Ask… and You do Receive❤️


Yesterday I went to Playa Ventanas to explore and enjoy the beauty which is so abundant here in Costa Rica.

My flight to the United States left the day before, but I was guided from my Heart to stay behind.

I’m not gonna lie, I don’t think I have ever been so scared sh**less in my life, yet also at the same time, with such inner knowing that I am exactly  where I need to be…and so doggone happy.

Terrified and blissful at the same time is the weirdest feeling.

I have ONE suitcase for my ten day visit, which seems to be expanding as I am guided from my heart to stay here for now.

Me, who used to own boutiques and have hundreds of pairs of shoes…and clothes lol!

My friend kept reminding me to BREATHE.

I walked unto the beach, which is sooooooo different from my beautiful island beach back home, and almost cried.(yeah, been doing that quite a bit)

There were rocks everywhere on the beach, and I love rocks.

So as I was walking out on the sand I thought, “oh please my rock family, show me a heart rock if I am on the right path, because I’m scared and just want to feel I am following my Heart, and not being misled and jacked up by outside crap and bs interference, or doing something not for the highest good of all…”

I walked maybe three or four steps and was guided to LOOK DOWN.

I did and this is what I saw…


The picture does not do my heart rock justice!

As I was saying to myself,” omg,omg,omg,omg…thank you,thank you, thank you…”, I looked UP.

And this is what I saw…


My beautiful dragon family watching over me.

The message I got?



So yes, today I am still here.

Tomorrow I don’t know where I will be, but since I have lost my sense of time, it does not matter.

I feel I am with family here and protected more than back in my own country.

They accept me as I am, call me soul family.

Having that kind of love shown to a total stranger makes being super scared easy.

Oh and in my new world, if someone has alterior motives…well they show their true colors very quickly around me.

Makes it easy to navigate, for they don’t “stick” around me for very long.

Easy Peacey, lemon squeezy LOL.

My love to All.


Follow your Heart, Shine your Light.

If you feel fear, plow through it anyways, the reward is…Heavenly.



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