Message of Light-Metamorphosis- June 24,2015

imageAs the Energies of the Solstice continue to anchor across all grids, those in the Heart Collective are activating their Light Bodies in massive, growing numbers.

Critical mass has been reached for all Wayshowers.

Lower chakra unbalances are a manifesting as solar plexus pain, and inability to eat, or keep food down.

Higher chakra unbalances are manifesting as severe headaches and foggy thoughts.

It is possible to oscillate between both of these.

Sense of no time has amplified, this can be very disconcerting.

The best way to assimilate and integrate is with sleep, so changes at molecular level are achieved with ease and grace.

Honor your body, and listen to within to what it needs.

Quiet your thoughts, so that you can hear The Divine Mind.

Ask for help,and release all outcome of how that help will arrive.

Your body is divine and knows what it needs to remain in balance, it will tell you. Listen.

Eat and drink food and water which is as pure and full of life as possible through this massive activation.

Experiences will show you where the unbalance is, pay close attention to what is what happening in your outside world, that will mirror your inner chakra unbalance.Continue to stay centered in your Heart as you work through the last of the shadow energies within you.

Bizarre experiences are possible, as those not in the Heart Collective (yet) will show their chakra unbalances in truly strange ways due to the intense energies of the Solstice-combined with Solar energies which are affecting the earth’s magnetic fields.We are being bombarded with Divine energies at every level. The earth’s Schumann frequencies are rising and expanding across all grids very quickly.This will dispel lower frequencies quickly as well.

Remain in your Heart, the neutral observer, as you are the Lighthouses to which the awakening souls gravitate towards, through this period of their dark night.

The new Heart Collective has united across all timelines and grids, and has fully become One.

All that are physically ready will come out the “other side” fully activated and ready to fully walk across all grids in Service to All.

This physical shift is the final manifestation of all inner work that has been achieved.As difficult as this passage is, it is done with great rejoicing, for this is the NOW, in which all Wayshowers have chosen to fully walk in their Light.The culmination of each individual Wayshower’s full collapse of all their personal timelines, past and future.

The time has come, it is here.

We have arrived as One.


In Light And Love


Follow your Heart, Shine your Light.





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