At the same time that our 3d Self ascends, our Higher Dimensional Self descends.

It is at this stage that many in the Heart Collective find them “Selves” in at this moment of this Divine Shift.

The descension of our Higher Selves.( Our lower dimensional selves have ascended and done the inner work to clear and heal and activate our lightbodies)

There comes a point when a high enough percentage of the personal inner work is achieved,when a soul reaches a frequency, a vibration, through the Heart connection to Source, that the human aspect of dimensional Self is healed and unified.

All aspects, physical.mental,emotional, spiritual, and etheric selves become One.

This is when the lightbody activates and when we step into our multidimensional selves, and fully into our Light.

Lightbody activation symptoms for me and those I am currently working with include:

Sense of no time, which can be very disconcerting.

Feeling completely “alien”. This is because our higher dimensional “non human” consciousness has descended, and is indeed experiencing life from a non human perspective. This can bring about extreme anxiety as our human mind attemps to understand what is happening but it has no point of reference to do so.

Our higher vibrational selves are remembering how to be human.

This is different than being human and trying to remember being angelic(for example), it’s the opposite of what the human experience has been up until this latest transcendence.

Dreams of remembering how to be human( behavior) are common.

Having dreams and then living the dream the next day is also common.(The dream within the dream)

Feeling on this world but not of it.

Feeling intensely connected to all life, yet disconnected from human interaction.

Feeling as if there is more space between body molecules, very lightheaded and unable to ground.Feeling scattered at body level.( Expansion at molecular/cellular level)

Feeling as if the molecules within are spinning faster.(As vibration rises, molecules do spin faster)

Being extremely tired.Having no motivation or energy.( Dna is clearing and returning to original blueprint, body has to rest for evolution to occur)

Severe itching as dna changes continue, from carbon to crystalline. (Changes in skin as shift from carbon to crystalline reaches skin level)

Inability to stand being out in the sun, as solar energy becomes too intense for skin.

Being bothered by electric lights, specially at dusk and night time.

Clear to cloudy vision as third eye remains open at all times and we are remembering how to “see” again with all three.

Having other wordly experiences and miracles occurring, intense synchronicities. 

Sleep state is between two worlds, one knows they are sleeping yet are in “another” place consciously at the same time.

Increasingly shorter manifestation times, almost instant in some cases.

Being in a place and feeling completely “alien”.

Being in a place and not recognizing it, even though one knows they know where they are,or should.

Being with a loved one and hearing each others throughts.

Having visions and premonitions of possible timelines.

Awareness of timeline collapses and beginning to consciously quantum jump.

New healing gifts and tools being remembered.

Body unable to handle low vibrational foods at all, major digestive releases.

Unexplained skin rashes, and bumps.(system detoxifying)

Feeling insane.(last of mental deprogramming and release from matrix)

Constant feeling of inner peace without fully understanding the divine process, acceptance.

Feeling joy and gratitude even while in chaotic situations.

If triggered off heart center, centering back is very quick and easy.

Feeling aches and pains, sometimes intense, which appear to move around.( This is the physical body clearing the last of the physical blocks from the expanding chakras)

New chakras coming online. Hand and foot chakras activating, feeling heat and energy from both. Throat chakra expanding, (turquoise), when connected to Divine Mind and Third eye, Source Energy flows in the form of Divine Voice.

Ringing in ears continues, usually signaling energy downloads and frequency changes.

Not understanding what is being verbally said.

The Language of Light is expanding and more clearly understood and the messages resonate deep within the Heart.

Discernment of energies is becoming more precise, with further understanding.

Past life and future life memories are being healed and released with ease and grace.

The feeling of floating out in space,like an astronaut without a tether, is an indication of being in the void. Acceptance of not doing is key. For  the more one fights being in the void, the more one remains in the void. What one resist, persists.(One of the 7 hermetic principles)

Being in the void is when we are asked to go within and let our bodies(all of them) heal. It is necessary for expansion and healing. We assimilate and integrate energies in the void.One is unable to kick off in space, there is no resistance to push against.Therefore fighting the void shows the mental programming(human) of “doing”, and keeps one in the void until the programming is released. The more one fights being in the void, the more one is stuck in it. This acceptance is necessary so that the next step of walking in service is achieved. For if there is no acceptance of what is happening, then one is fighting the flow. If one is fighting the flow, then one is not in their heart, and are cocreating from the lower self, therefore not walking in service for the Highest good of All.

There is nothing to do in the void, it is just being and accepting being in the void that allows for one to once again step into “doing”, and exit. Being in the void is a natural process of ascension, a necessary timeout and an integral part of evolution and expansion. It is cyclical and follows energetic expansion. It really is a positive sign of soul expansion.

When the symptoms become too intense, ask for help.

Go Within.

Listen to what your body says.

It is  divine intelligence and knows exactly what it needs to do to shift to the higher vibrations.

Trust it and Listen.It will tell you. It is a beautiful thing.


In Light and Love and Service


Follow your Heart-Shine your Light










4 thoughts on “Ascension/Descension

  1. I’ve experienced a good number of these “symptoms.” Have you also noticed an increase in those random high-pitched ringing tones in your ears? For several days, they’ll repeatedly occur, and then things will quiet down again for a little while. I definitely relate with that feeling of being completely alien. Sometimes I think I’ve become way too ungrounded since my awakening began, but spending time in nature has helped a lot. I actually love being out in the sun, and it seems to help re-energize me. Anyway, thanks for sharing this!


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