fast as their inner blockages are no longer an obstacle.

Forerunners will fully step into their ascension timelines, the ones THEY have completely chosen to create, with NO outside interference.

The time of “seeing” dreams come true has arrived and is accessible to ALL.

The 11:11 portal is an outside manifestation of the incoming energies which align magnetically to the number 1, the energy of new creations and manifestation.
It also resonates to the number 4, the angelic consciousness, and will further activate all the angelic humans here to assist in the ascension of the Earth.
This energy combined with solar activations,(flares and such), will combine with galactic and astrological alignments to deliver the strongest possible energetic punch to ALL the grids to assist in this magnificent Shift of Ages.

The sun has been releasing non-stop flares, waves of photonic Light, for the purpose of assisting ALL in the release of density. This is in preparation for this massive incoming evolutionary wave which will reach its peak and fully anchor on the 11:11 alignment.

The more blockages within an individual’s chakra system, the more that FREQUENCY LIGHT UPGRADES, (FLU) will be physically felt. For the forerunners that have completed inner work, the energies will flow through them and anchor into the grids with minor physical body signs.
They will reach new levels of clarity, self-empowerment and unity with Source.

Remember that FREQUENCY LIGHT UPGRADES, (FLU), can be managed by each individual.
Do not view these physical signs as disease, for that puts one at the energy of disease, and lowers self vibration.
Set the INTENT for these physical shifts to occur with ease and grace, and be thankful for your awareness of them.
Fully connect to your physical body self and LISTEN to it.
Your body has full knowledge of how to evolve and shift.
It is your job to hear it.

The incoming energies will act as a springboard for the full descension of your Higher Selves.
Aspects of self at higher dimensions, assisting in this shift.
Disclosure of SELF.

For example, if a soul is experiencing the Arcturian civilization, that aspect of themselves will anchor into the 3d physical consciousness and become ONE with the human self.
Each soul picks their galactic experience for a specific purpose to assist in this shift of ages, that is why such galactic lineage was CHOSEN for a purpose.
All galactic civilizations participating in the third dimension have ascension and descension timelines, as this is a duality universe.

The time to Honor your galactic lineage is now.

Disclosure is PERSONAL and occurs Individually from within FIRST.

Galactic Light families follow the Law of Non-Interference.
Their goal is to assist ALL WITHOUT generating an ounce of fear, as Fear energizes the LOWER GRIDS, and instantly lowers the vibration of ALL.
*(Light Ships will not show themselves if their appearance make ONE soul on this earth feel Fear.)*
It is up to each individual soul to prepare and raise their vibration to access the ships,to see them, if that is their choice.

When souls enter into this universe they begin at the highest dimension to slowly lower into 3rd density.
The process cannot be rushed as descension has to be carefully achieved through the dimensions.
Frequencies cannot be raised or lowered too quickly as the physical vessel cannot survive massive shifts too quickly.

Dimensions are frequencies which are levels of consciousness.
Within dimensions there are ascending and descending realms.

The first separations from ONENESS with Source, are Gender and Color Rays.

Source Light, White Light, vibrates too high for a physical 3d vessel, it must be lowered by separation, so that it can incarnate.
Each Ray has a specific purpose and experience that it seeks, same with gender.
These are individually chosen.

The soul then CHOOSES their GALACTIC Experience by deciding the civilization that it wishes to explore at the first level of separation of consciousness.
Then it continues to CHOOSE and separate into lower dimensions and realms,(civilizations are timelines) to prepare for the physical earth experience.

The choices of galactic civilizations are infinite.

Therefore one soul can have,(for example),an Arcturian aspect of SELF, a Pleiadian SELF, a Syrian SELF, an Angelic Self, a “dragon” self, an Orion SELF,… etc…many aspects of SELF across different galactic timelines all participating and assisting in THIS shift.
All those aspects of self a step down in the level of consciousness, of frequency.

All those galactic aspects of self are always ascending and descending as well.

The 11:11 energies will bring cohesiveness to all selves and will fully usher in the dropping of the Veils.
Each soul will be able to “see” what their frequency,(consciousness), ALLOWS them to see.
It is a stair step process.
Everything is not seen at once as consciousness has to expand to be able to comprehend each aspect of the greater self.

