Message of Light- June 16,2015



Incoming Energies of solstice alignment are intensifying all chakras imbalances, affecting ALL.

Those not in the Heart Collective Awareness,will exhibit irrational behavior showing their personal chakra unbalance, starting with root and working its way out. So for example, if unbalance is in sexual,(2nd)they will act out that way…etc.
Self awareness and discernment is key to make this transition with ease and grace.
The Heart Collective just needs to BE.
Our physical vessels are expanding at all levels.
Listen and Honor the body, as the Heart directs this massive shift for ALL.
The intent is for this consciousness expansion to occur with ease and grace for ALL.
Be the lighthouse, the neutral observer, stay in your Heart, shine your Light.
And so it is.
I send you ALL my love.


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