❤️ B-R-E-A-T-H-E ❤️


Here is a simple exercise that helps me to quickly get back to my heart center when I am triggered by outside influences,or “losing it”.


B-(breathe)- Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Imagine yourself breathing in LIGHT and breathing out LOVE. Say the words, to help you focus.
R-(release)- Surround yourself in the Light of Source, release all energetic chords to and from you, heal, fill with Light and open your heart, radiating out love around you, creating a golden shield around your being.This separates your energy from any outside influence and gives clarity.
E-(exit)- Take yourself out of the situation as soon as it is possible.
A-(accept)- Accept what arises and that it is for a reason, which will be understood once you connect to your inner wisdom. It does not have to be in this moment.
T-(talk)- Tell yourself you are Source,Sovereign,Free. The actual words remind you of the truth of who you are, a spiritual being having a physical experience. Source Incarnate. The words instantly raise your vibration and puts you in the place of becoming a neutral observer.
H-(help)- Ask for help in whichever way feels right from within you, to quickly align to your heart.
E-(elevate)- Once away from the situation, use whichever tool you are guided to from within to help you. This can be connecting with nature, meditating, aromatherapy, taking a bath, etc. do what you love to do.
Also, forgive yourself if, (when), you “lose it”. Be aware of judging yourself. Remember we are all walking a path into the unknown, a new way of BEING. We are the forerunners of human evolution.There is no manual here, we all learn by experience. Each person is as unique as their DNA, there are no two alike. All experience their own ascension in their own way. We can only do the best we can do in this moment, acceptance is key. Understanding always comes once we go within.

These are beginning guidelines, each person will find the best way for themselves.
As always, take what you need,leave the rest.
And don’t forget that everything passes, everything changes, it is our response to the situation we are remembering how to master, to change.

It is ALL about each individual “us”.
In Service from my Heart Joyfully and with Gratitude


❤️Follow your Heart, Shine your Light❤️



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