This will be a different process for ALL.

Some souls will begin to “see” corruption in the medical field.
Others in the pharmaceutical field.
Food industry.
Weather manipulation.
All Illusion.

Others will be at the energetic frequency point where this incoming wave will decalcify their third eye.
They will “see” the true galactic origins of those walking besides them.
The veils will pierce the illusion and show all souls as the galactic citizens they truly are.
This is the next step in assisting the Earth in becoming a citizen of the Galaxy.
Timelines of ascension and disclosure have been fully anchored and are now accessible to All.

It is at this massive incoming shift that many souls will choose to no longer continue incarnation and chose to exit this reality.

Some have no choice because their physical bodies cannot make the shift.
Others wish to experience descension and separation timelines in a parallel universe.
Many have done what they came here to do to anchor this shift,(volunteers),and are leaving for other dimensions and experiences.
Some wish to continue in the ascension timelines, but as unconscious Creators.
The reasons are many but when their bodies have made the shift and have upgraded and evolved, therefore they CAN continue, but the souls wish to exit this reality, that is when Walk-Ins step in.

It is a different experience than being born into a body, but an experience available to those that choose it.
This brings forth a high frequency soul that has none of the earth programming from childhood.
Since the physical vessel has made the shift, the higher vibrating souls can step in without harming their vessel.
The fact that there is no mental programming and limitation is what allows the higher frequency soul make this contract.
These contracts are now being made for the 11:11 portal.
These souls are part of the next wave of evolution, here to assist in the next phase of evolution from HUMAN to HUEMAN.
The time of Walk-Ins that wish to experience ascension/descension timelines as conscious/unconscious Creators has arrived and will be ushered in, en masse, on the 11:11 portal.

Some will be joining their twin souls, if that is their agreed chosen path.
Twin Flames are also uniting for global service and anchoring Hieros gamos timelines.
Others are coming to join soul families to fulfill a chosen individual and global purpose.
Some are coming to just experience an awakening planet.
Some are walking in to the parallel earth to experience descension of a planet.

Again, the choices are infinite.

The next phase of evolution has begun for planet Earth.
Heaven has been anchored on Earth and Earth has been anchored in Heaven.
Prepare to be amazed by miracles all around you.

We are the Arcturians.
We rejoice in being ONE with YOU.
We are YOU.
YOU are US.
We are ALL ONE with Source.
Words cannot describe our love for you, feel our Truth in your Heart.
It brings US incredible joy to be in service to ALL.
Call upon us if we resonate within your Heart.
We are here to assist in this magnificent shift.
Our love for you in unconditional and eternal.
**From the Arcturian Aspect of Myself, I bring you ALL Blessings. In deep gratitude and In Service from my Heart.
I share my heart and love with ALL.**
Follow Your Heart❤️Shine Your Light



65 thoughts on “The Arcturians- The 11:11 Portal, Dropping of the Veils, Walk-In Souls.-November 7, 2015.

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  5. Thank you for this message dear LightLover1964. It resonates with me deeply. I didn’t know 11\11 is New Moon in Scorpio. And i don’t pay much attention to dates or astrology. However, 2013 or 2014, can’t remember which (who remembers what happened an hour ago let alone months or years back!!), I had a vivid dream where I was shown a Golden Orange-ish Scorpion shining brightly in the Sky!! After reading this, I am beginning to feel it might have been signalling/hinting to the present time. 🙂 ❤


  6. Immense energy as I read this Maria, thank you sincerely. My very skin is vibrating as my heart expands…and the energy is pulsing through my body especially lower Chakras and through my legs and my feet are on fire..I am feeling my meridian points and chakra centers spinning…Namaste’

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    • Happy happy joy joy dance.❤️❤️❤️❤️
      Girl!!!! Shine ON!
      Massive activations happening today!
      I send you my love, and thank you for supporting me and ALL.
      I feel you in my heart SiSTAR


  7. Thank you, Maria and the Arcturians,

    Feeling it for sure. Woke up this morning to my town blanketed in fog. As the sun rose, the fog lifted and I’m on my back deck shouting to myself, “The veils are lifting, the veils are lifting!” silently, of course! I’ve made my choice, timelines prepared, and here we go! Love to you dear Arcturian friend. B.

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  8. Aloha Maria!!! I reblogged this on as it hits the point center on! This tells me what has been whispered lightly to me and helps me to connect the own pieces of my ongoing growth puzzle. WOW I feel so whobbly, if I turn my head too fast, it is like my eyes bob around in their sockets! This step is my “finishing rinse” so to speak! thank you so much for such timely information! Cosmic Hugs! Love ~ carolyn

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol! We definitely have been going through the cosmic rinse cycle! Wobbly and I have quite the relationship going on, so I know exactly what you mean. So glad that my sharing is supporting you, and thank you for supporting me.😎😎
      I send you love and blessings Carolyn.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  9. Several years ago my spirit took me past the veil we walked between two lines of children my spirit took my hand and placed it on the head of each child that was to take place in the Gathering process.I remember saying you as I touched the head of several children there specific assigned task was not disclosed to me just that they will be assisting in the Gathering shift that is to take place.

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    • The children that have been coming in have been amazing. I have come across several babies that are wide awake. That is a great sign that the consciousness of the planet is rising, otherwise those high vibrating souls could not incarnate…when they do they are soooooo sensitive to everything nonorganic its amazing. They bring awareness to all around them.
      Your dream is pretty amazing James thank you for sharing it!
      I send you my love and blessings.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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  11. Thank you dear Si-Star Maria….I wish I could say what my mission is, but don’t appear to know yet……lol….this info is both very useful and reassuring at the same time, …I AM consciously trying to go with Ascension….still some stuff to clear out, clearly…(lol…pun intended!) clearly, ‘cos I fell down an escalator last Sat,trying to carry up too much food shopping. I now have been told in no uncertain terms that I cannot use Public Transport etc, I must stay at home & rest, and sleep!! So, I must endeavour to do as suggested & am looking forward to the 11.11 Portal…..Do you think I can get myself some extra monetary abundance, on this date? I have 3 tickets in prize draws, one for a house & the others for cash! Both drawn on 11.11 !!!! I only just found out today! I deserve a bit of Abundance to help with the bills, after having lived in poverty for the last 9 years…I AM grateful for the lesson, it is learned! What a way to have to learn……I always was one that had to be ‘hit hard’ before I realise the lesson…lol…Hopefully I will be more grounded & more aware….
    Oh, Yes, I re-blogged this on my blog,

    Much Blessings, Peace and Love to you & to all…hope the 11.11 Portal is all you wished for!! Very grateful for the opportunity to read this….Hugs & Kisses dear Beloved Maria…
    Sylvia Melaynia xx


  12. I am so ready for the lifting of the veils … in a flash of insight at the age of 16, I “saw” another, purer version of the same reality at an energetic level. I believe this is what I will again see. Thanks for the post – very encouraging!

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  13. Thank you so very much. I’ve felt this exact situation all this past three weeks….

    “Therefore one soul can have,(for example),an Arcturian aspect of SELF, a Pleiadian SELF, a Syrian SELF, an Angelic Self, a “dragon” self, an Orion SELF,… etc…many aspects of SELF across different galactic timelines all participating and assisting in THIS shift.
    All those aspects of self a step down in the level of consciousness, of frequency.”

    It’s as if you were writing what I was experiencing. That you are able to see this too….verifies and validates. Thanks…and keep opening the folds of existence!

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  14. This is so confusing to me. I have been working on my vibration for a while now. I have been told I am a healer. I have no idea what my life purpose is, but I do know that I am not comfortable doing what I am doing. I feel like I am stuck. I feel open to all possibilities, but have no idea what to expect. Does that make any sense?

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    • Thank you for sharing dreamweaver333, And for ALL the work you do! Your page is amazing! all the information, you are like a spiritual encyclopedia! I love it!!! I send you my love, blessings, and a HUGE HUG!
      : )


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  23. Reblogged this on silverangelswings and commented:
    Re-blogged on Silver Angels Wings blog. Thanks so much for this valuable info, although I missed the date/email, but the info is still very informative….
    Peace and Love Sylvia xx


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